How Far Can You Go with only TWO GYM BADGES in Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee?

how far can you go in Pokemon let's go Pikachu and let's go Eevee with only two gym badges normally in Pokemon games if you want to keep progressing you need to get more gym badges to allow you to access new areas but let's go they took that formula and they threw it right out the window because they replaced HMS with secret techniques with one of the key differences being that secret techniques don't require you to get more gym badges to use them so today I'll be seeing how far we can go and let's go Pikachu and let's go Eevee while getting the least amount of badges possible let's go the beginning of the game is pretty normal I get my starter run through Viridian Forest and go to pewter city where I have to fight my first gym leader we can't skip Brock because we need to defeat Brock to leave pewter city and go into Mount Moon then after exploring Mount Moon grabbing the helix fossile because the dome fossils for peasants and leaving this place I go to cerulean city but before I can leave cerulean city once again I need to defeat a gym leader so I go and battle my second and final gym leader for now misty after getting my badge from misty and that's it no more gym badges until this challenge is over so with my two badges down and done I figured it's time to go visit bill bill kinda needs my help right now so I save him and he gives me a ticket to go on the boats the SS and now with the SS ticket it's time for me to leave cerulean city and go to vermilion City because we have a boat to catch once I travel on to the SSN I find the captain of the boat in he's a little sick so I give him a good old backrub and because we give such good back rubs he offers to teach me a secret technique he teaches my Pikachu how to chop down trees which will allow us to leave vermilion city and keep going forward now at this point this is where I really divert from the normal storyline instead of going in battling lieutenant surgeon getting my third gym badge I leave vermilion city with only two badges and head to the rock tunnel now the rock tunnel that's an interesting little place it's very dark in there so you usually can use a secret technique to light up the cave and see where you're going however without defeating lieutenant Serge I can't get the secret technique to light up caves so this means I have to do it in the dark Oh No so with no other choice I have to wander around in the rock tunnel in total darkness if I want to be able to get out and keep going on in the game now me I'm really bad at figuring out the cave puzzles and everything however luckily the rock tunnel isn't too bad and let's go Pikachu an Eevee because even without the light-up technique you can kind of see where you're going and eventually I found my way out of the rock tunnel and was on the road to lavender town we successfully skipped lieutenant Serge so now that I'm in lavender town I go in the pokemon tower gets spooked by a scary ghost and see a poor little cubone gets stolen by Team Rocket's so I leave lavender town and go to celadon City so I could defeat Team Rocket in their hideout and rescue the poor cubone after defeating Team Rocket I could go outside and get the secret technique for sky – where a guy yells in my face with a megaphone and that lets me fly around the Kanto region so it's a fair trade however when I use sky – something kind of weird happens and my Pikachu on my menu screen just totally disappears I'm not sure why this happens and it doesn't really make any sense to me but it didn't really affect the gameplay at all and when I healed up at a Pokemon Center he came right back really weird stuff anyway I go back in the pokémon tower save mr. Fuji and he gives me the poké flute so I can wake up sleeping Snorlax 'iz and now with the poké flute I head back to celadon City go west wake up the Snorlax and go on Pokemon road successfully skipping Erica's gym now I'm in fuchsia city with only two gym badges something I've never done before and once you get to fuchsia city you're actually able to get the C skin secret technique so now you can also surf around on the water as well so since we could surf around now let's forget going to kogas gym and skip him – but instead fly back to Pallet Town and head south so I land on Cinnabar Island now the first thing that I do when I get to cinnabar island is go to the pokémon laboratory that they have there and resurrect my fossil Pokemon lord helix returns so with only two gym badges the game just gave me a level 44 Pokemon this would make every gym that I skipped so far pretty easy but we're still not fighting any gyms because there's more areas that I can unlock with only two gym badges next it's time to finally unlock saffron city back when I was in celadon City I ran into Brock before I went into a department store and he gave me some tea now I'm not really a big tea drinker but I know some thirsty guards who are so I shared some tea with the thirsty guards and they let me into saffron city and at this point I have unlocked every single town in the Kanto region with only two badges except you know the Pokemon League because we can't go there with only two badges but still at this point there is so much I can do but with two badges and the whole world to explore I do the only logical thing it's time to catch a legendary Pokemon so I go to the power plant and catch Zapdos and catching Zapdos at this point in the game is kind of tough even though I've been to almost every city in the game I still can only buy great balls because to buy better items you need to beat more Gym Leaders so I go into the battle against Zapdos with only a few ultra balls that a trainer gave me but unfortunately those all fail and I'm stuck using raspberries and great balls to catch this legendary bird but eventually I get lucky and Zapdos gets in a great ball so now I'm a trainer with two badges that tames a legendary Pokemon but why stop at one legendary Pokemon when I could go to the seafoam Islands and get Articuno as well so I navigate through the seafoam islands find my way to Articuno and successfully catch a second legendary Pokemon so let's just do a little recap here the game just gave me a level 44 fossil Pokemon I just caught Zapdos at level 50 in Articuno at level 50 as well and I only have two gym badges and don't forget that I also could have caught the sleeping Snorlax 'iz and I could go around fuchsia city or Cinnabar Island and easily find some level 30 plus Pokemon in the wild I honestly feel like I just broke the game now there's only one thing left to do head back to saffron city and defeat Team Rocket once and for all kicking out of the Kanto region so let's take a look at my accomplishments I've captured Articuno I've captured Zapdos and I've defeated Team Rocket's and totally destroyed their organization I've been to almost every city in every route in the whole game and I only have two badges now at this point I could fight any of the gym leaders that I skipped although I'm sure they're all gonna be very easy considering how powerful my team is now if you play the game like I did here it's possible to have something really weird like this happen where you have your first two badges and then the third badge that you get is technically the seventh badge from Blaine that just looks kind of funny on your trainer card eventually if I want to beat the whole game I will need to get the rest of the badges so how far can you get and let's go Pikachu and Eevee with only two gym badges pretty far you can unlock basically the whole game and this is how you do it also remember how diglettz cave was blocked earlier and I had to go through the whole Rock tunnel without the light-up technique well I went back to diglettz cave after I was able to fly around the Kanto region and the guy isn't blocking it anymore according to boba pedia he'll also leave if you get through the rock tunnel without the secret technique so yeah this guy basically only exists to make your life harder thanks my name is Mike from pokey tips I hope you enjoyed watching this video if you did please give it a thumbs up subscribe to the channel for more Pokemon content just like this and my friends I'll be seeing you in the next one


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  2. I defeated pokemon Fire red without a single badge
    Using walk through walls

  3. 3:28. It must be because pikachu fainted

  4. Helix fossil because the dome is for peasants 👎

  5. You forgot moltres

  6. After exploring the world only one thing CATCH LEGENDARY

  7. Nice video but it was irksome when he said 'he' when his pikachu is female

  8. In fire red i wasn't knowing that there is something called flash and thought dark cave is a challenge

  9. I beat pokemon ultra sun without getting a badge

  10. I pretty much did the same thing unintentionally

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    That's a good idea no hm challenge

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  16. 4:47
    “I ran into Brock before I went into department store, and he gives me some TEA”

    “I share some TEA with the thirsty guard”


  17. Moltres: Leering

  18. But i did not get tea

  19. When doing my play through I skipped Celadon and straight Cinnabar.

  20. The dome fossil is for PESENTS

  21. Dome fossil for life

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