How Many Health Problems Can One Person Have?


  1. You and your story is truly inspirational!!! Thank you so much for sharing it and sorry you had to deal with so much and are still dealing with so much!!! You never would know that and I think it has to do with your wonderful way of explaining things, how lovely and down-to-earth you are, your assertiveness and just your overall wonderful personality!! So glad I found you through Celestial Piper!! You both and anyone suffering with chronic health stuff are the true heros and warriors of this world!!

  2. Sorry to here this sharnii about your past, but it has made you a strong person , you can deal with anything that passes your way, it's a bummer too having a auto immune disease and how everything links together it's really shit 💩But keep on keep strong hun and again so glad to of found your channel, here anytime you know that xx👍🏻💕🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  3. Thanks sharnii for sharing your story so glad to know i am not alone!!! i am looking forward to Sunday!!! with that now I am off to bed lol love you!!!! 💕💞

  4. very awesome video i love it ty for sharing

  5. o lord gurl i have one kideny,im bi polar,i have both ear drums not working causing infections constantly , i have thyroidism that is very low to where it almost not working at all without meds , i have arthirtis of alll kinds that i battle daily thats just the major issues i battle with on daily basis love ya sis

  6. I have 300 health problems

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