How Online Personal Training Works | Private Fitness Sessions at Fit Armadillo

Want to enjoy all the benefits of a
healthy, active lifestyle without joining a gym? Whether you’re a busy mom, professional, or just not a gym rat we believe you deserve the freedom to enjoy
fitness at your place and your pace and that’s what we offer here at Fit Armadillo!
Our sessions are provided over live video chat so you can enjoy
them anywhere your busy life takes you And getting started? It’s as easy as1, 2, 3! Let me show you … Step number 1 is to choose your session type. we
offer private personal training sessions, private yoga, private Pilates and
sessions of varying lengths to fit your needs and schedule. You’ll reserve your
session by securely paying online through our booking website. And then…
You’ll be ready for step three: The best part, enjoying your private
session at your own place and pace. All that’s left to do is prepare for your
session. You don’t need any fancy equipment to enjoy sessions at Fit Armadillo. All you need is yourself and a Wi-Fi enabled device that has a web
camera so that you can see your instructor and your instructor can see
you and provide you feedback in real time. Whether you enjoy yoga, Pilates, or
personal training your session will be a hundred percent customized to you
helping you save time and money. Fit Armadillo: It’s all the benefits of
in person training with none of the hassle. Ready to start enjoying fitness
at your place and your pace? Head on over to to book your
session today.

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