How Do I Use the Wahoo Fitness App for iOS? – KICKR & SNAP Indoor Trainers

Hey, guys it’s. Chris, again, and why today we’re Going to be talking about using the wahoo fitness app for ios along with your new, kicker or snap we’re Gonna start with the bike already set up on the kicker if you need any assistance with That setup just reference the video links below, for the videos that we’ve put together for you showing you
how to Do that to start Check, to make sure that the power brick and power cord are fully plugged in and that the green light is on next? Check, the red, and blue lights on the kicker to make sure that they’re on and that the kicker is ready to pair Download the wahoo fitness app and double check to make sure that bluetooth is enabled on your ios device? Next make sure that all the other apps are closed out on your ios device by double tapping the home button and swiping up next open the wahoo fitness app, and Tap on sensors at the bottom of the screen if you don’t see your kicker on this page Select add new sensor and find your kicker or snap on the following page Tap on your KICKR And select save sensor? If you’re, prompted to complete a firmware update during this process select Yes to accept and follow the steps on screen it’s Also, worth noting that only one app on a single device compared with your KICKR at A time so if you, don’t see it in this list Make, sure that you close out all the other apps and turned off any other previously connected device when you select Save sensor a prompt will appear – slight workout profiles to add your kicker to Make, sure indoor trainer, is selected tap done tap done on the next page and Now your kicker is paired now that the pairing is complete this will bring you to the Main screen of the Wahoo Fitness app to begin a workout select workout at the bottom of the screen Make, sure you see your kicker on the next screen, and as Well as any other state sensors and select start the first page that comes up will give you Some basic info about the workout that you’re doing but if you Swipe right it will give you a more detailed analysis of the data that’s you’re receiving If you, swipe, again it’ll bring you to the four modes for controlling the kicker or snap The four modes that our app uses to control the trainer our level resistance The erg your earth mode or sin for simulation and the level mode This, is going, to put the trainer into a mode where it’s going to behave very similarly to a fluid, or wind trainer Where the harder you go the heart of the trainer is going to get in The resistance mode this is going to be very similar to riding a spin, bike at the gym Where as you increase the break from zero to 100% That break is going to remain, the same until you change it later in the workout an Erg mode or earth mode this mode is going to keep the power output for the trainer Set to the target wattage that you have it set to as Occur as the cadence decreases the trainer will apply more break to keep that power consistent the reverse Is true as the cadence is increased and you begin serving more power the resistance is going to decrease keep that power output set to the target wattage in Sim mode this will take into account. The bike type the slope and The wind speed to replicate real outdoor writing you’ll, want to make sure that your tire size, and weight are correct And the settings in the app so that it accurately replicates those outdoor riding conditions for more information on spin Downs or firmware updates you can find them in the video description below Thanks, again, for joining us and getting your kicker paired. And feel free to contact us through our support page for any additional questions

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  1. what I phone is compatible? I have an iPhone 4. iPhone 4 was not compatible with Zwift app so I need to know what phone to get with Wahoo Snap and Zwift.

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