How is my Wife now ? Treatment for Bleeding in IVF Pregnancy

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  1. God bless you Anna

  2. Super bro god bless uuuu…. now send latest vedio bro

  3. i will pray for you to anna ☺️

  4. anna ungaluku nalapadiya kulanthai poragum ….

  5. thank god !!!!! I'm happy bro …….papa safe aa iruku

  6. Don't feel. God is with you. All done well

  7. Thank god Anna.. I never seen person like u…ur so supportive from ur heart… God will never let both down ..god will bless u always…am so happy to see Anni and baby is fine ..thank god… Said ram…

  8. Bro akka ku infertility main reason ena bro because I have pcod pls slunga

  9. Wife(a)baby nalla irukangala
    Nangal ongalukkaga paryar pannom

  10. Ok anna God bless you

  11. Sir,How much you spend for ivf

  12. Hi Anna na two days ah tha unga vedio pakara first Ur really great evlo care Pani pakrainga nichyama ungaluku nala padiya baby porakkum kavala padathinga

  13. Super Anna… Take care of ur wife.. Thank u God..

  14. Sekirama ungaluku alagana kulanddai pirakanum we will prey

  15. Brother unga wife ah nalla parthukonga nalla rest yeduka solunga take care of ur wife

  16. Started with ivf process Anna.. pls give me tips to get success

  17. God bless you Anna and Akka

  18. okok I am Lakshmi……god bless u both don't worry

  19. Anna take care of her. U will soon good healthy baby don't worry any issues coming in the middle time. God will bless healthy baby to u

  20. God bless you bro

  21. hi anna….nethula irunthu than i am seeing ur videos…nenga than best parents ku example ah iruka poringa.i am sure of it….nethu videos pathutu enaku mayakkame vanthutuchu…avlo kastapatrukanga unga wife….ur babies r really lucky to have u both….nan nethula irunthu pray panittruken…really all is well soon….nenga ivlo kastapadrathu nejamma azhaghana baby poraka poranga…pain ah irukum pothu baby ah nenachukonga…athu than will power ah kudukum akkaku….i am eagerly waiting for akkas baby shower function video…thank u..

  22. எந்த ஊர் நீங்க …..நா one month ya than பாக்கரேன் daily வேண்டிக்கிரேன் நல்லபடியா பிறக்கனும்…….அப்படியே நடக்கும் …….

  23. 👨‍👩‍👦🙌👍👍👍

  24. Anna na Consive va irutha pothu 5th Month la minor accident achu but god grace me and my son save anna so dont worry anna

  25. Anna dont worry

  26. Thanku for the video. Actually I was thinking of you akka in office and really I am inspired of your will power.

  27. Brother -babykku Jesus bless undu

  28. God bless u…My best wishes for getting a healthy beautiful baby

  29. Sister'a nalla pathukonga bro. Nalla arokiyama baby pirakum.

  30. Sister raa nalla pathukoga anna.get well soon.

  31. akka nega kudutuvacavaga

  32. God bless you sister. I will pary dear friend.

  33. Pain irukuma et pannunadhuku aprama

  34. Anna IVF egg collection and et pannum podhu anesthesia kodupanga thanae

  35. Don't worry anna papa nalla padiya pirakum. Unga kastham ,kavalai ellam thirum Ungala parkum pothu romba payama iruku Anna. I will try to ivf treatment so romba payama iruku God is great anna

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