How Do I Report a Vape Battery Explosion to FDA?

you FDA now regulates cigarettes vaporizers and other electronic nicotine delivery systems or ends and the FDA Center for tobacco products or CTP is gathering information about problems with these tobacco products CTP has received some reports of fires burns explosions and overheating incidents associated with a cigarette and their components such as the batteries we're collecting information to better understand these events and the risks associated with these cigarettes and other ends products in order to protect both users and non-users we encourage concerned citizens consumers retailers manufacturers healthcare professionals and any other interested parties to submit reports about problems with these products especially any unexpected health or product quality problems associated with their use there's an online reporting system available that makes that easy the safety reporting portal found at WWF tea reporting HHS gov streamlines the process of reporting tobacco product safety issues to CTP you can report as a guest or create an account when you file your report we encourage you to include items such as the name of the manufacturer brand name model and serial number of the product also include the brand name model and any other information you can about the battery we also are interested in where that product was purchased CTP would also like to know as many details of the incident as possible especially if the product was being used at the time of the incident if so tell us how it was being used when the incident occurred how it was typically used before the incident and if it performed differently than usual also report if the product was modified in any way please provide any other information you think could be relevant or helpful to CTP providing as many details as possible in your report is helpful the more information you can provide the more information we'll have to both users and non-users of these products remember that the safety reporting portal is a way for you to provide information to ctp about problems with tobacco products and if you experience an event that requires medical attention contact a health care professional if you are unable to submit a report using the safety reporting portal you can call CTP at 1 877 CTP 1 3 7 3 or email us at ask CTP at FDA HHS gov you

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