How these Eye Exercises HEALED my Myopia in just 2 MONTHS! ( Bates Method)

First exercise is Swinging Purpose
1.To develop and regain the natural, easy movement of your eyes. 2.To relax your eyes and your upper body. Do it 100 times for 4 – 5 minutes Near-To-Far Shifting Purpose
-To regain flexibility in the muscles that control the movements of your eyes. – To improve eye coordination so that your eyes follow the focusing directions from your mind. – To develop a balanced use of your eyes.
– To increase your peripheral awareness. First you have to choose your target. For example in this video, the target is the peak of one distant mountain. Then Focus on you thumb and count till ten then shift the focus to the target and count till ten as well. Do it so 15 times with you left eye then 15 times with you right eye and then 20 times with your both eyes. Make sure that your focus goes all the way to the target and rests on the target for a brief moment before you shift your vision back again. When your focus is on your finger in the foreground, you’ll see two images of the distant target. And when your focus is on the distant target, you’ll see two images of your thumb. 3. Palming: Purpose
To relax tired or strained eyes and restore peace and quiet to your mind. PALMING is an excellent exercise to relax your eyes and soothe your mind. Place your cupped palms over your closed eyes.
The fingers of each hand should overlap and rest on the center of your forehead. Do it 3-4 times for 2 minutes each 4. Solarization of your eyes
Purpose is to relax your eyes and ease the tension.
To give a strong stimulation and feeling of comfort to your eyes. Exercise: Roll the ball of the sun on your closed eyes slowly like in video.
Do it 3 Times for 2 min each time Observation: Do this exercise when the sun is not very powerfull. 5. Head Rolls: Purpose
To relax your neck, head and face muscles and reduce shoulder tension. HEAD ROLLS help to relax your neck and shoulders – two areas that can block clear vision. Remember to gently rotate your head and not to force any movements.
Do it 6 times (in each direction) 2 minutes each


  1. During near to far shifting i totally cant see the object far away from me i mean its blurred does this mean this exercise is useless to me??

  2. Guys, please:

    When my focous is on the distant point I do not see 2 thumbs, neither I see two distant points when my focous is on my thumb.

  3. my both eye is – 2.25 CYL-0.75 can i recover from myopia with this daily exercise?????????????????

  4. Excuse me for exercise 2, the far object i am focusing is like 8 feets from me, does it works too? Or do i need a more far object?

  5. I'm going to try these excersises , I'll follow up with results in 2 months for all those wondering if it works, wish me goodluck

  6. "do it when the sun is not very powerful"
    Sir, when i just did the solarize method and i opened my eyes, everything gone blue for a while. Does that mean the sun is very powerful? if it does, then im not sure i could do that because its always like this here. is there another similliar method?

  7. Can you still wear glasses after you done these exercises??? Or you can't wear it for two month?

  8. How to get to cure serious short sighted

  9. Don't do this if you cannot live without eyeglasses. Doing it and wearing glasses will restore your eyes to their earlier or specific power.

  10. Wikipedia says that Bates method is fake!

  11. Good advice. Thanks!

  12. I love your accent

  13. Is this work for a farsighted eyes like me?

  14. Thank you soooo much…I have the Bates book and Meir Schneider's book on Self-Healing…..and you have cut down a LOT OF WORK trying to organize these CRUCIAL exercises !!!! Again…THANK YOU !!!

  15. Hi Russian

  16. when swinging are the eyes open?

  17. Spend 3 to 4 Hour outside in Sunlight you are able to stops nearsightedness. Do this exercise. your eye power will change from -5 or something to 0.
    (Note:- Spend More Time In Sunlight.)

  18. very high myopia

  19. very high myopia

  20. shizaku nakamoura

  21. I will do these exercises for 1 year..So please comment here several months after 😀

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  23. I have -1.00(left) and -1.25(right). You think that in some months I can be cured?

  24. Yes it works 💯percent you just need to work little hard

  25. Okey ill be doing this for a month lets see.

  26. I tried it the other day and people were staring at me like i was crazy or something 😂

  27. Will this work for a person like me . Mine is -3.15 for both the eyes. Please confirm the time daily taken n any preventive measures to be taken along with this?

  28. after doing this exercise without glasses

    should we have to wear the glasses for the rest of our day please tell me

  29. How long will I do this.for 20/20? My eyesight is -4 please answer Iam 12 years old

  30. At last: a video that explains these exercises QUICKLY and CLEARLY. A nice change from Americans who takes ten minutes to get to the point – if they ever do.

  31. mine is -1 .how long it take to gain complete vision

  32. I have doing this exercise in 2 month but nothing has been changed

  33. I got -6.25 and -6.50 too bad I need my glasses so much but I do not use it too much I only use it when I go alone or to see things at distance. I can see clearly at the distance of 5 inches 🙁 I'm suffering and I need help! T.T

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    bad eyesight
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  36. Hlo sir after the exercise an we wear the glasses or not

  37. Meri eye 1.5left and 2.0 right how time we take to cure myopia

  38. How long will it take if your sight is -0,75?

  39. Since I dont see anyone commenting their progress I will try this and give a weekly statement on progress I have -3 both eyes with no other problems

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  41. Please do one video on eye push up

  42. When I removed the glasses I felt pain in my head
    Is it normal or not?

  43. Is there any age limit of these exercises

  44. WRONG!!!! the sunning thing gets your eye floaters accelerated DO NOT DO IT!!! i am telling you from this from experience….. continue on other exercises but exclude the suning i swear by God i'm not lying

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  46. Please anyone tell me the steps I can't understand I have myopia of 2.00 in each eyes does it work for me

  47. How many times I have to do in a day and morning or night before sleep

  48. My suspicion is that the method recommended here causes long-term degradation of sight for short-term gains. It's fatiguing the eye muscles for relatively small temporary gains. That said, I haven't even watched the whole video or read the description.

  49. Does it cure minus 2 power glasses? and how many day use it to cure

  50. I`ve been making use of this eye-sight enhancement strategy "fetching zuzo com" (Google it) for up to 30 days and so far my vision has been improving. I am not sure just how much my vision could be enhanced overall, however I know its functioning. My eye sight began to get a little better after a couple of days making use of this product.

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  53. Does it cure (minus)-2 power eyesightness?and how many days I do these to get 20/20 vision?

  54. sir may u put off all proper manner for for this eye exercise with time duration on your website or you tube

  55. Can I do it by wearing glasses

  56. i am 17 years old and i have myopia of minus 1.75..Can I cure myopia naturally ?

  57. Guys don't surf the comments. Just see the Description. All questions will be answered.

  58. Thanks man! Appreciate your effort! 🙂

  59. Starting this today. I have extremely minor genetic myopia in my right eye, but its still bothersome. I'll also be decreasing my time on devices, instead I'll be outside more. I hope this does the trick! I'll be sure to give updates.

  60. Thanks for the information

  61. I'm researching top remedy for bad sight and found an awesome resource at great gazer fix (google it if you are interested)

  62. I will try this on the (5/20/2018) let you guys know if i got better right bow am live -3.50 and -4.50

  63. Hello is anyone here??
    My right eye no is -3.25 n left eye no is -2.75. Can these exercises cure my vision???

  64. Please tell me
    I had my lasik surgery last year in july but my left eye is -0.50.. Can i do those exercise ? would it imrove please tell..

  65. My age 23 and eyesight is -3.5(R) & -2.5(L).. Is it possible to get my normal this excercise..?

  66. visit my motha ducking channel to learn how to actually improve your eyesight!

  67. I am 20 years old, -1.75 in both eyes and will be starting now! I'm a lazy guy and i've tried to do this before but i stopped after like 3 days because my laziness is just too much. I thought maybe making a comment to the public will add that extra pressure on me to update regularly on results..Wish me luck.

  68. My eyes are -4.50 will it work this late

  69. Do you have to do this outside???

  70. Alright niggas… Gonna update in 2 months not before that… This is bloody rainy day I dont see the sun…. 🙂 remind me if I forgot in 2 months.. well hate those artificial glasses in my face :/

  71. Is it possible to try do the near-to-far shifting inside my apartment and looking outside through a window? Do you think the glass might distort the exercise? That way I don't have to go outside and look all weird. Thanks.

  72. Thank you for good info! But can I make my own exercise? For example, I like to palming 2 times a day, 5 minutes each.

  73. My doubt is that, whether we should stop wear glass after doing this exercise. I will make it more clear that is right now I am wearing glass so, when I do this exercise, I do this with my naked eyes after doing this exercise should I use this glass back and do my daily work or not to use in entire life and just keep on doing this exercise every day.

  74. I did the head movement and Satan appeared

  75. i'm gonna try this on (18/10/2018)…………wish me luck!!!!!!

  76. I'm going to try this from tomorrow. My eye sight is -4 in both the eyes..let see if it going to work on me of not

  77. My eyesight is-1.75 should I wear glasses all the time

  78. This is glorious, I've been looking for "what can improve eyesight" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Patlarny Quit Glasses Principle – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my buddy got excellent success with it.

  79. Hey, now i'm wear (-8.0 Right) and (-9.5 left). Is it necessary not to wear glasses, and to narrow my eyes?

  80. Guys, I have decided to do this….
    But only after my Doubt is cleared – Do i have to remove my specs to do these exercises???
    Once cleared, for sure I will try it on….. ALL THE BEST TO ME.. 🙂

  81. I will start from 17th December 2018 will give weekly updates

  82. Hiyo. Im gonna try this. I hope this works after a few weeks ! I'll post the updates after a few weeks of trying ( or a few days if I see any improvement)

  83. Is this safe to do these eye exercises to improve vision, because I have -1.75 in my left eye and -2.00 for my right eye, I have been near-stress work, sitting all day on computer without rest, also I'm not wearing my eyeglasses all the time, I just wear them for any certain activities and for sitting and working in computer? I am 17 years old anyway.

  84. I tried it for 4 months it didnt work for me and i did it outside 1t each day ….infact igot one eye decreasing it just get better after exercise no results iam 22 years old

  85. Is it really true? Is there treatment with myopia exercise. Please say.

  86. I hate it when people say I will update a year ago and then there is no update or even reply from that person!
    I mean like are you dead or something??

  87. left=-2.75,right=-3.50 in 2019 at February
    which was (left=-.50,right=-1.50)in 2015
    Usually i do not use glasses without any important reason. Can this exercise help me for curing my myophia ?
    please REPLY…..

  88. My eye power is -1 in the left eye and -1.5 in the right one…..can I get back the normal vision through this method?

  89. does it work please reply if you know

  90. Türkler için yazıyorum 09.04.2019 bugun basliyorum ilk hafta ilk ay ilk 6 ay ilk bir yıl diye. Güncelleyeceğim

  91. My right eye is – 2 and my left eye is completely ok.. What will i do?

  92. Do we have to put eyeglass on our eyes while doing this?

  93. I merely have glasses for reading. It`s been several weeks since I have began utilizing the vision development technique “Tοsazο Zuzo” (Google it). The physician informed me that my eye examination findings were good and my vision did not get even worse. I really feel happy concerning the fact I do not have to spend on eye glasses because my eyes are in great condition. .

  94. When I do near to far I see hazy image with my left eye because my left eye has higher power. Is it right or should I pick up a closer object

  95. I will do these exercises everyday, starting from tomorrow. If you want to know the results, just write donw a comment

  96. Thank you so much Sir for uploading this video! I believe my eyes will recover through this method! I can't wait!!! XDD

  97. My power is -2.5 can my eyes Will normal IN 6 month

  98. Just tried ONCE today and I can really sense the improvement!!! I can see things far away more clearly and need not come close to read my phone. After doing this the second time, I can sense more improvement! The one who made the video is a genius!!! Tip: follow instructions very closely if it says 2 minutes then do exactly 2 minutes. I really heart this video!!!! Thanks to the maker!!!!

  99. If I can do this exercise in my room, but in my room there isn't enough sunlight..pls reply must

  100. Does it work?

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