How Healthy is Water Fasting?

dr. Klapper you're one of the very very few people that has expertise on water fasting is this something that the general public should know about and should be utilizing on a regular basis or is this just for special cases I work at The True North health center in Santa Rosa California about an hour north of San Francisco and the the basis the foundation of our health improvement program is a whole food plant-based diet and that is the definitive treatment for for the vast majority of people's diseases that they bring in if they've been eating a Western diet that said it has become very clear that when the body embarks upon a water fast amazing changes happen in the body first of all as I make these numbers known here people don't have to panic in that by day three on a water fast as you start metabolizing fat tissues and these molecules called ketones come into the body into the bloodstream they suppress hunger by day three or four hunger school and these people are not hungry and there's the energy that's used to digest your food usually on a fastest free top and they feel light and energetic and it's counterintuitive you think you're gonna be weak and tired and hungry and whimpering on the bed and the opposite sure there are hungry they feel light an urge etic they stopped me in the courtyard doc I haven't felt this good in years I haven't eaten in three weeks but I feel wonderful and so when I say that we do long fasts there the usual is ten days two weeks but three four we up to forty days as long as fast as we will we will supervise during this time we are now learning that the body goes shifts into a remarkable gear it realizes that energy is at a premium and it will not waste energy driving inflammatory reactions and so we see sore rheumatoid joints cool off we see asthma clear we see migraine headaches go away and molecules called sirtuins are produced in the cells that have a profound anti-cancer property we see breast cancers and and malignancy stop growing it's remarkable state and for that reason we often use recommend water fasting to make get the person a leg up or head start a jumpstart into controlling these the runaway high blood pressure diabetes and if there was a pill that that lowered high blood pressure cleared out insulin receptors for diabetes goes away cooled off inflamed joints cleared out migraine headaches asthma cooled off inflammatory bowel disease we'd be trillionaires but a water fast will do this that said I make it very clear to my fasting patients and in my lectures to the patients who are attending you can do a forty day fast it's a lip on the screen in your life what matters is what you wait after the fast because you get all these wonderful improvements but if they fall back into chicken and cheese and olive oil swamps then all the symptoms come back within days the blood pressure goes back up the weight comes back the asthma comes mmm and we make it very clear that a water fast is a stepping off place to a whole food plant-based diet which will keep these beneficial changes happening so there's a little magic in a water fast but also there's nothing magic about the water fast it's the food that you run through your body day after day week after week month after month that that makes the difference so with that understanding yes fasting program can certainly be beneficial can people do this at home if and I have on my website dr. Klapper calm I have my video on fasting and if you want to learn more about the realities ins and out of water fast and go to dr. Clark um all spelled out and you'll see my webinar on fasting that's the anyone who is completely healthy you are not any medications you're not seeing a doctor for any diagnostic disease diagnose disease everyone can do 72 a three-day water fast at home and I have patients schools and from Friday to Monday just drink water it's like taking yourselves to the car wash and and day after day you're running clean water for yourselves and you wind up light and clean it's a lovely reset we're now learning the power of intermittent fasting where patients will either do a fast one day a week and even then is beneficial or to do a daily fast from when they get up the district water till noon and and continue your night time fast for another four or five hours until noontime before you start your whole food plant-based diet and this has benefits as well so it's an exciting new scientific frontier on an ancient ancient therapy but it turns out there's a powerful scientific validity behind it it's something to consider but again it's a it's a stepping off place to a whole food plant-based diet that really has the real magic to to affect long-term improvements and cures in these diseases but yes it has a tool worth learning about again I go to our website dr. Klapper comm and watch my fasting video and you'll learn more about it


  1. Wutt. I am having a hard time intermittent fasting

  2. I knew about fasting becose is highly recomended as mandatory for orthodox christians in order to purifying the soul and mind but i have no idea how importat was for healing the body and the chronic diseases. I'm so happy that i was born in this culture and i was fasting since i was a child,intermitent fastng,water fasting,plant base only fasting and complete fasting no food no water ,depending of the day and the tipe of fast recomended in .our calendar from one day long to 21 days and 40 days the longest which is before Christmas and before Easter.I'm wandering how people knew 2000 years ago how good fasting is and for how long to fast and how to obtain all this miraculously heeling status.

  3. Whole food plant based is fine. But meat is good for you. The most nutritionally dense food there is

  4. Red Pill Wisdom  wow that is great. I vlog my weightloss journey and My issue is food addiction. I want to start water fasting. Im trying to figure out how many days should I start? Should I do Intermittent fasting 20/4 first?

  5. On a longer fast, should the fasting individual not workout? Or take it easy so to say?

  6. I did a 3 day water fast and felt great… felt much better, cleared my digestive sourness .. it is said to stimulate stem cells to regenerate… I felt like I looked a bit younger

  7. Plant based is not optimal. It will kill you slower than the western SAD. Animal meats need to be incorporated.

  8. Wow! I wonder what it would do for my stage 4 cancer and colitis, along with other health issues.

  9. Water fast to full plant? No meat?

  10. Doing water fasting helped me clear up my skin. Thank you for sharing

  11. I'm on day 5… I want a burger so bad.

  12. I'm sick so I shouldn't water fast

  13. A water fast is a stepping off place to a CARNIVORE diet. I’m carnivore for 6 months and I feel 10 yeas younger.

  14. This was very helpful. Thank you

  15. Humans are more than just a plant that needs water…if one wants to live as long as a tree, then eat like a tree…

  16. Dry fasting is the best

  17. He looks like a corpse

  18. Isn’t this the same idiot who told us that veganism was healthy? (It’s not) and that drinking milk was bad? (It’s not)… I’m all for fasting but this particular dr has an antiscience track record.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating chicken. This guy is a quack…

  19. 40 day fast, seperates the wheat from the chaff.

  20. intro sound like coca coca by gucci mane

  21. Chicken, cheese, and olive oil swamp? All 3 of those are not bad foods.

  22. Fix the audio, high pitch whine hurts the ears, makes it impossible to listen to.

  23. How much water must one drink in a day?

  24. Theres a utuber the fasting fatman. He is on 115th day of a 120 day water fast. His will power and progress is amazing.

  25. For the life of me,,,, I still can’t believe people WHO have not… just consumed water for at least one month,,,,,along with normal eating habits would not reap the benefits from it… I’m still blown away how good I feel, and the energy I have and How well I focus,,, you just have to do it and feel what it does to your body 😎

  26. I once went several hours without eating Wendy's or Taco Bell. Almost went crazy. Luckily my incredible will power took over And I went to Arby's.

  27. I drink Diet Mtn Dew when I fast. And a lot of water. Not joking. I’m extending out from 16-24 hrs on my fasting window.

  28. If fasting is so beneficial then why aren't the people in the parts of Africa with such limited food the healthiest?…

  29. 40 days seems way too long to me. Of course, every person's body is different, but personally, I wouldn't do more than a couple of weeks…

  30. The only thing I'd disagree with is the "whole plants diet" he says people should be on after the fast, why would you go back to eating carbohydrates after being keto for so long?
    And the bioavalibity of nutrients in plant foods is terrible, not to mention all the anti nutrients that plant sourced foods have, bad omega 3 to 6 ratios too, lack of b vitamins, iodine, iron, vitamin d etc

    Go to a primarily high quality animal foods diet

  31. Water fasting and dry fasting are extremely beneficial! But for this guy to say that chicken, cheese, and olive oil are not good for you, then this guy is a moron! remember it's the quality of your food that matters pasture-raised chickens grass-fed cheese's and organic olive oil!

  32. Amazing progress. Keep up the good work!

  33. Whole food: yes. Plant based: no.

  34. Chicken, cheese, and olive oil diet (keto) is magic contrary to what this clown espouses. But full marks for getting the 3 day water fast right.

  35. That's why these homeless people have such a good looking hair and beird.

  36. Humans consume too much unnecessary food smh wake up people

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