How Many Years Before I First Competed in Bodybuilding?

train the muscles not the joints welcome back to natural gallant bodybuilding okay I just want to tell you first of all that I'm gonna be answering the question of the title there you know how long till you basically can compete in a show and I'm also gonna be taking you through a workout and I'm also going to be burning some guys in the gym at Murph's gym there it's gonna be fun so I think you're gonna enjoy the workout because I give you some secret tips as well as have some fun with some of the members of the gym so yeah stay tuned make sure you just don't click off after I'm done talking here because it's gonna be a good workout after I just want to talk to you little bit about a comment that was made underneath one of my videos and this guy like a lot of people do because the thing is with every video I can't go into the complicated history that is my entire life in every single video because everybody fall asleep so it's it's normal that there would be misunderstandings around you know timelines and how long it took me to train how long that's not but anyway this one person said that Jason had only see it only took you two years to get to your genetic potential because you compete at ninety seven and then I saw you a 98 and you seem to be not too much different right so the fact is there's a couple factors going on here one is you can't really tell what the progress is totally just from a picture especially some badly taken photographs that were off staged by amateur photographers right so just you know from 97 to 98 my physique did actually improve by at least 2 or 3 pounds which is amazing the fact is is that I also improved when 99 came and also 2000 and 2002 when I want to show then so anyway this person said Jason you must have just made all your gains in two years well just from that alone that's just from my later competition history not my earlier competition history and I still was making gains then so the truth is is that I started training when I was 14 years old and I didn't step on stage until after eight years of training right so it took me till the time I was 22 to the time I stepped on stage for my first show so no it did not take me two years to get to my genetic potential I know most of you guys know this but sometimes I've got to point out these actually simple logics because it seems like people don't want to do the research so if you're gonna make statements like this just please do your research just look at my videos you can go in that magnifying glass down here type in whatever question you have and chances are I've probably made a video on it because I made over 400 videos now so I've got quite an intense library there and that's at your fingertips that you can benefit from so please do so please produce through that library man because I spent a lot of time making those videos so I'd appreciate if you watch them so yeah as far as the question how long will it take for you to be competition ready for stage this will depend on a person their genetics everything like that but I would say if somebody has like athletic history as I say they've been in sports they've been active their life and they've you know they hold on to a fairly lean body fat level you know I'd say within a couple years they could actually step on stage and look like they're in shape now whether they're gonna win or not that's gonna be a different thing and I think that will also boil down to genetics but really I think you got it being nice to yourself a little bit you got to be a little gentle with yourself and I find a lot of people want everything today they want everything like yesterday they want all the results it won't look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in two weeks but the fact is is that you got to give yourself at least five years before you really start to really come into your own you know when I was 14 years old it took me till I was about 19 20 years old till my physique really started to look like I lifted weights and I didn't have to tell everybody I was a body but they actually kind of knew that I lifted weights so you know be a little gentle on yourself you know sometimes people look at the final progress pics of somebody though they look at you know something that took 10 years to come to full culmination and then they'll be like comparing themselves to that and say oh geez you know I should I should look like that in two weeks so yeah that's not gonna happen and if you're a natural guy like myself then you just got to put your head down and put the time in put the work in and put the intelligence and the awareness in that's the most important thing so yeah today I'm I just got a coffee now you see if you can tell I'm an Agassi right now I'm gonna have to show you some clips of this town at some point I just don't have a GoPro camera to stick to my car but as I Drive around but I think that'd be really neat for you guys to get a feel for this town because it's kind of like this really old-fashioned sort of field it feels like almost like an old western town because it is a kind of a farm town really yeah I'm gonna show you some more of the footage outside here good news too I have more pictures that I located from my other bodybuilding shows that's just gonna be coming into my possession in about a week or so and so I'll be putting up videos on that and you will get to see oh things that I did in my life hey well not all the things just some of the things yeah and I'll talk to you about it I'm gonna be going to the gym today I'm gonna actually do I think I need to do some upper chest because I did some lower chest yesterday and I just feel like I need to pump up the upper chest here I'm gonna do some buys and tries and a little bit of back and maybe some calves or something so anyway I'll play it by ear I'm going to Mercy em in Chilliwack so stay tuned mountain mountain mountain mountain so here I am at mercy gym I'm gonna do some upper chest some lat pull-downs and a little bit of arms and yeah we'll see what else I can get in here so yeah I'm kind of filling in the cracks here because last night I actually did some heavy Romanian deadlifts I actually went up to 365 and so I'm quite proud of that that means I I'm pretty good so anyway I did that last night and my upper back is pretty sore my traps rhomboids as well as my hamstrings I'm not gonna be doing any legs today but at the same time I'm gonna get some of the little muscles in that I couldn't really work extremely hard last night just because like I said I worked so hard on the Romanian deadlifts so yeah let's go inside what am i doing I should do that in slow motion right it's gonna be in slow motion much better but it's so cheap honestly that's so cheap that that's totally working and you don't eat you know and then honestly they should be charging you an asshole for you it basically feel like extra money because you just your real estate agent everybody knows everybody knows those things in our girl I feel so good today is the question a good [Applause] another sink like well that except in wages the other thing that the funny thing is like look back to my EAS interview yeah I talked about it I actually gained weight for my show once it's society Wow so I used to gain weight because I need so shitty oats right about that when I ate carbs of cookies it seemed to feed my muscles properly right I've been my metabolism one up so there's almost like a blend of that that happened to the body someone this morning if it started to do moderate cardio but for longer intensity so that was hard City let's now another takeaway tumble get leaner I tried no cardio which I liked but I would definitely do some cardio next time even for mentally right just know that you're doing everything cheechee party rightly I'm proud of myself for trying something new yeah cuz it's scary right holy way the only way to evolve especially anyway what how do you how do you know you got it experiment yourself with shitty way I'm a transformer remember I'm an Autobot another Decepticon Autobot I'm a good guy see that's why I kind of like not competing in a way because I'm trying to find the happy medium between the opposition and looking good for YouTube but not necessarily killing myself yeah and that's a hard one right today you get to lean and as you know you just you make no progress that's right and you look really good but then it's like you're just red water right you just stand on there so yeah so I think there's a happy medium or surety for everyone you need to find that happy medium yeah I'm still trying to find it myself well that's why I said if I nice most fun sharing a chat and a few sets what calm Murphy their or whatever and yeah you see that I'm still discussing things and I still an even Kyle you know he's a pro and he just competed again always trying to evolve and find out what is working for you in this moment because there are so many times where I competed in certain body billing shows and I did the same diet that I did before and that diet just did not work the same for the body right so your body is always changing always evolving so this is why I always talk to you about not getting too attached to what you know to be true because sometimes your body will come in and slap you in the face with some truth you know I'm saying so if you're wondering why my hamstrings are sticking out so much just so you know it's the heavy Romanians I'm telling you those heavy Romanian deadlifts are unbelievable for hamstring development especially for me and my body type so you might want to try them you might want to try them I'm giving you some secret tips right now these are secret tips I'm sharing them with you and it's up to you whether you want to embrace them or not but wait a second I think I'm gonna burn a guy pretty soon here no no no that's gonna be in a little bit I'm not gonna burn out them yet just in a minute okay let me just jump up to the ceiling okay there you go I'm gonna pull our weight down so what i'm doing here is some lat pull-downs and this is awesome because I just got that wicked lat pump going because I did the Romanians the day before and some rows so I've got that nice tightness happening and now I'm doing a stretching movement this is a secret technique I'm gonna talk about at the end of the video but it's one of those things where if you're a little bit tight and then you do a stretching movement highly effective when you do that stretching movement the next day so this is something to experiment with there boys and girls and I almost went up through the ceiling there the guy right there he's actually a pretty good trainer doesn't really know what he's doing but no he's a nice guy though and personality really counts for something you gotta do the lab thing come on but he just asked me if I'm smaller or bigger now than I was in my competition days and of course my competition days aren't necessarily behind me I make a beat again but the fact is is that back in the day some of those photos that you're seeing when I'm on stage first of all have a tan on all right the tan makes a difference and at the same time I'm also dieted down for a show so a lot of people don't understand that when you're taking a photograph that you look a lot bigger when you're really lean so that's why some of these guys are getting adored online their 140 pounds but they're all lean it's kind of like the Rambo syndrome you can call it you know Sylvester Stallone wasn't really a big man but he looked big on camera because he was so shredded down so when you're shredded it really does give that appearance on camera that you're much bigger than you really are so am i bigger now I'd see my back is bigger than it was in the old days actually my back has come up quite a bit my chest needs to come up a little bit my chest needs to come up a little bit because the dislocating shoulder did change the way my mind muscle connection was happening with my chest so that did deter my chest training for quite a while but it's all coming around now so should be back on track in no time some guys need a machine to get the cardio workouts in I'm so advanced that a new machine see the thing is a lot of people don't really know this about me but I'm pretty much an expert at overcoming obstacles when it comes down to the physical body right when I was 18 years old I herniated a disc in my back and I was back to squatting and about one and a half years and I had a severe herniation of a disc where the doctor said you will never squat again or lift weights again without wearing a back brace the bottom line is is that a lot of these setbacks that I've had have only done one thing and that is increase my awareness in how the biomechanics of the body works so because I dislocated my shoulder I became ultra conscious of how the bicep really helps stabilize the shoulder how the rotator cuff works all this kind of stuff so it's all been an intense learning curve for me so now I can share that knowledge with you guys so the thing is is that I'm convinced a hundred percent that I have still not brought the best body that I can yet to this planet and I'm going to continue to do this and encourage you guys to do the same because it's just fun to challenge yourself it's fun to be creative it's fun to work on that great piece of art you know be like the Leonardo da Vinci of bodybuilding or something hey Kyle you mind working the camera while I'm on here make sure I'm in focus right there you guys are just a bunch of dead weight around here now I know had somebody asked me about strip sets and supersets and giant sets and all that kind of stuff so this is one of those giant sets that I do first of all I'll contract the tricep as much as I can with the press down and get a good pump and then I will move right into a stretching type exercise which is the overhead lunging tricep extension which I do have in the two day split a program so if you guys haven't purchased that go right out and get that program because this exercise right here this exercise right here is in it okay I don't know what the hell to call this exercise but I call it an overhead lunging extension tricep push out vice versa tricep tang what I don't know I can't remember what I call it but you get my point but the bottom line is then I will go down and strip the set down and continue to work that long head of the tricep right so I find the long head of the tricep doesn't fatigue as fast as say the smaller heads so you can really take that set further if you engage the longer head after you engage the outer head okay another smart tip total genius stuff here maybe you guys recognize it maybe I just sound crazy but that's that's how I do that this stress off my biceps let's keep it on there I keep an arm bent see when I lock the arms straight I find that it takes attention off the bicep brachii and puts it on the forearm so that's why I don't lock the arm straight also it causes my shoulder to start to come in with the rotator cuff to stabilize the shoulder because the bicep helps stabilize the shoulder so there's a reason why I'm doing what I'm doing [Applause] the cables are a nice change from barbells and dumbbells because the constant tension right so cables allow you to get that constant tension all the way up and all the way down because yeah the tensions not based on just one direction it's based on multiple directions so no matter which way you decide to pull the bar there's still tension yeah I like doing cables here and there and the thing is is that I have to also work differently than maybe before with my bicep because my left bicep my right bicep for a little bit in balance based on you know the torn rotator cuff I have on one side and the other torn labrum I have on the other side so there's a whole bunch of stuff going on in there that I'm compensating for which is why sometimes my movement patterns are a little bit different and less smooth and say somebody else would like to see it's because I'm working with my individual torque curve of my body based on the injury history from hockey and all that kind of stuff too but as you can see it's quite obvious that whatever it is that I'm doing is working so here I'm just doing a pose here just to show you guys what I look like right now I'm actually putting on some size I really I'm coming into my own right now I can really see what's going on with my body based on my diet I'm eating a lot of carbs and protein right now and I'm not focusing on cutting too much but at the same time I'm not trying to eat too much fat here and there and I have been eating a little bit of duck eggs mostly chicken for my protein basically mostly chicken and then once in a while have some sushi and then I'll have some red meat once every three or four days then I'll have some red meat so that's really what I'm doing for my protein and I'm about 150 grams a day protein that's probably where I'm at breaking sweet leg breaking big like drinking food like breaking big leg breaking so is a pretty awesome workout because I did some heavy Romanian deadlifts last night just doing some lat pull-downs for back was more than enough that's a neat part about it is that some exercises will work multiple body parts and then when you go to do more the isolation movements you get way more of a pump and way more benefit because you actually it's kind of like a two day sort of pump and stretch principle type of idea so basically because the day before I am a little bit sore a little bit tight then when I come into a stretching movement for that muscle group sometimes you can get some extra gains from that so this is a secret tip a lot of guys don't know this but slightly sore then do a stretching movement and ultimate gains massive gains I also train a little bit of inclines and a little the biceps and triceps and I just wanted to get a little bit of a workout in there to get the pump because last night I did train a little bit of heavy chest to train heavy back and I trained some heavy Romanian deadlifts right so I did that the three their legs chest and back type workout yesterday so today I just wanted to work a little bit on some of the areas that I want to work on that were weaklings especially you know the arms and at the same time the upper chest as well as of course working that width for the back thanks a lot for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I hope you got something out of it and stuff and and you know that it may take more than two years to reach your max potential this is a good thing you might take it 10-15 years because I think where people limit themselves in their potential is not necessarily the truth sometimes you can achieve a lot more than you think so thanks all for watching and if you need to hold me just go to naturally I'm body Buncombe and thanks a lot to the patreon subscribers and please become one if you can the link is down below and take care for now


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