How Does Love Contribute To Our Physical Health? | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network

You call, actually,
the science in this book is based on a love offering. That’s right. How important for our
spiritual well-being? We know love is important
for our spiritual well-being. But how does love
actually contribute to our physical health? Really good question. This is– our conspiracy of
love, is what we call it. Because, first of
all, study after study have shown that people who are
lonely and depressed– which I think is the real
epidemic in our culture, are 3 to 10 times more likely
to get sick and die prematurely when compared to those
who have a sense of love, and connection, and community. And I think it’s because–
– Connection is everything. Connection is everything. Intimacy is everything. And you can only be intimate to
the degree that you feel safe. And so when you’re
committed to someone– as we are totally committed,
the heart opens more and more. You begin to experience more
of a greater sense of intimacy. And the more intimate it
is, the more pleasurable, the more erotic, the
more joyful it becomes– and the more healing it becomes. You know, even the word
healing, as you know, comes from the
word to make whole. Yoga is from the Sanskrit,
to yoke, to unite, union. These are really old ideas
that we’re rediscovering.

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