How Lice Turn Your Hair Into Their Jungle Gym | Deep Look

It can start as an itch. Maybe a tickle on your scalp. It’s head lice. Tiny and tenacious. Thanks to millions of years of evolution,
these suckers are not easy to get rid of. You might end up in a salon, but not the kind
for haircuts. Young lice are so small they’re almost impossible
to see with the naked eye. Our scalp is their buffet. They feed on our blood. You can see it inside this adult louse. It’s the brownish stuff that’s moving. The secret to their success? Their claws – called tarsal claws – and
this little part, called a spine. A pair on each of its six legs. They’ve evolved to fit perfectly around
a human hair. They make lice into speedy little acrobats,
using our hair like a tightrope. They can’t jump or fly, but they get around. Say two kids – one blond, one brunette –
touch heads. The louse just scoots right over. It’s been one long game of hopscotch, from
human head to human head. And it has to be us. Our head lice can’t live on other animals. In fact, other primates have their own species
of lice, adapted to their unique hair. And birds have lice that hide in their feathers. Ooh. Cozy. And we all want them gone. Common insecticides won’t kill our head
lice anymore. They’ve become resistant to them. Even their eggs have serious staying power,
glued to individual strands of hair. But lice do have a weakness. They can’t survive away from our moist,
warm scalp. Head lice cannot even live on other hairy
parts of our body. So if you – or a professional – painstakingly
comb them out, they’ll starve, and die within hours. OK, it’s not fun. But it’s just a temporary encounter with
a tiny hitchhiker that is biologically destined just for you. Anyone else feeling itchy? Here at Deep Look we think all critters – even
the less lovable ones, like mosquitoes and ticks– deserve their moment in the spotlight. You agree, right? So support us on Patreon. Click that link in the description. Thanks!


  1. Hi Deep Peeps. I produced this episode of Deep Look. I also wrote an article about treatments to get rid of head lice. Check it out: Thanks for watching!

  2. When i watch this video and see the lice moving around…

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  6. What's that weird white stuff on the hairs

  7. Do lice have lice to? 🤔

  8. I work at The Lice Place in Houston, TX. YES anyone including black people can get it, ive treated at least 4. There is NO chemical/stuff on the market (nix, Rid, mayonnaise, hair dye, flat ironing or essential oils, PRESCRIPTIONS NONE of it works i have see its ineffectiveness for a year now. You have to use an enzyme solution that breaks down the eggs glue to actually GET them off of the hair strand and you have to use a terminator comb it is in fact the best comb on the market. it has NOTHING to do with youe hygiene, that is a MYTH. If you do not remove all of the eggs, you WILL have yet another infestation hence why some people think they "keep coming back", they were never gone from the last OTC treatment! they are NOT, repeat not clear or white, they are BROWN, every stage. The eggs are shaped like an extra tiny sesame seed and stick to the hair strands, ONLY the adults move head to head NOT eggs or Nits. your welcome and yes, i am properly trained to get lice out of peoples head, my imformation is accurate. hope this helps anyone that may be battling with Head Lice!

  9. Aw. I feel itchy after watching this video.

  10. This is wrong they can go to cats and dogs it is proven

  11. Who else is watching this cuz they just got lice?

  12. Black people cant get lice

  13. and suddenly my head itches.

  14. Well great every time I get an ich I think of my blood being drank!

  15. Crisco for 45 minutes to 1 hour/wash. Rinse with white vinegar! I'm 32 with 3 kids. Worked for me as a child and worked this year and last with a school wide outbreak!💯

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  17. Why though?!? Why does it always have to be the human?!?

  18. I'm black . Black people can't get lice

  19. yeah, i feel itchy now too.

  20. I have to ask……can anyone with any kind of hair get this

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