How Long Will This Coronavirus Pandemic Last? | UC San Diego Health

One of the great questions with covet 19
is how long is this going to last and anyone who claims that they know the
answer to that it’s selling you a bill of goods. Simply put we don’t know if this virus is seasonal, If you look at coronaviruses
in general some of them are seasonal but we also have ones like mers-cov that we
know is extremely resistant to heat so the idea that this virus will disappear
in April or May when it begins to warm up we simply don’t know the answer to
that fact so how long is it going to take? What we expect as epidemiologists
will happen is the virus will slowly circulate through the community at a
certain point we will get what we call herd immunity and herd immunity means
we’ve infected so many people that when the virus encounters people they
will already have antibodies protecting them so for most of my colleagues I
think we all agree that this virus will be with us for the next year and we
will continue to see more in more cases right now our hope is that we do what is
called flattening the curve which is delaying infecting large numbers of
people so that we have the opportunity to develop effective vaccines and we
also understand how to more effectively treat this virus when it does manifest
serious symptoms.

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