How pets in the workplace can help employee well-being

There are so many ways that pets are beneficial in the workplace. It really can help reduce stress if you’re having a really
bad day. I have lots of colleagues that come over
to me when I’ve got my dog in the office and come in and go: ‘I just need five
minutes with the dog.’ So, I think it just really helps. It can reduce blood pressure,
tension, any kind or issues that you’re having in your day, or if you’re feeling very
stressed. We’ve got a lot of people that really see the benefits of how it helps
with mental well-being in the office as well. People that may be suffering
with anxiety and it feels really comfortable with having their dog with
them in the workplace. It’s great just meeting people as well. The number of
people that come and say ‘hello’ to me when I’ve got my dog versus the days
that I don’t have my dog are huge. And I think it just creates a really nice
environment in the office. It’s just more relaxed – and it’s just a real benefit,
a really progressive benefit. I think it’s something that in the future
we’re going to see much more of in workplaces.

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