what's up guys welcome back today I'm gonna take you guys through a full home gym tour no no you guys have seen the home gym many times and my videos before but today I'm gonna give you guys an in-depth look at all the equipment I have all the uses for it just basically what you can do with a home gym the price ranges for it and like where I got all my equipment from Corinne sorry guys I just want to let you know we're gonna do a 20k subscriber Q&A for the next video so everyone will follow my Instagram right now and Ryan underscore dangler I'll post a video within the next day about a Q&A and you guys can ask me whatever questions you want and I'll answer them in the next video without further ado let's get into this full home gym tour in here so most of my home gym equipment I got my freshman and sophomore year of high school so my freshman year basically as soon as I came in I've got the power rack squat rack so I started lifting eighth grade year with just a couple different things that had and ended up getting the power rack my freshman year like right away so when I got the power rack he was actually I got this on Craigslist for $200 I got a body cell tower egg with the spotter arms and also came with 300 pounds of Olympic weights with the bar which is crazy because usually you can only get like a 300 pound Olympic weight set for $200 but I got the weight set and the power rack together for only 200 hours so that was crazy deal so I got that you know used that for a lot of different things obviously squatting benching you know the rows in there I just a deadlift inside of Powerex I didn't have much room like for like a deadlift platform or anything basically anything you could think of you know like anything with a barbell you could do with the power rack and really nice to have the spotter arms there too you know in case anything happens you don't have a spotter you have those four bench press four squats for whatever so makes it really simple you know you could you could do your curls in there if you wanna do curls in the squat rack all kinds of good stuff so got that one for only 200 hours on Craigslist and that's literally that's like a must-have if you're gonna make a home gym so the squat rack itself did not come with a bench so I bought a bench literally right after that so also on Craigslist for $50.00 got this fitness to your bench right behind me super solid and it can go decline it go flat and has like three levels of incline and then it goes 90 degree up so you could do your shoulder presses and everything so that was definitely something I needed to have you know that's very Universal for either using it in the power rec for barbell or use it for the dumbbells as well because it's adjustable so super nice to have you just roll it in and out of the squat rec so at this point I had the squat rack I had a whole bunch of adjustable dumbbells and everything which is kind of getting to be a pain you know to have to keep adjusting the dumbbells and everything so I was looking into getting some actual physical dumbbells with different number of weights so I ended up again on Craigslist like I know you know I got all my stuff up all my stuff off Craigslist pretty much so this one I got the tens through the 60s going up by increments of five all the way up and got that plus the the rack fits on for $225 at least so the total weight of the dumbbells so she calculated out that's 570 pounds of weight total with all the dumbbells so if you bought that new they'll be $1 per pound which would be five hundred seventy dollars right there plus the rack which would be a couple hundred dollars so I got that off for two hundred five dollars so Craigslist is definitely a good place to go if you're looking for dumbbells or anything just like with the barbell you can almost do any exercise possible with a set of dumbbells so here you can do curls you could do your on your incline presses your flat presses you do your shoulder presses your lateral raises it is literally unlimited amount of things you could do with the dumbbells you know you can even do you know goblet squats and shrugs and lunges and things with the dumbbells so obviously for me I definitely need to get heavier dumbbells here because they might only go up to 75 only go up to 60 pounds I really want to pick up some 70s and 80s maybe 90 soon so I start using them at the home gym so that's why I've been going definitely been going to the real gyms lately because don't have enough dumbbells here is what it is and you know they are kind of expensive as you get up higher in the weights to this more pounds you know I had everything except for cables so at this point you know it's like end of my freshman year I decided you know I know my freshman you're going to software I want to get some sort of cable machine so I went ahead and picked up this body solid cable machine so it's got a high pulley and a low pulley which means you could essentially do almost anything on it anything pulling up from the bottom or pulling down from the top you know but the only exception is like a cable crossover because you don't have to obviously on a different size but you can pretty much do any exercise with this as well so that's super nice to have because then you could switch things up and you know use dumbbells one day barbell one day use cables one day and cables are great because they keep constant most of the entire time as opposed to Dumbo's or barbara i got that one also for I believe it was two hundred or two hundred twenty-five dollars for that one as well so you know super good pickup got it on Craigslist again like I said there's some really good deals on on Craigslist there so yeah I mean the main necessities for home gym definitely dumbbells and the barbell but if you can if you can pick up a cable machine like this that's very Universal there's definitely a way to go so this is a Body Solid one it was relatively inexpensive for for what I got for it yeah the machines just like it any gym has all the attachable so we got the lat pulldown we got the push down you get the rope you can basically get anything for you got the V bar all kinds of attachments you can buy different attachments and things and change it up so all kinds of different things you could put on there and you know target the muscle from a different angle then later on I believe it was I know my sophomore year going to junior year I never had any mirrors or anything so at this point I went ahead and my dad's buddy was actually moving so he gave us a couple of mirrors that were in his house we put up to the mirrors right there we framed the one of them put it on the wall because when we have resting against the wall there so we had two huge mirrors it's super nice to have and then we also you know for for just seeing how the muscles reacting from different angles that's definitely a must have especially in any gym or even home game here so it's definitely nice to have a couple more smaller mirrors that I want to put a lastly in front of like the lat pulldown right there so to give yourself you know I know there another viewing angle to see how the muscles contracting stretching follow see how it's working so we started off with that 300-pound Olympic weight set and then after that ended up getting a whole bunch more 45 so I got them all used because I mean as long as they're in good shape you should be good and they're like half the price usually get in like 50 60 cents a pound for the extra weight so I had the 300 pounds and then ended up getting six more 45s total so yeah which gives me a lot more a lot more room to add more weight aside from that we have tons of standard ways to go on – I have a EZ curl bar bail to use you know for curls for extensions anything and then I have tons of weights for that for the machine we've got foam rollers resistance bands here which obviously didn't cost very much money but good to have I also have our own poster up there which you know that was pretty cool poster you get I definitely want to get a couple more posters to put up around the area because you know walls are a little there's not too much that's too much on the walls here other than that we want to put up this dry erase board gonna put it up right on this wall to my to my left over here so that you know I'll write down different things for for you two different workouts that we're doing for the day I'll write it on there and right now it's just sitting on the ground but definitely want to put that up and we also have the Red Bull fridge that I picked up later in my junior year so the Red Bull fridge has just been sitting in the ground for a while but we're we're planning on putting that up right about the dumbbells over here in this little little cove right there so we're gonna put some energy drinks but Gatorades waters all kinds of different stuff in there so that you know it's always stocked and ready to go for anyone to goes to work out here for me working out here Alice you always have a drink or an energy drink or something ready to go maybe and maybe even put some protein shakes in there something definitely something I feel like you definitely should have in a home gym it's probably easier to use if you're in a garage but it's the chalk bucket so I have a bucket and a whole bunch of I feel like Gold's Gym chalk in it or something just like some chalk balls but yeah honestly chocolate one of my favorite things to use in the gym I'd be it you know football workouts and stuff and the bar is real sweaty from everybody using them so I'd like pull out my chalk put it on my hands and then like you know grip is increased significantly so guys that's pretty much it for like all the equipment I have you know I couple different pieces like I got everything I need here pretty much like you might say that if you go to a gym there's tons of other stuff but working at our home gym is honestly I feel like super beneficial because you can workout you know by yourself or with people whatever you want it's super convenient I just walked downstairs and I got my gym right here and you know I can work out quicker don't have to wait for any equipment to you know for me to use and yeah I feel like I get sometimes a better workout here to be honest it honestly with all the prices combined it wasn't that expensive I'm looking at like you know $800 for the entire gym and entire equipment that I have here and I still have you know some stuff that I want to do some some different things on throw up some posters around the some more posters around the walls and everything you know fight I got sponsored or something you know throw up some some some posters on throw a Nordic lifting poster or something you know something cool throw up the Red Bull Red Bull fridge I wanna put that up you know still so still lots of stuff to do around here still want to put up like one or two more mirrors and you know maybe even get another piece of equipment you here know you know I still have a little bit of room down here so you never know maybe we'll get we will get a calf raise machine or something you know actually finally train the calves like yeah like still some room for improvement everything but you know it's a it's a pretty complete gym right now it's got everything that you need so I think if you guys have the opportunity to get a home gym it's definitely a very good experience it's super convenient and the price is not that bad appreciate all the support everything guys make sure you go follow my Instagram Ryan underscore dangler because we're doing that Q&A for the next video so I'll post up an Instagram post and you guys can go ahead and ask me some questions and yeah I'll go through some questions you don't basically anything I'll just talk about you know football lifting life college you know anything so let me know guys and yeah I'll be seeing you guys in that next one


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