How the Adrenals & Thyroid Play a Major Role in Your Health

we're gonna be talking about the thyroid and adrenal glands yay and a lot of people I find you know hear about oh the thyroid gland the adrenal gland but maybe just don't know a lot or some people is people not really before this class heard of that or most everybody has you haven't I mean okay you have yeah and a lot of people have but you might not be vet educated about what all that does and what that means to you so I'm gonna get a little technical on some things and then I'm gonna bring it back down to the practical of okay what does that mean with all these neurotransmitters and this and that and what does that mean for me in my everyday life and what can I do about that so that's hopefully what I'm gonna try to do today but yeah just a quick like introduction and I have it on my sheet and I I may or may not follow this exactly but you'll have some good notes to take home that you can reference if you want and at the end I'll talk about some products and some of my favorite herbs because I'm a big guy that can help you to build these glands and keep them strong in today's world but yet in today's world it's a very especially here in America we're very fast-paced high stress all that our bodies take a take a toll and one of the main first lines that takes a toll with that is our glands you know we have a whole glandular system maybe you guys learned some about that with Vons previous class talking about the female hormones so we have a whole endocrine gland system and those are the glands that produce hormones directly into the bloodstream and affect change so that would be your ovaries your thyroid your adrenals we have pituitary and hypothalamus in our head but yeah what does this all mean to us and what what is that yeah how does that practically apply to us so who and you don't have to raise your hand unless you really want to but who deals with low energy stress anxiety weight management issues emotional instability some of you raising your hand for all of them yes that's me low libido infertility sleep healthy hair skin and nails so all of these could be impacted by our home moans secreted by the thyroid and the adrenals so it's really important it's it covers this wide range and from one of the guys I trained through he talked about the endocrine like the the master computer of our body you know yes our brain tells it a lot what to do our body what to do but those hormones when they're secreted they have a powerful impact and when they're they're doing the right things it's a really good thing when they're not we all suffer so so yeah we're gonna talk about the roles of these and I'm gonna start start out by talking about the adrenal glands they're some of my favorite things to talk to people about and arguably one of the most important glands in our body and they're just little bitty guys they sit on top of our kidneys so kind of in the middle of your back where your kidneys are they sit just little glands on top of it but they produce a wide variety of hormones and steroids so yeah on one side of it so this is being a little bit more the technical side they produce neurotransmitters so these would be like epinephrine which is adrenaline so that fight-or-flight and we need that at times and then there's times we have too much of that and the body can't shut that down so we'll talk a little about that too but other ones norepinephrine dopamine these are all essential for brain and nerve function and keeping our nervous system balanced our nervous system needs proper neurotransmitters and a lot of that's produced by the adrenals I mean there is some produced in the gut and in the brain but a lot of that comes from the adrenal glands so the other side of the adrenals is the the steroids so they produce a lot of steroids and these help buffer inflammation in our body does anybody ever had a cortisone or a steroid shots anything like that our cortisone cream so that would be a synthetic type of steroid but yeah in a crisis scenario you could do something like that and it'll really help with the inflammation and the pain and all that but our body's suppose to be able to do that on its own supposed to be able to produce enough of this to help buffer that and to stay in balance so yeah these are vital to combating the inflammatory process and they affect you know muscles nerves the gastrointestinal system the cardiovascular tissue this is all over the body so you know like one example that if we don't have proper adrenal function and diet and we're not able to produce enough steroids cardiovascular disease is one of the most prevalent diseases and killers in the United States and the body will start to use other means to help buffer that and I'll start producing more cholesterol and that'll build up in the system and and so yes diet and lifestyle affects that but not enough proper steroid production from our adrenals as part of that so having healthy adrenals can help help with your fatigue your stress your anxiety blood sugars there's a lot of people that either struggle with too high blood pressure or high blood sugars or too low it's chronically low and that either one cannot be related to the adrenal glands in their overproduction or they're under production low blood pressures so I see a lot of women that just they have really low blood pressure and their doctors will tell them that's great you know because you don't have high blood pressure right and that's all the doctors care about as long as you're under a certain number you're okay but if you're too low that's a classic sign of low adrenal function so if your top number and I didn't put this in the notes but you guys can make a note of it one way you can get some type of a snapshot of your adrenal glands it's not always a hundred percent cuz there's other factors but is look at your blood pressures so your top number relates more to your adrenal glands and your bottom number relates more to the kidneys so the top number in a perfect world would be 120 to 130 and over sixty to seventy if that top number you know in low adrenal function combined with other things can manifest in high blood pressure but a lot of times we'll see it as low so if you're ninety seven a hundred one hundred and five again your doctor might say that's great but that's classic you're not producing enough stuff that the adrenal produces too to impact that and we need to have healthy blood pressure that's part of our energy that's part of our circulation part a lot of things so that's a classic sign poor concentration you know we're also looking at kids and that are more prone to like a DD ADHD or you know us as adults sometimes they're like that too you ever get that where you're you can't focus on one thing and you're jittery and you can't you're having a hard time remembering that can also be related to the adrenal glands and inflammation like I talked about adrenal you know so if these are present in your life adrenal fatigue is it is probably a likely case and I would say we're seeing it more and more just because of today's society of we want to go go go we be productive right we want to get a bunch of stuff done and not take care of our body not eat proper foods so over times these glands really take a take a beating and if you know some of the more long-term effects of adrenal fatigue can be more serious things that we that we see ms multiple sclerosis Parkinson's so these are nervous system related because again if you're not producing enough neurotransmitters for the nervous system over time the myelin sheaths on the nervous the nerve cells can breakdown and we can start to have some of these issues so I wrote out some of those but even stuff like asthma chronic low energy low endurance anxieties that these are chronic things this could be related to your adrenals ovarian cysts excessive bleeding in your menstrual cycles in men prostatitis prostate cancer I put that in here even it's for a women's class but you know you could take this home to your husband's and talk about him that too so if there's excess inflammation anywhere and guys a lot of times as we age get it in our prostate that could be due to that to cholesterol plaquing and tremors you know nervous system tremors can be related to adrenal function so I read out some basic responsibilities and I'll get to more of the okay the practical what is this what does this mean to me exactly but yeah some of these basic responsibilities are energy production that's a big one wouldn't it be nice to just wake up everyday and heal and jump out of bed and have full of energy you know you would have good strong adrenals if that were the case or do we wake up and uh and hit the snooze a bunch of times and you're dragging for the first you need your coffee to get you going that's a classic sign of low adrenal or so that'd be like the chronic case and then there's also the people that they're okay in the morning and then they crash really hard in the afternoon and needs something to pick them up a sugar coffee energy drink something to stimulate them because their their adrenals a lot of your energy naturally comes from your adrenal glands so that could be we can manifest that way too so neurotransmitters controls the autonomic nervous system so this affects the digestive tract our heartbeat our breathing so those neurotransmitters are affecting all of that anxiety fear worry and handling the stress response so if somebody's chronically stressed you know yeah it's okay to have stress but our body should be in a place where it can properly deal with that not be overwhelmed so if you're chronically stressed the adrenals are probably weak and the more stress you are puts more pressure on the adrenals to the adrenal is also important in mineral utilization so one thing I teach people as far as basics of having a healthy body it's not just what you eat even though we hear that you are what you eat and that is true to some extent but it's it's even more than that it's what your body can digest absorb and actually utilize to the cellular level and so an important part of that utilization is proper secretions from these glands that will will shuttle those nutrients and and and yeah minerals into the cells the steroid production and then so we already talked some about these symptoms but fatigue is a huge big one problems with concentration and focus hyperactivity that could seem kind of contradictory well wouldn't if you have low adrenals you would be really tired what can also manifest the opposite because the hyperactivity is usually a lack of energy because we're exhausted but where we're trying to push through and make it even though our body's really telling us to rest and you could be more jittery and not not fully focused difficulty sleeping depression difficulty handling stress again our body should be in a healthy place where we can handle stressful events and and stay more even-keeled but if we start to lose it really easy there might be some imbalances feeling worried easily major uncontrollable cravings for sugar or caffeine is that anybody anybody craves sugars all the time yeah and if you are your body's craving some an energy source and it and it could also be linked because your adrenals aren't giving you enough of what you need and you you're needing something that quick fix if your adrenals you should be able to stay stable longer and even if you don't eat for a while another classic symptom I see with people is you know if they don't eat every so often they just like crash gosh I eat and then two hours later I'm completely exhausted I need to eat something else they're needing that quick pick-me-up but the more that your body has to rely on processed sugars and caffeine the more it weakens your body and so I know in this community a lot of people like coffee and some people are into energy drinks and but these will only serve to like force your body into overdrive to produce more things and then it leaves your adrenal glands weaker than they were before so it's just a mask and it's an even worse than a mask because it makes them it makes them weaker over time we shouldn't need to rely on a stimulant to get us through and if you want a cup of coffee once in a while great but if you're doing two three cups just just to get you through the day there's probably a deeper root of something going on there again we talked about the low blood pressures and low low blood sugars it could also be high blood sugars so because the adrenals also produce some stuff to help help with sugar metabolism there can be an issue with the blood sugars are always high and the body can't utilize those sugars properly it could also be diet and too much fat in the diet and improper foods will cause high blood sugars but the adrenals are a definite factor in that weight gain especially around the middle that's a that's another sign of adrenal and thyroid stuff so I'm talking about adrenals first some of this the adrenals and thyroid tie in a lot together so they kind of work in combination in our whole our whole endocrine gland is kind of like a symphony you know so I used to play in an orchestra I play the violin and if everybody's not exactly in tune it sounds bad the violins could be perfect and the cellos could be perfect and then if the you know if the viola messes up it makes everything sound bad well that's kind of what happens in our body and they all affect each other so if the thyroids are weak it's gonna affect the adrenals that's going to affect the ovaries and so it can affect your cycles and so all of it works together let's see loss of libido and sexual function allergies asthma eczema these can all be again eczema and all that could be diet related could also be the the hormone production affecting that so nutrition factors I already kind of mentioned coffee energy drinks getting away from the stimulants as much as possible so I remember I used to own a moving company and I was pushing my body really hard and I started it I started to rely on energy drinks this is before I got into health and so I would have these monster energy drinks every morning and then we'd crash in the afternoon and we've hit it again and anything to keep us going so at one point I just had to I had to understand this about my body and there were times even when I wasn't working where I'm just exhausted and I need to reach out to something to get me through but when I really wanted to start healing my body I made the conscious decision I'm gonna stop all stimulants because I don't want to deplete my body anymore unless I unless I actually have to if there's a you know if you're driving across the US and you're gonna fall asleep and you know have a crash oh my gosh get you something to hit there are herbs and I'm going to talk about that that can provide a similar experience without without the negative side effects but yeah if you need it in a situation that's what that's there for it's not to to to constantly take but I stopped all stimulants all coffee all energy drinks and started to provide myself as nutritious foods herbs and yeah and it took it can take a little bit of while for a glance that full to get back to where it needs to be but it'll get better and better and you'll wake up with more energy and more and you'll sustain throughout the day it's it's really amazing so there is hope if you're in that situation that I'm just always tired I can never get up in the morning I'm exhausted or these different things that I'm talking about avoiding processed grains and processed sugars again these are that quick fix and they're not gonna they're gonna leave your body more depleted it's okay to have some natural sugars and I talked about that a little bit later getting so yeah the next point is choosing fruit in and whole grains these are could be a great fuel source carbohydrates our body needs a fuel source but it needs the right kind of fuel source and a processed sugar a processed grain you know a stimulant isn't the right way to do it so you can get good quality nutrition from fruits you know that's very easily usable fuel source same thing with whole grains a little bit harder they're a complex carbohydrate but a good fuel source in moderation as long as you're staying away from their gluten ones healthy fats in moderation also helps stabilize blood sugars but if you have too much fat that can clog up the bloodstream and cause high blood sugars so not having too much fat is is important but having proper healthy fats and the more you can go back to just Whole Foods the better so whole avocado whole olives and yeah some oils in small amounts can be okay but that's not the way God created certain things he didn't create olive oil he didn't create coconut oil he created the coconut and olive and they're not as concentrated and you can easily overdo the fats when you're doing olive oil and coconut oil and putting it on everything and it's a it's a common misconception just because it's healthy for you in small amounts that it's healthy to do as much as you want so we constantly see people are just overdoing the fats because they they are very satiating they'll hold you over for a while they're very calorie dense but it can it can start to cause harm and you're in your body but small amounts are important of that type of stuff but try to get them from the whole food form nuts and seeds wild-caught fish you know that can provide good omega-3 fatty acids minerals and of course if we get a good diet of Whole Foods fruits veggies nuts seeds herbs some whole grains you're gonna get a lot of minerals but even then some of our soils are more depleted from minerals and it could be a good thing to supplement minerals and this those are important for our adrenal glands and our and our hormones the minerals are kind of the foundation of a lot that happens in our body and B vitamins and vitamin C are kind of essential for our for adrenals so some of the adrenal formulas I'll talk about later have B vitamins and vitamin C in them so that could be a good thing to supplement as well so lifestyle factors deep breathing is an amazing thing and I learned from somebody and there's research backing it up they talk about just if you're even in the moment of stress you can stop and like just slowly deep breathe and breathe it out and you're and it actually forces your adrenals they cannot produce this is my understanding they cannot reduce these stress hormones while you're in that process yeah so and most of us are just shallow breathers anyway so it's just a good practice in general to practice breathing deep and filling our lungs up and getting that oxygen in our system but yeah this everybody can take a second just so that slow controlled deep breathing can actually stop the stress response immediately prayer and quiet time is an essential thing to just keep us balanced nervously again it when this go-go-go world it's important to slow down and connect with God and prayer and get into some quiet time get in nature connect with the Lord and nature and and this could be very healing to our you know getting out of that mind going 100 miles an hour we're thinking about a bunch of stuff to just stopping and clear the to-do list out of the head and the productivity and just focus on the Lord sunshine actually I skip getting to bed before 10:30 so this is extremely if there were like one thing it's hard to say that one thing but one of the most quickest ways to heal your adrenals is just rest yeah and how many of us just can completely disconnect and rest and sleep as long as we need to like seriously if somebody just took a weekend and blacked out all the windows in their room and just I have nothing on my to-do list to just rest and sleep and allow myself that for as much as I need to and I'll wake up and then go back to sleep and wake up and go back to sleep your body would heal a lot and the adrenals would reset and and you know again it's that constant we're fortunate to go and go and to produce more and produce more and that's how they end up getting weak and not having the proper nutrition to support it so having a good habit of going to bed early you know and even I put 10:30 at the latest is a good habit to be in is because before that and sleeping good sunshine also helps heal the adrenals you know God designed us to be outside and get sunlight into our eyes and I feel like there's an attack on that with having us wear sunglasses and lather ourselves with sunscreen and yes the Sun can damaging but if our bodies in the right place it can actually it's meant to handle that and you might need to build up to certain things but we're meant to be outside and get your in direct sunlight in our eyes all the time there's also stuff you can look up about Sun gazing and I'm not gonna go super in-depth with that but it's actually a practice of looking into the Sun there's only certain times a day you would want to do it in the very beginning of the day in the very end when the UV is the lowest or it's zero and you you have to build yourself up but anyway if somebody doesn't have access to you know we're not in the Garden of Eden today we're we're outside all day long we're inside but that can be a powerful thing to get you know we actually there's there's energy and there's nutrients through the Sun it's quite amazing lighting candles after a dark and avoiding electronics so it's an easy habit to be into just being on your phone and your your iPad and you're getting this artificial light in the eyes and it's constantly stimulating still so those I don't remember the colors and I'm not that technical with that but there's certain colors and those types of electronics that affect us and cause our body to be more stimulated in the body to rest properly it needs it needs those lights removed and we're meant to actually once the Sun Goes Down her body starts producing melatonin and it starts to start the process of us going to sleep so lighting a candle could be more helpful because it's a it's a more natural form of light and then exercise exercise is very important so yeah that's that's a lot of information on the adrenal glands and I'll talk about some of the products and herbs at the end over that so now let's talk about the thyroid gland so your thyroid sits kind of wraps around your trachea here there's two lobes and a lot of women know thyroid because of its it's weight management it helps with metabolism that's one of its main jobs but it does so much it produces thyroid hormones and needs iodine to produce that so again we need to have proper diet to be able to produce because it has to have iodine to produce the thyroid hormones t3 and t4 and this is necessary for heat production for metabolism for healthy weight again it's another classic symptom for thyroid imbalanced it to hold weights around the midsection so that that could be a common sign or just you know uncontrollable weight gain you're eating the same foods but you're now gaining weight I don't understand I'm having a hard time losing weight and I'm doing everything right could be a sign of thyroid so I put a lot of information here about the about the thyroid yeah one note if you're taking synthetic thyroid hormones unfortunately the doctors are not doing a good job of helping people heal especially of thyroid stuff they're putting people on synthetic hormones and it's it's it's not serving to heal at all and it's just a mask and it's not even giving you fully what your body needs so there are ways to get off your medication and I'm not here to talk about how to do that but you can work with a practitioner and you can there are ways and we've helped lots of people get off their thyroid medications there are ways to heal your thyroid God designed our bodies to heal so if we give it the right things and we partner with him you know amazing things can happen with that but another note on the way that the medical community tests for thyroid is incredibly inaccurate so don't always trust a blood test and then looking at the TSH levels and the t3 and the t4 it's just a quick snapshot of what's happening in the body and not a good indication of overall thyroid function so I've even heard people said and I have it down in here somewhere that your thyroid has to be like 70% under functioning but a 481 will manifest on one of their tests so a better way in a more accurate way is basal body temperature testing so this is testing your your body temperature so basal is kind of I just think it's like your baseline so right when you get up in the morning before you even like start moving start doing anything you know as you start moving your body starts producing heat as muscle contractions and all that so your baseline there's ways to by basal body temperature thermometer for less than $10 you know an old-school thermometer that actually it's not a didge one and you can check those and so I have a little bit information on how to do that but if you're chronically under 97.6 it's it's almost a for sure thing you have low flow thyroid so and it's a good thing too to manage it to keep track of it for several days and see the average but average would be in the ninety seven point six to ninety eight point six we have classic symptoms of low thyroid are also like cold intolerance you hate the cold your cold hands and feet all the time yeah hair growth so the thyroid is involved a lot in hair skin and nails than being healthy so if you have ridges in your nails they're brittle they crack easy your hair starting to fall out it's not the same you know it's not as healthy as it used to be I'm getting more split ends it's it's breaking easier the skin is starting to Sag more and you know these can be signs related to the your thyroid as well so yeah sluggishness is another thing uncontrollable weight gain let's see here brain fog again all the hormones kind of affect our brain and and how it's thinking so that could be another another thing an emotional instabilities depression thyroid and parathyroid I'm not really talking about the parathyroid but they sit on the back of the thyroid they're necessary for calcium utilization and and so thyroid and parathyroid are involved in when they're not healthy a lot of times depression will will come about too low libido constipation puffy face can also be an indication of of thyroid issues and heavy menstrual cycles with thyroid there's so those were all those were all classic signs of underactive thyroid and most people ninety ninety-five percent people that have issues with their thyroid it's under functioning it's not producing enough you do have the hyperthyroidism that happens with some people it's the overactive and usually this is more of an autoimmune there's something causing it to go into overdrive and produce way more than it's so but most people that aren't in this category but these could be signs of that the rapid heart reading difficulty breathing enlarged thyroid waiter so it's like a bump that sticks out where there's there's inflammation around that thyroid bulging eyes is another like classic sign if people's eyes look like they're sticking out actually my anatomy and physiology class there were pictures of this and seeing people with their eyes sticking out a little bit more it's it's kind of interesting it's kind of weird but but that's a sign of potential high high thyroid always light menstrual periods unexplained weight loss so it's going to have that you know under functioning thyroid you're gonna have a harder time losing weight and you're gonna more tend to gain weight easy it could be the opposite with overactive so people that are very thin their their metabolisms going crazy it's it's being overactive nervousness warm moist palms always feeling warm and always sweating and everybody else around you is fine and I'm hot and I'm you know that can be also related to that so nutrition factors I start by saying avoiding all soy products I don't know if on-hit on this in his class but soy is very estrogenic and it's and the soy most of today the soy is very genetically modified it's sprayed with a bunch of chemicals soy is just a nasty thing to get away from and they used to talk about it being a health food back in the day I remember having soy protein it tastes disgusting but back when I was in high school having soy protein and it was a health thing and and and maybe some forms of soy can be but in today's world I would just avoid it altogether it's not worth the risk of your body you know again a lot of people are having reactions to the genetic modification of it the chemicals the pesticides and then the fact that it's estrogenic in itself and the estrogen affects the thyroid again it all works together avoiding processed sugars and processed grains along the same lines as the adrenals in general it's just always good to avoid the processed food the more we go back to God's like original design and eating the foods as close to the way as he created him the better the more we try to process it and the whole reason they started processing is to increase shelf life but it removed most of the nutrients so Whole Foods rather than processed foods avoiding dairy Dairy is a huge thing and I know it's hard to get off the dairy they've actually so before I knew this I used to tell people because it would just seem like people could give up other things but the dairy like I will not give up my cheese I like my cheese people where people would be like that I said there's something addictive in dairy I just know it and I didn't really know it but I felt it and then it came out with the research that they're showing and I want to say they said it's got it hits certain receptors that have the same addictive things as like cocaine so there is an actual addiction but once you separate yourself I hear this sauce and once you get away from it a little bit it's like you don't even need it anymore you don't crave it there are other substitutes but the the dairy is very mucus forming and congesting and you can easily get mucus in here and cause thyroid issues fluoride and chlorine in our water directly interferes with thyroid function as well so you know they put they put chlorine in the water to disinfect it and I was talking to a water quality guy just recently this is crazy he was telling me and I don't remember the numbers but just in the last like 10-15 years how much the chlorine has increased because there's more things in the water there more things they're trying to disinfect all that so it's like I don't know doubled or tripled in our water so they're they're killing the the bacteria which is good but it's not very good for our bodies so having good purified water is important in the fluoride to fluoride is a little harder to get out of the water but there are systems that can do it but the fluoride is very damaging to the thyroid as well and any doctor I have it in here somewhere any doctor that talks about you know fluoride still being a good thing I wouldn't trust because it's very damaging and there's so much research that backs it you know they're pouring I saw a picture this one time where they're dumping the fluoride into the water and the truck has these huge signs of like toxic all this they're pouring it into our drinking water it's like are you kidding me it's crazy so anyway there are ways it's a little harder to get the fluoride out of water but there are ways to do it mineral rich foods are very helpful for the thyroid and for our body in general but like I said especially ones high in iodine because if I it has to have iodine to produce its thyroid hormones so a lot of the sea vegetables and that might be a little more you know weird to us here in the mainland and the inner part but sea vegetables are very high in iodine kelp dulse you can now even just go to some health food stores and buy I buy in little shaker bottles that have kelp and dulse mixed with garlic and sea salt and you can cook with them and add them and not even taste it they are you know if you use them in high amounts it's a little fishy tasting almost but these are incredibly helpful so yeah I don't like kelp by itself but mixed into certain foods you know that can be extremely helpful any of the seaweeds I also put rod nuts and seeds very high in minerals so raw nuts and seeds once the roasted and once they've been processed like that they lose a lot of their their value and they change form molecular form of the oils in them it actually makes the lows go rancid so if you can get rod nuts and seeds and eat them in moderation we don't need a lot of them but just just a small amount and again healthy fats but if you can get them from the whole food form that's better a little extra virgin olive oil a little coconut oil here and there that's that's okay too but whole food form always better than the concentrated extracts so things to avoid and avoid and other lifestyle factors all toxins radiations chemotherapy x-rays all that stuff if you go to the dentist and get dental exams ask them if they don't already have it the good ones already have a vest that has a thyroid protector on it but I've I've been to one even a couple years ago and I had to ask they gave me a regular vest and I said hey do you have a thyroid protector oh yeah yeah we have that hold on I'll get that for you too and it's like you have to ask them but again the good ones have it already built in but you want something to protect cuz those are extremely damaging to our thyroid the x-rays but the thyroid kind of helps protect us it's like one of the first lines of defense that takes toxins and so it's important to keep that free of these types of things high estrogen can cause thyroid imbalance so getting away from the estrogenic foods but imbalance in our female in your female system can also cause again that symphony of things being imbalance and there's good herbs and having a good diet and a lifestyle can help keep that in balanced exercise especially for the thyroid exercise in general we were we were made to move you know what I mean when I'm outside in nature and moving it just feels right it just feels good that's the way God designed us weren't designed to sit in a desk all day long and then sit on a couch and then and then go to bed we need to be active of some sort and that doesn't mean you have to go and spend an hour in the gym every day but just do something even walking around your neighborhood for thirty minutes a day is some type of movement we need that but especially for the for the thyroid and helping with metabolism that's extremely important mercury and silver fillings mercury is another very damaging thing you know and your your teeth are right here and your thyroids right here so it's a very close relationship and people a lot of people still have these mercury amalgams silver amalgams from their dentist and there are holistic dentists we we know some and recommend some that have safe mercury removal and then can put proper ones in there that don't have the toxic metals and stuff like that but over time those can leach into your body and affect neurological things as well as the thyroid but the thyroid takes it takes a beating with that pretty quickly avoiding tap water again we kind of talked about the water thing and getting grounded so there's certain energies and we're now you know everything's was 3G and then 4G and everything's ramping up with electromagnetic frequencies and phones and all of that there's more everything going up so these energies do affect us it's a real thing it's not just a new-agey thing energies are real and so we were meant to be grounded to the earth and if we stand barefoot on the ground we actually you know some of those negative energies can release through the grounds frequency and and help balance our system so that's an important thing to do but we also sell grounding mats and grounding sheets you can put on your bed that connect through the through the ground outlet because there's a like a positive negative then there's the ground one that literally connects to the ground so it can it can connect you to the ground but through a wire the best thing is if we just get outside and sit on the ground but we don't always have time to do that so supplements for the adrenal isn't there at tyroid so hopefully like up to now you have some more practical just lifestyle nutritional things you know I can't cover everything in this class but I wanted to give a good outline of just general things you can do lifestyle things nutritional things but now to the supplements but it is most important to get our diet get our lifestyle in line to to stay healthy for a long term should be a lifestyle of staying balanced and connecting to the Lord through every area of our life including our physical body so for the adrenals start out with the adrenals adaptogenic herbs adaptogenic herbs is one of my favorite so I'm a big guy and I make a lot of our herb blends out there and I've studied herbs for years and I love adaptogenic herbs because that's it's this high class of herbs it's only reserved for special herbs that kind of go into this category that helped the body adapt during physical mental and emotional stress so right who needs that to help your body adapt when we're in these stressful times and it does it in a variety of ways and it's not forcing any action it helps to nourish your body and keep it balanced so it helps keep hormones balanced it helps keep the immune system strongly helps blood flow it helps neurotransmitter and brain function so all these different things so when I when I first got into into health I started using a couple herbs that really helped me out and then I would just learn about more and start using those and buy that all of a sudden I'm making I'm making smoothies every day and I'm getting like eight different canisters of herbs put them in my smoothie and I said you know what I need to make a blend that has all these best adaptogens and put it all in one and I did it for myself honestly and I said this is so awesome I should make it for the store and so I did and it became my adaptogen power blend so I encourage you to check that out we sell so much that it just took off because everybody needs these adaptogens that help your body adapt and they help keep you renals strong and and they're amazing so yeah and just a lady you were sharing with me just earlier how they had changed her life I hear it all the time people calling thank you for making that adaptogen power blend it's it's changed my life it's helped me have more energy so we'll hear things like energy focus sleeping better again all these things related to the adrenals we want to try to minimize our stress of course but these can help keep our body strong so I listed a bunch of those herbs but my adaptogen power blend basically has all of those plus a couple more all in one formula if you're not into powders you know we have different formulas that can help orthomolecular adrenal and the the Ridgecrest adrenal fatigue fighter these are some of our top ones this is the adrenal and the Ridgecrest adrenal fatigue fighter so these are amazing formulas that combined herbs and B vitamins and and then so the adrenals specifically on top of that has a glandular in it so Gleaner is actually part of a gland out of an animal it's actual adrenal tissue out of an animal and that can be very helpful to kind of kickstart without getting in all the science behind that and even the Native Americans they knew that they would eat certain glands and organs out of animals if they had issues with that because there's certain nutrients and certain you know your body almost recognizes what that is and so that can help to stimulate so this is a this is a really powerful formula probably our best one that has the glandular the vitamins and the herbs all in one this is a little less expensive but has the herbs and the B vitamins so another great a great formula it's got some of those adaptogen herbs in here so another formula the great adapter so it is it's their formula on adaptogens just in a concentrated form so they have extracts of maybe five or six different adaptogenic herbs in here so if you're not into powders and you want to take advantage of some of those herbs here it is it's just a whole formula of adaptogens so and then yeah we do make an adrenal boost tea if you're into teas it's a great just nourishing help keeping that that nourished and then we do have pure adrenal gland dealers and I do just note on the on the glandulars that it's probably good idea to just consult with a practitioner somebody that knows more about that that can help you because they're strong and they're powerful and it's not maybe something you want to take long term but yeah talking to somebody that can kind of walk you down that some people could take them and might you know might not know exactly what they're doing or what to expect but those those can be very powerful in the beginning to really help kick-start our adrenals and get them going if you're chronically low as far as the thyroid we have a lot of good supplements these two are probably our main herbal ones that we give a lot the thyroid thrive and the thyroid strength so we've had this thyroid thrive forever we've given that to people for years and it's just a great again it's just it's just herbs and vitamins and minerals so a nice natural supplement that it's not going to stimulate any action to happen it's just simply going to nourish and give your body what it needs to produce and to increase that function but if you have extremely low thyroid it could it can take a while it can take several months to really see the increase you want I mean you'll see increase but I mean to get it to where it needs to be it's not always an overnight fix like like the doctors just give you a pill and everything's gonna be fine right it's a process of proper diet proper lifestyle nourishing but this is also a good format it's a little newer to us within the last year year and a half's I read strength same type of thing just a little bit slightly different formula than that one the exa dine by cedar bear this is this is there iodine formula so and we have a whole iodine loading procedure if we think that you know somebody's thyroid is chronically low of course we talked about you need iodine so this could be a way to build it up in your system and get it supplemented in your diet and there's a there's a loading procedure where you kind of like you start to build up build up and you take more than you would normally just to build it up in your system and then you come back down to a maintenance dose so we have that available we can print that out for you if you're interested in that but that's a great iodine supplement and then there's some other ones I mentioned in liquid form by cedar bear they have a thyroid boost if you have under phone they have a thyroid com4 if you're over function that can help calm it down you definitely don't want to take certain thyroid herbs if you're over functioning it could actually stimulate and make it more over functioning so you have to kind of know what you're doing with that we do make a you know I make a thyroid powder as well so I listed a lot of good herbs for the thyroid and I make a thyroid powder that's a cost-effective way the thyroid herbs don't always taste delicious because they're these kind of you know seaweed sea moss type stuff so it's a little a little interesting taste but you can capsule them or you can mix them in soups or putting in smoothies if you'd like that's a cost-effective way to get some of those herbs and then the glandulars as well so we do have a Roth IRA thyroid and a pure thigh Roe glandular formulas and for somebody that's really low or trying to get off their meds that's a that might be a good thing to do and you might want to talk to somebody have a practitioner we do consultations here that can help you kind of see where you're at because for some people again that might over stimulate them if they use a glandular but for somebody that's really low and they're on their thyroid medication and they're trying to taper off their meds that might be a good thing to really kickstart it while you're in that process and then I put some formulas that have stuff for both the adrenal and the thyroid on here endocrine balance powder so I make a powder blend that's for all the endocrine glands so and if it primarily focuses on adrenals and thyroid but then there's also some stuff for our pituitary they called the pituitary the master gland if – you're Terry is up in the head and it basically tells all the other glands what to do and how much to produce and when they check your thyroid and they check TSH that's thyroid stimulating hormone from the pituitary so that can have an effect also on our thyroid but yeah I don't want to get too technical on you guys but again if you meet with with with somebody that can help you navigate that and and there could be a pituitary involved but the endocrine balance is nice because it has stuff for all of those independents and dr. Morse has an endocrine cell or tincture dr. Moore's also has a gland tonic so the gland tonic is similar to the endocrine balance it's just a slightly different version of some of those herbs because there's a lot of awesome herbs this and so he just made two different formulas for all the glands so I mean that's all I have in my notes but yeah again if you if you're struggling with some of these symptoms chronically you might want to get that looked at and you can look at your blood pressures you can check your basal body temperatures or a lot of times we can just go off of symptoms – and we're not opposed to a blood test or you know we do work with a lab and do blood and urine analysis if we feel like that's necessary but a lot of times if there's just so many symptoms related to that and your temperatures low or your blood pressure is low we know for sure that you have some of these issues and I would say and I've heard it from some of the people I've studied through everybody has adrenal weakness it's just to what degree in today's society you know we just don't live the way we were intended to we're in this busy lifestyle we're driving in traffic and then we're we have to be to work and we got to get stuff done and we gotta you know all this stuff and it's it's not fully natural the way God designed it so just because of our lifestyle people are chronically under more stress the adrenals are more pump and stuff out and so again it's said and I would probably agree that more and more people I see everybody has adrenal weakness you know it might not be yours might not be as bad as the next person some people are chronically you know low in adrenal function but everybody could use and and could benefit from supporting our adrenals and our thyroid I you know I've done a lot of healing on my body and I feel in a lot better place than I did six seven eight years ago when I got started on this health journey but I still love taking the adaptogen herbs and some of these you know sometimes I'll use the adrenal fatigue fighter if I know I've been going hard for a while and I'm feeling it these things can really help to nourish you along that way and keep you balanced so I'll take a few questions if you guys have any I might not have all the answers but I can try to answer some yes do they expire there is a technical expiration date on them but I know I've talked to the company and they say they're they're good well beyond the expiration date they're preserving process in but they do have an expiration date on the bottles yes yes and I'll just kind of repeat your question for the just so everybody can hear and so the camera can hear so just asking about I was talking earlier about blood pressures and how that relates to the adrenals in the kidney so yes the top number relates more to the adrenal glands and so an ideal textbook would be 120 over 60 would be like textbook in the natural health realm a doctor might tell you slightly different but 120 to 130 over 60 to 70 would be an ideal range if the top number is too low or too high you know there could be some adrenal issues there if it's low for sure adrenal weakness and then the bottom number relates to the kidney so does that answer your question okay yes yeah yeah that's a really good question so just to repeat so everybody can hear some people have schedules that they have to work on the night shift not familiar with the Nightwatch and you know to where you're up at night when people would normally be sleeping what you know how does that impact and I mean it definitely has an impact and doing it long-term might not be a you know a helpful thing but there's ways you can still I think supporting your adrenals would be a good thing and then creating some type of you know if you're sleeping during the day creating some type of blacked out system in your room so it's kind of simulating night time so yeah if you're trying to sleep in there's light coming in your windows and you know that can just affect again that light affects our body and to truly get into that deep rest spot you do need like blackout would be best yeah that's good and I'm definitely not the expert on that but I know some practical things that could probably up and I think that's a good point is having a schedule if you're like that so just having a certain time you're always going to sleep you know it's scheduled that way your body can get used to it and can actually know when it's time okay it's time to rest now so creating that schedule but yeah there's probably more information that I'm not aware of but that's what I was saying yes yeah so do I recommend testing the thyroid before taking something I mean you totally can and I think everybody could benefit from like the basal body temperature I think everybody should do that just cuz it's good to get a gauge on where am I really at and then you know how to gauge your improvement you know I I don't necessarily think that you need to go and run to your doctor and get a test because like I said most of those aren't that accurate but yeah I think it could benefit everybody to check their basal body temperatures and see where you're at and then you know that you're improving if if you're taking something and those are getting better so maybe have time for maybe one more question anybody has any more yes yeah yeah so yes so the question is using the glandulars and some of the things we're talking about have apps have we seen people that are on medication get off it and their thyroid was completely healed and yes we've had several cases of that it's not a hard thing to do if you're doing the right things but it is a little bit of a process of navigating that and you know we're not doctors we can't tell you when to stop taking your meds but typically the way it happens and it's always good to start with something herbal like the thyroid thrive the thyroid strength getting some of those proper nutrition to nourish the thyroid and then a glandular can be something that can really like increase it quicker and then people will normally start tapering down on their thyroid meds taking a half dose taking it every other day and eventually get to the point where they're supporting it while they're coming off and eventually just don't need it anymore because you can start increasing thyroid function and you're taking the Med and you could be over stimulated so having somebody to walk through that process with you could be helpful so yeah we helped to a certain degree yeah we'll help on our side but again we can't tell you we're not legally allowed to tell you window but we can tell you you know certain things to support it that can get you to the place you need to where you can start either on your own making the decision to start lowering that or some doctors are willing to you know hey if you're if your numbers are really where they are you're feeling okay great let's let's lower your dosage some of them are good doctors and we'll be willing to work with you on that but you also have the choice yourself to to if you're feeling okay start start learning it down you have that option but yeah we can work with you on our end on how to support that how to get your thyroid in a good shape so yeah well thanks guys thanks for coming hope you learned a lot god bless you guys [Applause]


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