How Exercise Improves Your Memory

Exercise makes you thinner and does all sorts
of other stuff. But who cares about that because it makes
your brain stronger too! Hey guys, Trace here for DNews. We all know that exercise is good for us. Getting off the couch and onto the treadmill
strengthens our muscles, increases blood flow, gives us energy and, of course, burns fat,
so that we can ACTUALLY fit into those skinny jeans. For most people, this is more than enough
incentive to hit the gym. But, for some of us, particularly those stay-home-and-read
types, those of us who are less sporty, health and fitness alone just isn’t enough reason
to slap on the spandex. But here’s another benefit: exercise could
also strengthen your Brain – particularly your memory! A new study out of Radboud University in the
Netherlands gathered three groups of random participants and asked each to look at the
same set of images. The first group did a somewhat-strenuous,
35-minute workout immediately after. The second group did the same exercise four
hours later, and the third didn’t exercise at all (yay control!) Two days later, all the participants retook
the image test, and those in the second group who had a four-hour delay were able to recall
the the most images. This suggests that regular exercise may improve
long-term memory, that is, the ability the recall anything from more than just a few
minutes ago. The catch? The exercise must happen around the time the
memory is formed. According to researchers, this is because
when you work out, your Brain releases neurotransmitters like dopamine and noradrenaline that help
your Brain consolidate memories. If these chemicals are absent when your Brain
absorbs information, that information is thought to decay more rapidly. This suggests that regular exercise may improve
long-term memory, that is, the ability the recall anything from more than just a few
minutes ago. But here’s where things get tricky. The participants in that first group (who
worked-out immediately after the test) recalled about the same number of images as those who
didn’t work-out at all. This means that your ability to remember things
depends not just on IF you work out but WHEN you work out. That is, a short delay between the moment
your Brain logs the information and when you get on the treadmill could be crucial to your
ability to recall that information. Of course, more research is needed, so scientists
can’t yet say for sure whether delayed exercise leads to better memory. But, when it comes to exercise as a direct
cause of increased cognitive ability, scientists are pretty much in agreement that it does! This is because exercise releases hormones
that reduce inflammation and insulin resistance, as well as stimulating the growth of cells
and blood vessels in your Brain, making it, in a sense, stronger. Some studies have even suggested that the
parts of the Brain that control your memory – the prefrontal cortex and the medial temporal
cortex – are larger in people who regularly exercise. The best part about it? You can just be same old lazy you, apart from
just two hours of moderate exercise a week. Two hours a week! That could mean walking your dog for a half-hour
every other day, riding your bike to work, or playing 18-holes on the weekend. Harvard researchers even count household activities,
like raking leaves or “intense floor mopping”. Seriously. That’s a quote. Basically, as long as you break out in a light
sweat – it’s exercise! And the key to unlocking these benefits – at
least in a long-term sense – is regularity. To do that, fitness-experts recommend group
fitness classes or personal trainers, because you’re more likely to follow an exercise
regime that is scheduled. When exercise becomes routine, your memory
strengthens, and soon enough, “forgetting to workout” will no longer be a viable excuse. You know what’s not exercise? Sex. Sorry, every human ever. If you want to know why, check out this video


  1. i am a pro Mover, so i have no choice but work out.

  2. What if I break a light sweat when I eat, does that count?

  3. Time to do some intense leaf raking and floor mopping!

  4. stephen hawking must do a lot of exercise i guess lmao

  5. to exercise and learn things, damn those two are hard (i know because i tried) you have to give away your social life to achieve that (well… since I'm an introvert that probably won't matter much but still) . also the way i started back to exercise at the gym is to start slowly and lightly but constantly coming for about a week (but rest on weekends) and then the rest was easy.

  6. But correlation does not equal causation

  7. I think that this is a flawed study. They seemed to have structured it so that the participants knew that it was a memory test. By having them do the exercise 4 hours afterward in relation to the study you are causing them to recall what they did previously in the study. They should do it with another group that would do something else in relation to the study that was not exercise 4 hours afterward in a follow up study to test the effectiveness of exercise.

  8. At 1:15, does that mean the people formed the memories of the images 4 hours after they have seen it? That's the only way that statement makes sense with the test they took.

  9. Great video, I was waiting for this video for a long time, can you guys make it in Spanish?

  10. Surfing on the weekends is my exercise

  11. The tests should be based on same person . Not convincing results. Thumbs down.

  12. How I motivate myself is Self-Discipline
    And how I go upon that is by when I feel like crap I get my ass up anyway even if it a relaxation day and plus I've been doing this for a long time approximately 8-10 years and now there is no need for thinking, just doing I exercise like my subconscious mind just knows what to do,you know?

    That's the way to achieve your goals and dreams is taking action and doing something about it .

    Thumbs up and keep your dreams alive

  13. I can't even go across the room to get the remote so I might as well have Alzheimer's

  14. I can't remember the last time I exercised.

  15. I never forget where I hide my weed.

  16. This explains why I remember next to nothing, I have been physically inactive for quite some time.

  17. That explains why Trump supporters are stupid.

  18. You mean women jeans.

  19. When you have Gym after Math 🙂

  20. This is bull

  21. so a short delay is needed, or long? is a 4-hr delay considered short?

  22. i start shadow boxing in my living room..or do some abs..leg kicks and stretches

  23. so let me get this straight If I studied from say 6pm to 10pm and worked out with weights from 10-10:30pm would that increase my likely hood of remembering it?

  24. Masturbation makes you smarter

  25. I promice myself to excerise daily but still breaking my promise daily . 🙂

  26. u look like mark ruffalo

  27. no wonder im stupid

  28. Nothing will improve my memory smh.

  29. Please don't encourage people to cycle to work. Cyclists are the pigeons of the road absolutely no reason a fully grown adult should be on a childs toy or using such primitive, humiliating and suicidal methods to get about

  30. Another benefit to playing Pokemon Go

  31. I loved how you pronounced Radboud.

  32. Trace I consider my Daily physical activities as my body excercise as of now' minority' but really planning to go to a gym to maintain the health benefits being fit,. and someday if I will have a lover and relationship then that other way alternative you've mentioned☺.

  33. +DNews Is different/high air humidity harmful to us? At home it is usually 57 at work on construction site it is over 70 because of bad ventilation

  34. if your sagging
    your fagging

  35. ☻/ This is bob. Copy and paste him so he can take over youtube.

  36. There are two critical things, diet an exercise. They both reduce brain shrinkage. Diet must be mostly vegan whole foods. Starchy staples, vegetables, fruit, no meat, no oil, no dairy.

  37. Pokemon go is the best fitness app in existence

  38. please do a follow up video for the specific explanation for why leaving a few hours after studying to exercise is useful is rather interesting and such information would certainly affect my routine and likely the routine of many other students.

  39. Could you guys do a video on the new Intelligex pill [the "Limitless" pill]?

  40. Yup, doing it before next exam

  41. Mopping floors is considered exercise but 25 minutes of sex isn't? What sex starved scientist hypothesized that?

  42. Can you please explain about stuttering

  43. What about a 4 hours sex-session. The endurance and Pause requirements are equal to those of an intense work-out. If you do it as an exercise it will not only be more satisfaction but also more rewarding. Personally I passed through a lot of Tests better after an extensive all night Marathon but of course your Partners have to be in with the same motivation. It should be worth some studies to doublecheck that.

  44. exercising does more for us than we give it credit for. aside from improving memory and the most obvious points of gaining muscle/ losing fat. it also improves our skin and complexion due to tightening, it is a useful tool in combating insomnia, and can even improve hair growth/quality. it's much like the benefits u get from drinking water only

  45. "How do you guys get off…." Umm "…the couch and exercise?" Oh

  46. Dear people at DNews,

    Could you please do research on how the names/words in foreign languages are pronounced? I really love this show, but the pronunciations, are really cringy, sorry.

    Much love,


  47. Why is society so lazy that you count walking a dog an exercise ? O.o

  48. So if dopamine assists in storing memories, that explains why stuff that I am completely uninterested in fails to "stick" and things that I enjoy don't, doesn't it? That's the real story here for me. 😛

  49. Drumming is exercise?

  50. Drumming is exercise?

  51. I'm definitely gonna hit the gym after school this semester. I think its gonna be a huge boost for me physically and mentally.

  52. so you first extrasize than study or is it the other way?

  53. Now I want to see the inverse!

  54. how do I get of the couch and exercise?…
    walking to the bed

  55. If exercise improves your thinking maybe we can think and improve our physique.

    So why are there overweight people who are smart and skinny people who are stupid.

  56. …or hatcing one 2km Pokemon egg pr. week ?

  57. Wait. What happened to all that research saying that exercise doesn't help people lose weight? Yes, it's super healthy, helps you live longer, lots of great benefits, but it does nothing to help you lose weight unless you're in a very small minority with special circumstances.

  58. Exercise is the only way I've been able to gain weight. I'm 6ft yet only 140 lbs.

  59. Dane Reid it wont let me reply to your comment.
    I was going to say they must be doing it wrong.

  60. I weight-lift 2 hours a day and do cardio or basketball for an hour. I'm stupid as fuck

  61. Hi! I'm not new to YouTube, can I have 49 likes?

  62. Stand up paddle board in Carlsbad, CA.
    Best shape I've ever been in.

  63. What if you workout during learning?

  64. I've already forgotten what this video was about…

  65. I have gotten into an excellent work out routine and I concur with this video. I've lost a lot of weight and gain significant strength and the mental aspects mentioned are also noticeable.

    1. I wake up at 4am each morning, drink two glasses of water in which one glass has 5 grams of creatine mixed in. I also drink 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a half glass of water, sometimes with coconut oil.
    2. Then I do my quiet time (prayer, bible reading, journaling).
    3. Then I drink a small cup of espresso and prep a protein shake to take with me.
    4. I eat a banana on the way to the gym.
    5. Workout for about 50 minutes (plus 10 minutes of stretching/warm up). Exercise is always different and is very much a crossfit style workout with HIIT exercises mixed with body weight, lifting and cardio. 2 Saturdays a month I actually attend a crossfit class to test myself.
    6. Drink my protein shake and head home and great ready for work.
    7. Then, throughout the the day, I JERF (JUST EAT REAL FOOD!). I almost never eat anything with multiple ingredients…

    I do this every mon-friday except I have every other friday off in which my routine is similar but not quite. It's amazing and while you don't have to wake up that early unless you have to, I'll never go back.
    I agree my cognitive and mental abilities have increased as well. It's just a healthier lifestyle all together. I've lost 10lbs so far in 2 months and feel amazing physically, mentally and spiritually.

  66. I've been working out for 5 years and I can barely remember what I did yesterday. People ask me "what did you do last weekend?" Hell if I know!

  67. My brain can use any help it can get! I wonder if more is better?

  68. So to exercise it do I just put weight on head?

  69. I drink my pre work out, then I play super smash bros. for online for 10 minutes, then I head to the gym.

  70. "stay home and read type"

    i cry i iz nurd

  71. They also need to research !! eating chocolate when studying helps remembering too !!!

  72. Is this why I used to always get in trouble drumming on my desk in school? 😂

  73. How exercise dont improve your memory: 1)You cant study at the same time, that means that you lose time for study. 2)You became tired, that means that you have less energy for brain. 3)You became stressed, and oxidants kills your neurons.

  74. I work out everyday after school, I still do very bad on tests tho 😝

  75. Wait, sex isn't considered exercise?! I've exercised way less then I thought then

  76. Is that why Putin is kicking the western leaders butts (diplomatically), like Obama's for example that plays golf while Putin does swimming laps every day..

  77. No, sex can be quite a work out iff you're already fit from all your work out.

  78. Ayyyyyeeee can u guy do an episode on androgen alopecia and what all studies show it differ in hormones die down as u age yet we still lose hair even if it has a low genetic presence

  79. first time here,great channel ,subed

  80. I feel that every DNews video can be under 2:30 min.

    For some reason, the information always seems to be redundant/very detailed after 2 min or so.

  81. yee. controlled group 🙂

  82. I walked up the stairs today. Then I realized I forgot my keys…

  83. Exercise brings oxygen into our brains and changes our chemistry, yes! Love this vid!

  84. I exercise when I exercise my second amendment right which is every dam day

  85. i excercise daily but am still a big fat fatty. But i feel good and this is a boost to an old football player.

  86. I take my ass to the gym and run like hell via HIIT style for about an hour 3x per wk. I think that the most important muscle group in the body is the cardiac muscles and so that is what i focus on. AND i do some elevated pushups in between. Works for me. Especially since my diet is shit.

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  96. Thank you very much sir.
    Please make a vedeo on super brain yoga.

  97. Fitness "experts" suggest group exercise (gym membership $) or personal trainer ($). How about free YouTube videos. Lolol. In my experience most ppl who own gym membership hate going bc it's crowded and they feel insecure or they regress after their stint with the trainer.

    Great video! Super interesting info.

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  99. I do skateboarding. Fun, cool, creative, with friends/family, what more could you ask.

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