How Mental Health Can Get In the Way of Our Goals [The Stress Less Show – Episode 37]

Is your mental health holding
you back from achieving your
goals? You’ll find out in this
episode of The Stress Less
Show. Hi. I’m Carlee Myers. A stress management expert. One thing I hear day in and day
out is we feel like we’ve tried everything when it
comes to stress management. We may have tried the
mainstream approaches to
managing stress but have we really tried to get to
the root of the issue. Each episode I bring on experts
and leaders to not just put a Band-Aid on your
stress but to actually get to
the root. So this month is the month of
October and we are focusing on
mental health. Oh my goodness what a huge
issue. I think we’re finally coming
around, but I thought it’s time let’s
let’s put this out there even more so I
have… this specific episode we’re
talking about how mental
health can get in the way of our goals
and it seems to be happening left and right and that’s why
I brought on this our amazing guest – Daniela
Galdi. Welcome, Daniela.
Hello everybody. Thank you so much for having me
on, Carlee.
Absolutely. So Daniela is a media
personality. She’s an entertainer,
entrepreneur and
philanthropist. With her positive ray of
sunshine attitude and
powerhouse energy, Daniela gets things
done across multiple fields and is a leading creative
resource for the
entertainment, media and health – health and
wellness and business
industries. Guys, this is a lot she is a
big deal! Whether she’s on air at QVC, consulting
business owners, or producing her next
artistic event at the core of every endeavor
is her support… Is her support for her peers and
clients. Most recently, this is the
project that got us in touch and this is how we
met, she founded Still Standing Together, an
empowerment organization supporting women through
events and media while raising awareness on mental health
therapies and solutions. She also empowers and consults
women entrepreneurs artists and independents
through her. DG Venture Program. Daniela, I am so excited to
have you on the show. I’m so excited to ask me all
your questions I’m ready. So how did you get into this
line of work? I mean you are
a media personality, an entertainer. I mean we could go on and on. How did you end up here?
OK. So I love and hate this
question. If I must be honest. Because as you can see you
know, I have a lot that I do and for a
long time that was something I looked at as… Something that was a weakness
or being frowned upon. And what I’m starting to
realize especially in this past year is that it should actually be looked
about looked at as a strength. And so that’s what I want
everybody listening to realize
is that, nowadays, a lot of us are
doing a lot of things; and if we have this one life
to live, why are we not just doing everything we want
to be doing? So to answer your question… At the heart of everything, I’m
an artist and I grew up dancing. I grew up performing, and from
there, I went on I received my Bachelor of Fine
Arts degree in dance and did dance
education. I went on to produce many live
shows things like that. So that is at the heart of
everything I do and so that is where I have
all these ideas because again I’m an artist. And when it when it relates
back to anything, I want to be able to create. So with that said, you know I
ended up having a love for the body and
through dance. And I ended up opening a
Pilates studio because I did a
lot of training. So it kind of rears in
different ways, but it gets to
a point. And so with this Pilates
studio. I loved so many things about it
and I’ve been a teacher for over
15 years for Dance, Fitness, Pilates, but what I
realized is that when I broke
it down it wasn’t actually what I
wanted to be doing full time. So I think doing things that I
really resisted has gotten me to the point
where I am today because I started to really take a look at what I
loved and what I loved was
entertainment. So what can I do in every area
of entertainment? Can I do you know broadcast
media? Can I be producing?
Things like that. So basically I branch out in
everything. I’m singing now. I’m doing different things like
I’m on camera. So that’s where that happened
and where it ties into Still Standing Together,
the support and empowerment
group for mental health is that for
years I tried to pigeon myself, pigeonhole
myself, but not because of what I wanted but
because what I thought I was
supposed to be doing. So when I found myself last year
2018 in a very downword deep
depression and anxiety was high. I don’t even remember being
able you know… I had no motivation I don’t
remember being able to smile. I actually remember having to
smile on my lips were quivering because I had
forgotten what that felt like. And I had all these issues going on that stopped me from
pursuing things. I finally got myself therapy
again and started to take care of myself and realized that for 2019 I was just going
to live by this motto and that
is. You know all those things you’ve
always wanted to do, go do
them. So that brings us to where we
are today. Wow. And you know the word that
comes up for me is from
I think it’s Emily Wapnick. I hope I’m not mispronouncing
her name. She has an amazing TED talk
about the multipotentialite
and how.. I think you’re, Daniela, you’re
a multi potential right and that is such a unique way. Like we give – and I am too
– We give in such a unique way to the world that
no other person could ever
give… But So you’re doing everything
you’ve always wanted to do – and I feel like that’s
also a whole nother conversation, Divinely
feminine – But I mean this is pretty
pretty kick ass. So, what do you recommend. What do you recommend for us
who feel like, “Oh my
goodness. Like Daniela is out there like
doing all these amazing things like QVC,
Still Standing Together.” I mean, how do we like…. How do we get to that place
where we’re like we’re on top of our game?
OK. So I have a few things that I
always try to stick to. One is that I first want people
to do that self reflection and
recognize why you’re not taking action. So for me money had a lot to do
with it. I felt for a long time because
I was not making a lot of money my worth was
not there. A lot of times, I was
procrastinating on launching something because you know it was that feeling
of maybe I’m not good enough. There was that fear of how
people would perceive me especially because I’m
doing all these other things
you know and I’d gotten negative
feedback that I wasn’t looking
at the positive feedback I’d
gotten. So that was another thing I
just had to recognize you know why I wasn’t taking
action. I had to make sure that
desperation didn’t fall in there at any point where I
was taking action in the wrong way because of
desperate ti- you know desperate times call for
desperate measures and they
really shouldn’t. They should, you know that
really can get in the way. So I started with that. Just recognizing you know why
am I procrastinating on something and I started
with small things. So that’s another another
something I wanted to get in
there. Whatever you’re doing if you do
feel that fear creeping up or that doubt or if you’re ready to like launch
this idea that you’ve just been sitting on, you
know. Start with something small. start to start a start with
something like maybe the
dishes you procrastinate on the
dishes. I was procrastinating on the
dishes because I felt like my
time was so limited and I really just
you know… Why would I waste my time on
dishes I had to get my life in
order. But then, when I started to realize
that I can fit in all these
small things, it would lead to the
big picture which actually
helps me to get to the last tip and
tool I wanted to share with
everyone is to clear away that
physical and mental clutter. Because with that, the physical
clutter, you know you need a good safe
environment to work in. So if you do have dishes in the
sink, if your space isn’t actually physically you know, tidied up. For some that really might help
to get them to feel very creative and help them… Help them to find clarity and focus. And then there’s that sense of
that mental clutter where it’s all the noise. It’s that questioning we do for
ourselves, but but the other noise that comes
in from other people. So if we can just kind of in a
sense stop thinking and start doing, it really
could help. And then again it ties into
doing those small things where you might want to start a new
business, but maybe you go do
some informational interviews and you are
starting quote unquote you’re starting your business, but
you’re starting it in a way
that works for you. It reminds me of that book I’m
reading right now called Feel the Fear and Do It
Anyway. So I think that’s great. So for those of you who are
listening at home it sounds
like the tips that Daniela are
giving us is that we need to recognize why we’re
procrastinating why we’re not taking action. We need to take small steps. Micro bravery steps, I think
you’ve heard me say this on the show before and
clear away all that clutter. It’s distracting us, it’s not
serving us, and we’re talking mental and physical. So Daniela thank you so much for
coming on the show. For those of us who are
listening and want to take
action, they want a little bit more
support, maybe they want to
start a conversation with you
… Where can we find you on social?
Sure. Please do reach out, I love to
connect with everyone. It’s at Daniela underscore
Galdi. Both Instagram and Twitter.
Perfect. So this concludes this episode
of The Stress Less Show. This episode was sponsored by
Daniela Galdi Ventures. Have an idea or business you
can’t stop thinking about
pursuing? Now is the time to start. Through her DG Venture Program,
talk one on one with Daniela through a
complimentary twenty-five minute strategy
call and then use the code StressLess25 for twenty five dollars off
your next service. If you’re struggling to get
started, Daniela is the woman for you. So this concludes this episode
of The Stress Less Show and we’ll see you next

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