How I stopped exercising


  1. Jinny, 我喜歡妳 想要妳 😁

  2. 你體力很弱要加強👍👍👍

  3. 運動很好的 ^_^

  4. 我不信妳有贅肉…………衣服脫掉 內衣脫掉 證明一下

  5. 존나 힘든데……….

  6. 8:35 糟糕…有小游泳圈了XD

  7. 衣服哪裡危險了

  8. so good 企鵝好棒!!

  9. 1980~2019?39 years old ?

  10. You need some bodyfat to survive. No bodyfat is not normal.

  11. 哈哈哈 這標題不賴

  12. 777

  13. 讓我們跟著企鵝妹一起減肥吧!

  14. if u want to really be serious about fitness and make exercising a bit more easier for you then its best to start slow and easy instead of doing exercise that are intense for you. The logic behind this is to make exercising a habit, part of your lifestyle. If your exercise is too hard then it just sucks thinking about it everday you have to do it and most likely, you will break that habit.

    Once you're used to exercising as part of you life it becomes so much easier, this is when you can start tuning up the intensity of the exercise and this is when you can start aiming for results. Finding the motivation to start exercising or going to gym is much harder than actually doing the exercise. Same thing with diet, better to reduce junk/fatty food/drink intake slowly every week instead of suddenly changing your diet to all healthy food.

    This is why making it part of your lifestyle is important because consistancy is the most important factor not intensity. The reason why so many people fail their fitness goal is because they start off tooooooo hard. Just watch the amount of people sign up for gym for new year resolution then the gym empty after 1-2 months.

    anyway i really enjoy your streams even tho sometimes i lose a brain cell when u do something joanna babo cuz i laugh too much KEKW ^___^

  15. 有一圈了…

  16. 核心肌群完全沒力 !

  17. 可愛的72做運動維持苗條身材很不錯!加油!😎

  18. 這部影片 讓我的肚子運動了不少 XDDDD

  19. 我愛企鵝 😍😍😍

  20. 뱃살 너무 귀엽잖아요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  21. 充分細い

  22. 7:16問號XDDD

  23. I won't see your boobs!🤩🤩🤩

  24. I laughed so hard XD I remember watching this live

  25. Your figure is good. Don't lose weight.

  26. 哈哈哈 下次運動什麼時候~~

  27. 不要吃 fasting so much difficult…

  28. 多多運動身體好,企鵝妹加油

  29. 很累

  30. 太可愛了😛

  31. 企鵝妹的身材很讚耶, 水哦

  32. 超可愛的XD

  33. I liked fat 72

  34. 6:15 enjoy !!!!

  35. 呵呵呵

  36. Actually weight and fat aren't the problem, unevenly distributed fat is, sadly that's what you have 😭

    Just kidding, saw your stream today, you are definitely not fat 😜

  37. 笑死我了!

  38. 可以先從走路開始運動!~~~~

  39. whats the name of ed song?


  40. 君の臍が可愛い、太りじゃない、。

  41. ずっと声が出しちゃ俺は耐えないよね。

  42. Just dont eat sugar to lose weight.

  43. 好可ㄞ

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