How Long Should You Spend in the Gym to Build Muscle…

somebody asked me how long's each gym session for me particular and they'll ask me this because they still have a work job when they can't manage me name wise good people welcome to another welcome to another vlog of killing with TJ a lot of people keep saying to me where the vlogs at TJ where the plans were in the vlogs you know what it is is I've been very very busy so I mean putting out videos not vlogs anywho what we're doing right now is learned a few errands these goes to the post office to pick up a package because I've got if you follow me on Instagram I got some more art canvases that came in so he's gonna pick him up I also have some gym shot packages that came as well alright peeps a long journey to the post office and back but idea of my package from Jim Shaw I'm gonna show you the canvas like she do not remember what this canvas is a fairly good idea Mike I remember my new black panther one also came as well life's ruining it there you go all right people this is all the stuff I bought from Jim shark I think he came up to 180 pounds so we got various items I'm gonna try them all on now see how I feel welcome to another day people right now what we're gonna do is cook some meals I was contemplating filming a full day be in today to be honest I still feel like having to film all the meals and I just want to eat and just get on my day to be honest I just want to like cook my meals put it in my mouth chew it swallow it go in my day so that's what I'm gonna do I'm I think what I'm gonna have for breakfast I'm not sure also shouts out to the posters the the canvases they're still there the company I got it from was called fanatic Prince I'll put it out right let me to put in the description box if I haven't already or on the screen you have really nice companies and we also got bored of multiple that came through today so I'm going to open it up and see if there's any that can potentially eat today for myself a quick look so we got some more those CBD oils that continues to buy protein bar barbells Red Bull because I'm ridiculous sale for like 80 smiley pence per can then we got the meats we have got the bacon I'm obsessed with beef burgers mix brought mint aboard meatballs protein pancakes preseason chicken just when I'm really got time that she'd cook my own meals it just does save me you know I'm out ten minutes maybe lasted a protein pancakes I've said it's got a lot of the same stuff to be honest when it comes to most food I already know I'm gonna because I've been buying funding now I think it's almost six years let me buy it for most food so I already know what foods I enjoy or freezer like such I don't really totally experiment like crazy now every so often I may buy like maybe one or two new I am but for the most part I already know what tastes good so I got a pre season shaking stuff just because it makes me so much easiest sometimes when I'm rushing and having that time to just like slicer than me and then season it myself if I have that in the freezer knife defrost it's just so much easier and the same thing just it just helps me be time it's more affordable for you to buy all the food planning and cooking season yourself on this channel I always talk about budget games and save you money so in terms of when it comes to buying food or preparing food to help you with your journey fitness and all that stuff it's much more cost-effective you buy everything plain and raw and you season it and buy all the ingredients and cookie that way however for those you always say haven't got time to cook and XY said all these excuses the only other alternative is to buy pre-seasoned but not to season to the point where you have too much calories because the least it is I know that calories on it isn't ridiculous he's super high like I went to a takeaway store so yeah man it's just one of those things like people always give me the excuse stuff I haven't got time to cook your change if you watch these locks that usually 15 and 20 minutes you definitely have time to cook you can put your phone in the kitchen as you watch the vlog and cook a meal I know cuz I do all the time and I go in the kitchen and cook I'm always watching a vlog you know I mean there's no it's the same way how people do during cardio you can do it during them cooking as well there's no excuse you can't cook if you leave a home with your parents put your food to the side and cookie anyways went over I'm gonna cook my meals and potentially show you I'm there for breakfast and then we'll carry on with the day and each go to the post office and take some stuff back from Jim shot that I bought because I wasn't really happy something I am they're sizing can change depend on the color of the clothing cuz the ship fly boy in black fit perfectly fine nice and snug but the ones I got nice and vibrant they were baggy yeah so I've got sent him back alright so we ship the stuff after Jim shock like I think I bought a sent back five purely because the sizes wasn't the best anyways as I've bought here I've just bought some squashed make sure that I keep on my water intake because the last ones running out and just some sweet potatoes just so I can carry on actually chopping them off it's really really easy to be honest I've been really slack in having super tell fries I was just laziness making see retails at home is so easy it goes first chef you either way I told you like quickly like it's a banana don't try make fries just making like circles it's so easy and it's a way for you to gain a lot more fiber and actual proper sweet potato as well then see in the processed version you haven't seen Korean ages for miles let's show her doing the glute pops over the held a cord he's gotten fat pops I'm joking people are nice a valid exercise alright peeps plug into my workout which is probably give me a push day somebody asked me how long's each gym session for me particular and they'll asking me this because they said never worked up and they come management in which is kind of an excuse a good gym session you get done in 45 to 60 minutes pretty easy for me I'd say 60 minutes and then if I do cardio is an extra twenty two thousand 'its but you can get a good wait sessions done in 45 to 60 minutes easy so don't think you have to be in it for two hours that's not the case find a good routine stick to it try not be on trying to longer placed periods between the sessions and try and stay semi focused and you can get it done in 60 minutes if we train with someone's a little bit different that adds more time for ya don't be thinking you have to be ridiculously long anyways I'm gonna try and get in this pool session film the little pieces I can as a wane pedal into accessory too much it's just training legs so we'll see how it goes good I need a bridge with some time for this a girl idea was triggers mine and if she ain't got it she gotta go I can't afford to waste any time I need imagine with 80 rooms it comes with a chef in the may they do auto cook indoor water cleaning I'm talking my everyday I need a couple of bands that go spend with a couple of friends make that your reign in the club drink all the pub and right after jump in the past I need some more of these headers some people that don't like my stunts I can't have everybody with me cuz then it just wouldn't be one I need a lot I need the whole go I will not settle for anything less than the toilet that's made out of go right pedes Koreans gone now she's just need training most of the upper teeth and the corner or a mouth boy oh you get back a commitment now 12 months from now he's gonna have a look nice of Volkoff is a little bigger you're gonna keep eating and really like a transformation me you rimmel leaving O'Shea permanent I know when I see a transformation like six months in a year that's these the chameleon eyes on camera the other TJ I need it oh I need a checklist I need a wick to go zero to 60 in 4.2 seconds I need my extra regret this need to send a mother message I need to let you know this ain't a joke you call me fam but you ain't my fault I see here at it's about me has changed now they don't make an exchange but I don't look down when I move up the ladder don't want collab with you probe I don't flatter do you wanna turn me in school doesn't matter cuz next thing like the wife a new world is better I just make noise I don't know what the chatter out of this world like I'm holding from Saturday I got people as mentors this coach can't when they learn this meet her most wish yeah but I just turned down a duck all right people we are now fresh from the gym I'm about to edit this video hopefully some go out tomorrow on the Friday I want to say shouts out to her mouse friend TJ helping me fill me them and also he came to the gym and he said he was changing just biceps certainly when I go into too much detail then TJ if you're watching this but never ever come to gym and just do arms workout let alone just biceps coming to the gym and doing like an hour of biceps is is it's just a waste of time it's just my efficient use of time in the gym you know I mean you can do an upper body session you can do a chest and soda session including arms baby arm is just such a small muscle group it doesn't make sense to go there and spend like 90 minutes training just biceps you ain't the only one no TJ I know a lot of teenagers that often go to the gym just to do that the t-shirt muscles CC arms e chest but you always always try and do like a properly structured routine that side in regards to me hopefully you see on camera and footage I'm slowly chipping away that body fat I'm not gonna tell you specifically how much I've lost so far because I'm probably gonna talk about that in the next video because people ask me about so many things along that line but just know that I'm getting more trim hopefully you can start to see it the last thing is you always will see is my face and usually my belt area those mice to punish areas along with my legs but you often don't see my legs that much how each other's but yeah man hopefully you enjoy this video anyway it's my first time in a few weeks now I think my total was in the standard vlog I'm gonna leave the video here if you enjoyed it please give a thumbs up feel free to comment down below any other topics you would like to see me cover in future videos cuz I want to try and make sure each video hopefully has at least one overwhelming topic that can ease coverage so you guys make sure you're always pulling away information with entertainment as well as this mix of both anyways people I'm about to go into finish any me soon as she go to bake it's literally 1:30 a.m. and I've got work tomorrow so yeah deuces people make a million cash for you flatline make a masterplan watch it backfire burn it all down and collect the ashes build it back respect your passion


  1. I struggle doing any less than an hour since I feel like I waste a lot of time resting. I rest 2-3 minutes between my compound lifts

  2. Yo shout out Corinne, ๐Ÿšซ๐Ÿงข she low key doin' her thang!! Nice content as always bro. Str8 gang gang shit ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿพ

  3. Hi TJ, what do you take the CBD oil for and what does it do? Can you do a vid on it if you haven't already? it seems to be a big thing at the minute. Great vid as always pal!

  4. i spend average 3 hours

  5. Personally do about 30mins cardio and 60mins training only in 3-4days a week so I just do what I can

  6. The artwork๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’–

  7. Great vid bosss

  8. What was the first exercise you did? Was it a variation of the shoulder press?

  9. Review the cbd oils fam

  10. 60-90 mins works for me if I'm going solo. Anything over is too taxing as I prefer high volume and short rest periods

  11. I love that art work! That cable exercise with the V-grip attachment looked awesome! Another great vlog brother!

  12. Great video, can you do some more videos about meal prepping food and all different types of food

  13. Glad you did a vlog there my favourite

  14. The amount of time you should be in the gym is dependent on the amount training volume you need to progress and are able to recover from

  15. Great vid as always TJ

  16. Ps…if you ENJOYED the vlog, hit the like button and I'll try make more vlogs along with the topic videos

  17. lets go boys

  18. Iโ€™d say an hour is sufficient, those who spend 2-3 hours in the gym are either talking too much or not working hard enough.

  19. Okay come thru chin strap ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿฝ

  20. I really can't be the only viewer who's not happy with that TJ never puts the songs down in the description, no?!

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