How to buy & use mud vessels By Healthy Food Kitchen


  1. Hi mam how ru. I am also using mud vessels ly for cooking. U kept mud pot in big vessel rgt put some mud in tat big vessel den tat small vessel to keep pot den pot. If u keep like dis water will be very cool. I am keeping like tat ly mam. Thk u for sharing dis video.

  2. Madam very useful please give you're phone number Iam in USA when come to India I want to buy all these things I can call you and get your help

  3. i want mud or soil toy house u provide this type of product

  4. Don't keep repeating the same facts 😏

  5. the shop Guy told to wipe the pot with gingelly oil n turmeric powder n dry it for 1 day.its correct ah sister pl tel me.

  6. Sister 2day I brought new mann kadai,they told me to pour kanji,I poured ,its ok va?

  7. Mam.. Naan vangi 3days la udanju pochu… virisal vizhunthuchu. yen mam.?

  8. Very useful tips madam thank you for that

  9. romba useful tips mam. kulambu vaikera satti yevlo rs ku vankunenga mam.

  10. can we use in induction stove..

  11. Mam your video title and channel name is in english but content is in different language.

  12. Super

  13. Subscribed 🤗 Thank you for the information..

  14. Thanks ma great explaination

  15. Ma’am man panayil pal kaychalama?

  16. thanks sir

  17. Super mam very useful information

  18. I’m not y

  19. Pot use panitom ..but ipo Vera smell varuthu…taste Ila..ena pananu

  20. Ma do we need to sundry the water vessel also after soaking

  21. Where I get clay fridge I am in madurai

  22. Hi mam, my clay pot is not having a smooth surface on the inside.. Is that OK?

  23. Hi I am using mud pot for fish curry, but next time after few days if I try to cook with that while heating I can see slightly like oil is coming out of it. So I boil water in that and pour it out. May I know the reason why it happens and how to rectify it?

  24. In healthy kitchen . Why u r using microwave sister?

  25. use full tips man thanks

  26. Madam for 5 months baby what food v have to give them madam. Tell me Health food for babys also plz

  27. Very easy tips, and simple way put across. Thanks, very informative.

  28. How to use mitti ka tawa

  29. Give some oven recipes using clay pot

  30. I'm a regular follower of your site. I have tried many recipes and all came out very well. I bought the mud vessel and when I soaked in water i could hear the fizz sound. Is that ok??? Please clarify

  31. Nan eppadi use pananum theriyama irundhan endha video potadhu Ku thanks mam

  32. Microwave radiation is cancerous madam

  33. Thank you for this useful and healthy information.

  34. i m using a mud pot for curd . bhut m not understanding how to clean it. while washing with only water there remain sm curd residue also smell of curd in it. how to clean this pot. pls suggest.

  35. please add english subtitles throughout the video..

  36. man pateratai…gas adupule use pannalama

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