How I Lost 15 Pounds | 10 Easy Diet Tips


  1. Here are 10 tips that I've incorporated into my life to maintain a healthier lifestyle!

  2. You’re my inspiration

  3. I’m 13 5’4 in the beginning of the school year I was 110 pounds. Since thanksgiving I ate a lot and it became a habit. I thought that i was skinny and eating wouldn’t do much. it did do a LOT even though I knew I was gaining a lot I was a addicted now I regret it all, now I’m watching videos on losing weight I am 125 pounds.

  4. 하 왜이렇게 귀엽고 사랑스럽지.. you are so adorable. ❤️

  5. The thing with the mental health struck a cord in me. That made me realize one of the possible reasons why I've been a lot less stable over the past year and a half – I haven't exercised anywhere near enough for so long! Honestly, I really was happier when I was fitter.

    Thank you for inspiring me. I really needed to hear exactly what you said. I'll prob come back in a month or two to share how I've progressed in my journey :3

  6. Wanna hug you 😍

  7. hatibunnme :2:39
    《meaning》 i'm hungry no more but i like complete eat full.

  8. ②のスイートスポット。

  9. 痩せてる人はまじで努力してんだなってわかる動画。


  10. Love you!

  11. love the reason why you committed to it was because you wanted to be more positive. I am not positive enough ! i am so inspired by this, i didn't realized this could be one of the reason of why i feel feel sad almost every week, i didn't do enough exercise, now seems making sense to me.

  12. Japanese word you mentioned is 腹八分目(hara hachibunnme), I guess😀
    That literally means being 80% full, not 100%.

  13. What app did you use for your workout set?

  14. Hey,

    Awesome Video.

    What other hacks have you got?

    I am looking at other methods


    Have a great day

  15. Me: wants to eat snack
    *drinks water and wait for 15 minutes *

    Later on after 15 minutes: Im not hungry but I wanna eat snack because my mouth wants to


  16. You're so precious 😍😍😍
    Thanks for all the tips, you help me a lot.
    I really want to lose weight and feel well with my body and myself so,I think this video helps me and you are one of my motivation.
    I love you Jenn. 💖💖

  17. I feel like Americans really love their sodas, I've seen videos constantly reminding people to not drink carbonated drinks too much.. Like people in my place drink like 2 or 3 times a month

  18. Where’s the work out video Jenn ? Lol, i always come back to this video for motivation and inspiration. For sure the last tip resonates with me so much . Currently I’m on a diet and so far I’ve lost 11 lbs !

  19. 腹八分目??

  20. I under cooked my yam.

  21. <3

  22. girl ur heaviest is my goal 😂😂

  23. 2:50
    She wants to say Harahachibunme in English .

  24. According to the book "Overcoming Overeating", compulsive eaters eat when they feel discomfort, so instead of finding the roots of their discomfort, they eat. 'Cause sometimes people tend to eat then scold themselves for eating and being fat, then they think that being fat was the problem without giving concerns to what the problem really is.

    If you want to lose weight naturally, eat just when you are hungry. As you grow to be a compulsive eater, you may have forgotten the pleasure of satisfying psychological hunger and you eat because of boredom. Know the difference between mouth hunger and stomach hunger, then you'll notice something.

    Lastly, if you feel stomach hunger, eat what your body really wants, not because what's on the table. For an example, if you are stomach hungry, craving for your favorite milkshake at the shop near your office, but instead you ate the left roasted chicken at dinner. Your body starts to eat more because it wasn't satisfied, even though you become so full.

  25. 1:17 1. Find Healthy Foods that you love eating
    1:58 2. No distractions while you’re eating
    3:15 3. Use smaller plates
    3:42 4. Get a water bottle
    4:49 5. Don’t skip any meals
    6:00 6. Cut back on eating out
    7:10 7. Cut down on Alkohol
    8:13 8. No tempting snacks at home
    8:42 9. Exercise 3-5x a week
    10:42 10. Find Motivation that resonates with you

  26. I love drink two lattés everyday, do you think that I should stop?

  27. How tall are you?

  28. I'm 5'8 & 154lbs. My dream is 100lbs.
    Gotta lose 54lbs, wish me luck.

  29. I need to lose around 37 pounds 😉

  30. Jenn make a workout video!

  31. hi I really like your video ,I can learn English

    you are very positive, and you can hear the heart, like your video!!!! it's best video!!!

  32. I'll just do 1500 kcal and go for daily walks for now, I don't do anything all day anyways. 3 meals and proper veggies, fruits in between. That works well enough for me. If you're really big don't rush too much or you'll have to deal with loose skin.

  33. Cute im a gorl your pretty

  34. Congratulations for losing weight! It needs a lot of mental strength and determination. You are ok now as well but you were really hot in the firat photo before the diet.

  35. its insane that a skinny fat person (like me) needs a whole year to see change, while an overweight person sees change in a month or less. ugh..but so gonna try and hope i see results. i started 3 weeks ago and i think i lost 1 kg lol but didnt see any visual change yet

  36. Jenn im suscribed love this

  37. my mother lost 20 pounds in 4 months, whoever wants to diet write "interested" in the comments I will see how I can send the

    link to you

  38. めっちゃ分かりすくて参考になる!

  39. I love this video because it’s down to the point and all the tips are so great!

  40. Thanks alot 🙂 I've managed to lose 5kg but probably cause of all the snacking. And holiday MI started to gain abit more weight and body fat back. Not as shredded as I want to be. Thanks for the tips. Really feeling motivated now to cut down on the snacking and prepping my own meals

  41. And yes now that you mention bout the watching video while eatingg thing. I never thought of it until you mentioned it. Probably explains why I didn't feel full while I was watching my shows. Will try to stop doing that hhahaaa

  42. Your really pretty 😍

  43. I lust when you're smaller. Not when you're bigger for me to be skinny.

  44. I like you already. Subscribed 🙂

  45. I hate the fact that I could gain pounds in just an hour but it'll take weeks/months to lose em

  46. I’ve been doing exercise and eating well( not diet but kinda healthy) for 3 days and I already lost 3 kilos(6 pounds)


  48. 日本語用意してくれて、ありがとう❤

  49. probably the most realistic diet tips I've ever seen on youtube.

  50. The heaviest you've ever been is 120 lbs?!! clicks out of video

  51. Omg she’s so gorgeous 😊

  52. “i was the heaviest i’ve ever been- 120 pounds” i remember when i said that in 4th grade

  53. How tall are you?

  54. Your thumbnail has you in a bikini. Didn't see any bikini shots. Clickbait, much?

  55. Brilliant. You are just such a great communicator and just…thank you!

  56. Off topic I love your hair style and color on you and your makeup is on fleek. Love you and your content!

  57. You speak just like my friend!

  58. How old are You? 22??

  59. You look like the Asian version of Jade from Little Mix 🙂

  60. I was eating while I was watching this video and immediately set down my snack.

  61. So irrelevant but where are your bookcases from? Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

  62. very realistic guide to a healthy and my 2 tips would be drink one glass of water before each meal, and try avoid drinking cold drinks after a meal because it can slow down the metabolism

  63. Thank You.

  64. Thank You.

  65. i weight 124 and i wanna weight like 105 or 110

  66. Super video!!! You inspired me a tonnnnnnnnnnn. Thx:)

  67. Cool!

  68. I love your hair ❤️. What color did you used?

  69. Thanks you for sharing

  70. I’m at this stage of my life where I just want to improve the way I look and feel about my body but I feel like it’s never ending. I know I’m on the skinnier side but my weight and my skin are some of the few things I’m in control of when it comes to my looks. I don’t know if I’m losing weight for the wrong reasons and I’m not sure if my goal weight is unreasonable and unsustainable 😔

  71. These tips were so helpful, I feel motivated to eat healthier now, thanks! <3

  72. Just found out about ur channel and i think the way you speak is really calming & natural! You were meant to be on YouTube, girl! Subscribed 💕

  73. Good lord. Only 15 lbs in a year?????? I can lose that in a few weeks lol.

  74. Very nice video 🙂

  75. Her: my heaviest was 120 me: 129 😅☹️

  76. What I appreciated is when you said that 120 showed on your frame. Because I am asian too and 5 feet tall and although I am 119 pounds which I think is below average for woman. It shows on my frame that I am soft, not toned and I look overweight.

  77. How tall are you ?

  78. The sweetspot has a name in swedish to. "lagom" 😉

  79. You lost 15 pounds in a year 😳 sis I lost 15 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks.

  80. Guys, i've tried these tips, and its really works well on me, i am 22 years old & 176cm (5' 9 feet), i've been dieting since 14th July 2019 and i lost 9kg from 75kg to 66kg in less than 2 months. I want my old weight back in my high school which is 60kg. I want to get this weight back before my graduation day on October. So the 10th tips really motivated me to lose my weight. Thank you for you video love💖💖💖😭😭😭

  81. Thanks love you

  82. How tall are you?

  83. Thank you

  84. Hara hachi bu is the word for 80%full

  85. how tall is she???

  86. Thank you for the tips. You are so beautiful and kind, I love you!

    P. S. Do you watch FRIENDS series? I love them

  87. Who get help of this movie??

  88. Wow….120 pounds is crazy AND IS NOT HEAVY…why🤔 ???is all l can say???

  89. Me: clicks on video because I see title
    Jen : it took one year to lose the weight
    Me : *0 patience * nope

    Jk I know it’s healthy

  90. This is actually the only helpful video I’ve seen on weight loss, Thank you!

  91. More exercising videos please. It’s literally motivating me

  92. U look gorgeous

  93. Why the title is in French

  94. so it’s years later and there still isn’t an in depth strength work out video you’ve promised in this video.. kind of showed that you aren’t actually using the app you were paid to promote, you probably just work out with a personal trainer

  95. I lost 50 pounds in summer by just Starving myself

  96. LOL in the beginning she was like "i was the heaviest at 120 lbs" and im like… "thats my goal weight…" the heaviest ive even been was 176 lbs (im 5 feet 4 inches tall btw) i have a pretty muscular body so i didnt look obese but i definitely looked fat. now im 165lbs but i just gained 12lbs in 2 weeks. i was 153 3 weeks ago but ive been so stressed lately and now i want to fucking die because i gained all that weight back that i worked so hard loosing this summer. if you have any tips for stress please tell me. good luck to the rest of you.

  97. Food is important too, but steady exercise is important.

  98. These tips are AMAZING!!! Great work! Thanks for sharing your tips.

  99. Thank you for sharing your journey! I've lost 40 pounds, and I'm on my journey to let go of the last 15 pounds. I love seeing that you use "baby plates." I have baby plates, bowls, and cups for myself, too!

  100. traditional deit of old korean @t

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