HOW I’M GETTING FIT FOR SUMMER | Free Workout Guide + How To Get It (TFN21)

what even is fit because I don't think it's doing hours of cardio a day eating grass like hate in your life like some are supposed to be fine those things out what fun is all about in my last video I shared my stuff in your transformation but when I watched it back I realized there was a bit of a gap between when I had gained 40 pounds I was training like crazy dieting like crazy to now having lost the weight kept it off training like four times a week eating the foods I love and living life like like not just physically how did I go from there to there but mentally because when I was desperate to lose the weight I would get hardcore motivated I do some crazy stuff life would happen I'd have a little slip-up I'd lose motivation I'd fall off track leech thumbs up if you're ready to break this cycle and be too carefree clean you're meant to be it one like equals one support for confident carefree linseed and I thought there was something wrong with me because I couldn't stay motivated I thought I was broken in some way until I learned that motivation was never the key habits are which is why for the next 21 days I will be recommitting it to the exact healthy habits that got me to where I'm at now and I will be documenting all of it on here because I realize I've done summer short type videos in the past I haven't been super consistent with them but healthy habits aren't a 1 season kind of thing like I might get shredded as a result this summer from having healthy habits but the habits got to come first so this will be a mini series that includes workouts what I eat in a day videos challenges like I don't know if there's any if there any specific special specific I I don't know what word I was thinking if you have any requests comment them down below I would love to hear what you guys are thinking but the idea is that rather than just documenting this for myself and focusing entirely on my own journey I thought it would be cool if we could do this together so I was brainstorming names what would you call this because I wanted it to be easy to hashtag on social media and I wanted to be look like addicts the titles of the video that would be challenge videos and I settled on tfn 21 because what we're doing over the next 21 days will be based on the principles in the tfn teen guides you know like the four workouts per week no foods off-limits making our lifestyle all that good stuff and something I'm really excited to be rolling out to the tea eventing community to be following myself is 21 days of challenge content so that means four workouts per week across three weeks we are going to be releasing at twelve brand-new at home workouts twelve brand-new gym workouts that you can try that you can use throughout this challenge their their workouts I'll be following I've put them all together into a challenge guide that I will be emailing out to tfn team members but to make this as accessible as possible to make sure that even if you're not on the team yet you can still participate I will be releasing the first week free I will explain how to get your challenge guide at the end of this video as well as all the other details you need to know but for now let's get to the habits first habit is to follow a diet diet describing a way of eating in which the amount and kind of food as well as the times at which you eat are regulated so a diet just describes a way that you regularly eat you don't have to be doing it for weight loss or weight gain or any specific physical goal you could literally just have a healthy diet where you regularly prioritize nourishing your body you don't have to have a physical goal in order to have a diet I hope that makes sense so even though I believe in a fully flexible approach to dieting where no foods are off-limits like there's no crazy restrictive diet rules that doesn't mean that I completely disregard the science around energy balance or food selection or nutrient I mean my main goal these next 21 days is consistency I want to consistently fuel my body so I can sit can consistently feel good have energy during the day have energy during my workouts like just feel good all around and make sure that my nutrition is aligned with that I'm not trying to make any major changes to the way I look so in order to achieve that I will be eating near my maintenance calories and putting an extra emphasis on just putting a little bit more thought into my meals a little bit more intention rather than just kind of being like I want to eat this so I will figure out the rest later on in the day the next habit is to snack smart which is something I have gotten so much better with but there are still some days where I'm working out along at it or I'm stuck at my computer and I will pick you know for for no good reason I'm bored or I'm procrastinating one thing leads to another and I'm in the pantry again something I've found helpful is eating it with the hunger scale in mind which I discovered this a while ago I didn't really pay attention to it for a while but there's a bunch of different versions of this online and it basically describes the different levels of hunger with a score and provides recommendations for when to eat versus when to stop eating it based on your hunger cues I loosely combine this with calorie tracking by experimenting with different sized snacks so that I can become more aware of like you know depending where and add on the scale how big of a snack I need to have in order to feel just satisfied because that's like all of it snack a snack should not leave you feeling full or stuffed it should be designed to just take the edge off your hunger I try to eat most of my food between two to three bigger and better planned meals per day the next habit I feel like I got this one down is to drink three to four liters of water per day the easiest way to get this done is to keep a reasonably sized drinking vessel on you and when it's empty fill it up I have been using this one lately you may have seen this in my videos I know it's full of coffee right now okay like I've been making iced coffee at home but when it's empty fill it up pour up drank sit down drink pass up drank you know the deal just keep drinking your water next habit is to track your progress this is something I was great at when I was competing in bodybuilding because I would take progress pictures if not every day like every other day and it was so cool because at the end of a prep I could put all these pictures side by side they were always taken in the same position at the same time of day and I could see all of the little changes that added up the big transformation at the end so even though I don't have a specific physical goal in mind knowing that I haven't been making my workouts a priority lately I do anticipate seeing changes which is why I won't be taking daily progress pictures as well as using this scale two to three times a week so I can get an idea of how my body's changed as of today a day the unfeeling pretty tight pretty lean I weigh 143 at point two pounds at five foot seven because you guys always seem to be curious about my what I like about this scale is that rather than just tracking body weight it also tracks body fat water weight muscle mass and bone density the main numbers are I'll be paying attention to over the course this challenge our body weight body fat and muscle mass because if my theory holds I should lose body fat while maintaining or increasing lean muscle mass but anyway isn't completely useless like some people make it out to be but it's also not telling you the full story of what's going on inside your body so if you'd like to track progress with me over the course of this challenge I will put a link to the scale in the description box below as well as a coupon to save you 60% off next habit is to follow a workout plan which I have been doing lately but there is a difference between showing up versus turning up I don't know there there is a motivation there is a motivational scene somewhere in the bodybuilding weightlifting community like you gotta show up you got a sponsor student don't show up turn up that's new motivational thing okay as I mentioned at the start this challenge will follow the tfn team guide format for for 30 to 40 minutes full body workouts per week I do have some more in-depth videos explaining the science behind full body workout so I'll link those down below but to summarize all body training it describes a way of working out in which you hit every major muscle group every session this as compared to a body part split where you focus on one to two muscle groups per session a common argument for full body training is that it lets you hit the same muscle groups more frequently throughout the week thereby providing a more frequent muscle building stimulus which may help you build muscle faster another argument is that by spreading your training volume out across the week you will be less fatigued each time you add a certain muscle group and so you'll be able to push more weight and make faster strength gains my argument though is that full-body workouts are just more practical because with a body part slightly think about it you got one maybe two opportunities to hit any one muscle per week and so if you miss that session you have missed an entire week's worth of progress for that muscle group no matter how great your habits are life happens there is going to be a time where you miss a workout and I just think that full body training makes it that much easier to keep go when life gets in the way the next habit is to time your rest the goal of rest between sets is to provide you with enough of a break that you can go into the next set feeling strong but not so long that your muscles stiffen up or you cool off in general compound movements require more rest than isolation movements heavier lifts to require more rest than lighter lifts and less experienced or non experienced lifters also require more rest than more experienced or better condition lifters I like to keep my workout simple with 60 to 90 seconds between campeón lifts and 0 to 30 seconds between isolation or finish or type exercises but if I'm going for a PR or if I'm lifting near my max and I just don't feel ready to go again when my rest periods up it's not a big deal like I will keep resting but I will watch the clock and I'll kind of assess how I feel you'll go every 30 seconds or so just because that's easier to track the next habit is to log your weights muscle is built by doing more over time you don't even have you don't need a spreadsheet you don't need to do like a pivot table with a regression analysis these are all terrible ideas you just need to know if you are lifting more weight than the last time you completed that exercise I personally use the Notes app on my phone but pen and paper work just fine and the final habit is to go at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day I mentioned this in my transformation video something I mentioned in that video is that I have been trying to get outside every single day I actually started this habit last year when I was first beginning my weight loss journey because I was at a point where I was so freaking fed up with like high intensity workouts I had gotten to a point where I did not want to be in the gym near the gym I didn't want to be there any longer than I had to be so I found other ways to be active this past year I have tried dance I'm not very good at dance by I have tried dance and I would love to get back into it and lately we've been going to the dog park a lot I also do DDR a few nights a week I haven't been as good this week because I just have been editing a lot but what's great about this is that you inadvertently end up burning more calories per day and improving your cardiovascular health without being limited to eating without being stuck in like the mentality which can make it easier to lose weight or at least give you more flexibility with your diet so that's it for habits if my lighting looks different it's these I traveled through time to make this video for you but as promised let's talk about the TFN 21 challenge TN 21 is a focused push for developing better habits it doesn't start on any one day and this is intentional because it's easy to get motivated and to just push through like when you have a deadline in mind but life goes on life doesn't wait and ultimately when you have these timelines to rely on I think they encourage you to go to extremes rather than developing habits that are actually gonna last so I will be officially starting at my T about 21 serving today oh my gosh to become a consistency clean but you can start today tomorrow a week from now like all the instructions for how to participate will be in the challenge guide each week a new guide will be sent out to TIA bun team members with the at home and gym workout options for that week but to make this as accessible as possible I am making the first week free so that's for complete at home workouts as well as for complete gym workouts that you can try out like see how we structure things see if you like the vibe that's going on there so if you're down for this challenge there are three ways to get your guide if you are already a TFM team member then check your inbox we will have sent an email that a time this video is live that will have your guide download in it if you did not get it check your junk and then if you still didn't get it then email support all of that it will be linked down below your second option is if you are not a TFM team member but you're like yeah it's it's time to do the damn thing I'm gonna join then I will link our quick sixty second quiz in the description box below that will not choose our right program for your goals as well as get you full access to this challenge and the third option is if you're still on the fence if you want to kind of like try before you buy and make up your mind later I will put a link and instructions in the description box below to download the first week is challenge for free there's no prep work there's nothing you have to get ready to join into this challenge like the whole premise is that life does not wait so why should you sell I get you're on vacation right now if you don't have a gym membership like there's that whole my bodyweight only work it's like we've got that covered okay so I will be starting today but even if you are watching this video a day later week later like whenever you're watching it I would still love for you to join it because the same principle as will hold when it comes to for me habits and stuff and if join the tfn team isn't in your budget right now don't worry about it like honestly you can just repeat the first weeks the first weeks worth of workouts for the duration of the challenge and you can even mix and match like that aqua mentioned workouts you could do like at when we're good it's the first beat the gym workouts the second week and then like a combination of at home and gym the third week like whatever allows you to get through this I really want the focus to be on like just getting it done that's it for now but I can't wait to get started make sure you're following me on instagram because I will be posting like daily updates and stuff on there and drop any requests that you have for this series in the comment section below because I'll be reading it I'll be looking out for what what you haven't have in mind have in store but I'm really excited all right so bye soon a bit


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