How Gov. Phil Murphy Protected New Jersey Healthcare From Trump | Op-Ed | NowThis

Trump on the Republican Congress have done everything they can to not just sabotage the Affordable Care Act but eliminate it and if weakened it dramatically I'm proud to say New Jersey is push back we have a completely different philosophical frame for health care they want to strip it away and they want to hurt those who need government in health care the most we view health care as a universal right every step of the way their intentions are loud clear the only good news is they're so darn transparent it gives us at the state level like New Jersey an opportunity to compensate and push back as best we can they took away the individual mandate we've put it back in New Jersey this brings in healthier younger folks into the pool which keeps rates down for the rest of us in one of my first executive orders we said we're gonna shout from the mountaintop through every government agency how you sign up for healthcare by the way it's if you look at the steps we've taken in New Jersey the expected result or two things number one if you have healthcare it'll be cheaper than it otherwise would have been and that's important and meaningfully cheaper secondly more importantly more people will have health care coverage than otherwise would have the biggest thing somebody could do other than registering for health care if you if you don't already have coverage is to vote for the right people and vote out the folks who are against your interests and in particular in this state there's one congressman who voted with Trump and the Republican leadership in Congress and that's Tom McArthur it isn't just that he voted with Trump of the Republicans in Congress it's the MacArthur Amendment he led the fight to repeal the Affordable Care Act this is not about even Democrats or shouldn't be about Democrats versus Republicans this is about right versus wrong you


  1. Illegal immigrants can get free college it no residents can’t

  2. The individual mandate also taxes people $1,000 if they don't have healthcare governor Murphy sucks

  3. "This is not about Democrats vs. Republicans, this is about Right vs. Wrong."
    -Every leftist ever with an argument unsubstantiated by facts

  4. This guy is a LIAR Tax and give to the poor Instead of getting jobs for them!! Companies run away from over taxed states common sense!!!!

  5. yeah I hope Phil Murphy never runs for president lol every Democrat thinks spending money is the answer it's not

  6. I work in Horizon BCBS, the healthcare system in NJ is pretty darn good than kissass christie.

  7. Trump 2020

  8. Trump 2020!! Single payer means no SECOND OPINIONS!!!

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