How does waiting for a delivery affect people’s psychological well-being?

In the modern age the reality is that people
are time starved, work life balance is completely out of sync, so anything that affects the
time that you have with your children is going to affect your psychological well-being. If
you think about the fact that these days the minutes that you spend with your children
for example are priceless – but people can find themselves wasting entire days – like entire
days! – waiting in for packages. The fact is that some people have reported in the Localz
research that they don’t even want to go to the toilet. So when you are talking about
the impact it can have, it’s not just emotional but actually physical; people restrict themselves
from normal day-to-day activities because they feel they have a lack of control over
what’s happening in their world. It is absolutely essential to recognise that families are affected
hugely by simply not knowing what’s happening on a day-to-day level for simple things such
as deliveries. Utilising that knowledge and making the experience for the consumer better
is absolutely essential. The findings of the ICurve Report are very significant, the reason
for that is that it really confirms something that perhaps people had an an assumption was
true for a while but now we have the stats to prove that out – and that is really that
when deliveries are currently being made is not actually when the majority of certainly
the working population want them to arrive.

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