How Many Times a Week Should You Workout (3 or 7) | How often should you lift weights & do cardio?

how many times a week should you workout to achieve the fastest and the best results possible that's a question that I'm asked literally on a daily basis should I work out every single day should I work out three times a week what's the best method well in today's video I'm gonna answer this question in a way that'll end this debate once and for all let's start by taking a look at the pros and cons of working out more frequently is there a benefit of working out seven days a week most people would say no because you're not giving your body any time to recover and recovery is when your muscles truly grow however an instant benefit of working out every day is the insane forward momentum that you're going to generate people very rarely consider the impact of momentum on their fitness routine you guys have heard an object in motion stays in motion unless acted on by an external force right and the same thing goes vice versa an object at rest stays at rest again unless acted on by an external force well when you work out seven days a week contrary to popular belief it's super easy to never miss a workout the main reason why is because we're creatures of habit and another reason why is because you have you have to spend zero time debating about whether to workout that day or not so you don't tax any willpower it's just a set part of your day every day you go to the gym and you get your workout in no questions asked it's just part of your routine your habits that you engage in every single day believe it or not this can be super powerful I've done both working out three days a week and working out every single day and believe it or not sometimes it was harder for me to make it in for my 3 days a week than it was for me to make it into the gym every single day and this is again attributed only to forward momentum momentum is something that's not really talked about enough and it's a shame because it really does matter to illustrate the power of momentum the reverse of working out every day would be not working out for let's say the last year I think we can all agree that getting your buck back into the gym after not working out for a year is about a billion times harder than getting to the gym after not working out for a day the reason for that is because of momentum another advantage of working out every day is that you have the ability of hitting your muscle groups more frequently so if you're trying to build muscle especially as a natural to stimulate protein synthesis you're gonna have to workout more frequently the best results that I've gotten in regard to building muscle have always come from hitting each of my muscle groups twice a week whenever I would try to hit my muscle groups once a week or even less than that my progress would slow down with a split routine like chest and back on one day legs on the next day and then buy some triceps and shoulders on the third day you can just take a day off and repeat that for a second time within one week this will cause your muscles to get twice the amount of stimulation allowing you to build muscle at a faster rate as a natural lifter so working out more frequently like six days a week or even every day does have a lot of benefits when it comes to building muscle however there are cons as well if you workout every day you're gonna have a really tough time on the days that you're inevitably sore from one of your previous workouts this could eventually lead to what's called overreaching which is the precursor to overtraining when you start overreaching and eventually when you hit overtraining it's like hitting a wall all your energy is gone and you start getting less and less returns even though you're putting in more and more work at the gym that's why even if you are working out every day you should plan an occasional rest day or even a full out rest week resting for a week could really do you a lot of good you may be surprised when you come back even stronger because you let your body fully recover speaking of strength working out more frequently is probably not the best strategy for strict strength gains if you're trying to go more so for the powerlifting strength gains three days a week will probably be a way better strategy for you to follow because that will allow the optimal amount of time not only for your muscles to recover but for your whole nervous system to recover so you could walk in and grab the heaviest weight load possible on your training days another huge benefit of working out less frequently is simply that you don't have to worry about working out all the time even when you get into the routine of working out six days a week or seven days a week it may feel on some days like you're spending a huge portion of your life at the gym by working out days a week you can still achieve amazing results both in the form of muscle building benefits and fat loss while still having a life outside the gym if going to the gym more frequently is not for you you could still find ways to stimulate your muscle fibers just as much as a plan that calls for more frequency for example you could increase intensity for your sets your reps and your overall training volume this will allow you to use your 3 days that you spend at the gym at maximum efficiency so you could reap maximum benefits keep in mind though that even on these 3 days that you're working out you could still over train and hinder your performance this is where being intuitive and listening to your body comes into play whether you choose to workout three days a week or every day on the days where you know you need a break you should take that break if you're gonna be going to the gym six days a week or every day then your best bet is going to be to do a split type of training if you don't incorporate split training then you're gonna have to incorporate some cardio days to allow your muscles to rest from the weights however if you're only doing three days a week at the gym you can incorporate all total body workouts so I'm sure this is all a lot of information to digest let me simplify this for you if you're looking for let's say hypertrophy or if you're looking for it gains you're gonna be way better off working out more frequently like six days a week this way you give yourself time to really break down your muscle groups twice a week if you're looking more so for strength or for full body weight training routines then you're going to be better off taking more time to recover so three days a week would be best for those people as far as fat loss goes you can achieve that and obviously health benefits as well with both three days a week and more frequent training strategies like seven days a week fat loss has a lot more to do with your diet than how many days a week you're training while it is true that training more often can help you burn some extra calories it's also true that training at a higher intensity will also burn more calories that's it guys I really hope this video has helped you guys out make sure you subscribe to this channel also if you enjoyed this video make sure you visit my website gravity transformation comm where you can get done-for-you diet and workout plan that are proven to work [Applause]


  1. Wow, I did not expect to hear Newton's first law of motion in a workout tips video.

  2. Im training mma so not the best with weights else you will get stiff as hell

  3. Your central nervous system needs 48 hours to recover so every day do a different muscle group. And focus on that diet it’s gonna help with muscle recovery and growth/help lack of fatigue. You can powerlift every other day but still build different muscle groups every other day. 6 days a week.

    Day 1- biceps and back
    Day 2- triceps and shoulders
    Day 3- Chest and legs.
    Day 4 biceps and back
    Day 5- triceps and shoulders
    Day 6-Chest and legs
    Breaking down those muscle groups 2x a week is great if you do more frequent training, just make sure each muscle group is resting the next day and focus on a new muscle group that isn’t fatigued or strained or in recovery mode.

    As well as a ton of water to stay hydrated of course and get all those health benefits. I recommend water without fluorite. So natural spring water.

    Dieting I’d go with a calorie deficit for 8 weeks and intermittent fasting daily or at least 5 days a week, to accelerate that pace a little more of fat burning.

    Food wise I’d go with 40% carbs 35% fats 25% protein.
    I suggest the MyFitnessPal app if you really want to track your calories and set yourself up for good habits of success.

    Your 8th week should set you in a bulking month until the 12th week. Then repeat. You’ll be losing weight and gaining muscle and strength/endurance in the right spots while losing body fat but still building a good physique.

    These things combined should set you up for success in whatever muscle groups your trying to grow and define.

    P.S Technically you could add core into your workouts(I prefer at the end, but some people like to start off with core to get them warmed up for their workouts, while others wait till they max out their workout to end it with some core)

    Core I’d do every other day and the days I’m not doing core I do cardio and endurance. Technically you can do core daily, and even add cardio daily as well. But I like to give my core some time to recover, and same with my cardio since I’m using my legs for that. So I do cardio on leg day and add an extra day on Sunday to do some more. it’s really up to you how much you want to focus on cardio and endurance or core that will give you a feel for where you want to add that into your weekly schedule. I might start doing core daily and cardio daily. Even if it’s just a normal paced run or a treadmill, or stair master, ect. I do recommend if your gonna do high intensity running like testing your pace or speed. To do it every other day.
    I spend about 15 mins on core and an extra 15-30 mins on cardio depending on what type it is. As it’s not main focus it is something I really want to improve on and after this I’d probably would put more focus and time into my endurance and cardio. Picking up a sport would help, or just taking a few weeks to strictly focus on that is fine too!

  4. It seems to me that you are focusing on resistance training on this video. But what about dynamic stretching (calisthenics, for instance) or aerobics? Can you do these things every day optimally?

  5. i REALLY HATE SKINNY GUYS talking about muscles

  6. 16 times???
    -Cardio 7 mornings per week
    -Strength building 3 afternoons per week
    -core+flexibility+recover 6 nights per week

  7. Depends on your health and age. 2 rest days between working the same muscles, and assuming you are generally active otherwise. So 3 days or every day is kind of irrelevant.

  8. My routine is mon.chest tue.shoulders weds.arm thurs.back fri.legs sat.shoulder delt and then sun. Is my restday everyday i spent 40mins to 1hr …..

  9. One punch already told us train everyday nothing new in this video

  10. Thanks bud. I needed this video. I was doubting by gym addiction of working out everyday.

  11. I only train once a day for a year

  12. Once a week and have a 1 yr rest with build more..mass 😂

  13. Monday-Friday, and use Saturday as a make up day if I miss a day during the week. Sundays I always rest no matter what 🙂

  14. Outro Music pls

  15. I find 2 days on, one day off works for me. So 9 days out of 14. Maybe I might add in an extra day of cardio here and there if I feel like it, but generally that's my routine.

  16. The day has 24h, a normal job, 8 hours. Still 16 to go. 8 to sleep, still 8 to go. Within those 8 hours left, you don't have 1 hour to go to the gym? Pls, find a better excuse.

  17. Routine gives me momentum.

  18. The dumbest boy alive, pretty good, episode 6. (Vid)

  19. It all comes down to this….the smart ones will figure it all out by themselves. They pay attention to their body and adjust accordingly. The smart ones always win.

  20. I'm 60 years old I workout 7 days a week. 3 hours. In morning. I'm not tired or sore. My body is used to it. Also using sauna after working helps. Shock proteins.
    I eat whatever I want. I burn right through it. And never gain or lose.
    The 3 day workout people I see are always tired. And they end up.quiting .
    The body loves exercise, if you have been playing sports .
    I was at the gym for 9 hours today.
    I'm not tired.
    Cant want to play basketball tommorow
    In the morning. And tennis in the afternoon. Maybe a swim at night.
    Before I go home to my girlfriend

  21. You have to find what works for you. Experiment. There is a saying that says:
    “It’s not how fast you are going it’s where you are headed”. To me I see many people working out at a pace that will lead to injury or burnout. Be committed
    But know many athletes, in fact the majority suffer a bad injury at some point and it is NOT necessary if men would stop engaging in egotistical
    Physically Dangerous workout routines. Find a balance.

  22. You have to rest if not you burn muscle not build it .🙄

  23. You get faster results with 3 days a week, you will hit the gym harder and longer meaning you will get bigger quicker…..but you will get better, but much slower results if you work out everyday.

  24. i am only 12 and i am overweight, should i lift weights

  25. I do whenever my body allows me to

  26. I go 5 on and two off. One day is cardio only but I do cardio everyday prior to weight training

  27. I'm only working on my biceps and triceps so ion know tbh someone help

  28. I think you need to simplify. Every time I listen to you I feel information overload. Like

  29. 3 or 4 days a week is way better than working out every single day. This is what I got from almost 20 years of working out.

  30. I wish the Hyperbolic time chamber was real

  31. 6 days a week is perfect if you dont get sore anymore from training

  32. I do exercise 7 days a week

  33. I like to give my muscles lots of rest so I work out once a year.

  34. I work about 70 80 hours a week… my five p.m. to 1 a.m don't even have time to sit down and eat on time alone take a break my 1:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. very easy job to be honest I can sleep about 3-4 hours at that job but my eating sucks what's your advice I usually work two jobs about 4 to 6 months out the year love to hear your opinion and advice.. very thin in my 40s finally just starting to see results but got to pay the bills.. excuse my spelling I'm horrible something that I did do during the winter was pretty much dirty bulk eat whatever I want.. had to clean it up a bit.. especially in my 40s don't want to catch any diabetes or Anythink..

  35. This guy iz soo fvkin helpful

  36. I used to do it 7 times a day but now I do it about 4 to 5 days

  37. I’ve been using the twice a week muscle group method and one day of rest, it’s working great for me, I’ve noticed a huge difference in muscle tone and some growth (although I’m really not trying to bulk up just tone)

  38. I workout 26 days in a month 💪

  39. 7

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