How do I know if I need more help? Do I need more than Therapy? Mental Health with Kati Morton

hey everybody happy Thursday today is another day of Katie FAQ or pretty much I take all of your comments and questions and then I come up with a good one and one that's been asked a lot and today's is definitely one of those and I contemplated doing coffee in a chat but it's really late in the day and I'm already highly caffeinated because I did a livestream earlier so without further ado let's get into it hey Katie how do we know if we need inpatient or more treatment other than just outpatient no this is really an interesting topic and something that's really good to talk about and that's why let's pretend it's coffee in a chat but it's really water in the afternoon with Katie I'm not even thirsty but you get my point how do we know we need more care what can that care look like let's start at the beginning let's start with I'm having a hard time I'm going to reach out to a therapist and I'm going to start seeing them things are kind of getting a little bit better I'm starting to talk to someone I'm starting to realize maybe the vast amount of my life that has been overcome with depression or eating disorder or self-injury urges or any of those things and at that time we may talk to our therapists a little bit about what we're feeling and what we're noticing because often I find a lot of my clients when they first come to see me they won't really understand or realize how sick they may be and I don't mean that is like a put-down or anything bad it's almost like it takes us so long to get up the gall to ask for help that often it's gotten really really really bad so much so that we're extremely impaired and we honestly don't know what else to do so we reach out and it's almost like a last-ditch effort instead of it being our first thing to do and I blame the stigma for that but that's a whole other video and actually have one about it I'll put it in the description but because of that stigma we may be really really ill and we don't even realize it and so our therapist usually will let us know hey you should probably see a dietician or I'd like you to get checked out by your primary doctor or medication may be something we need to look into since you're having panic attacks every day let's talk to a psychiatrist all of those things are like what I would call the first step of needing a little more care we're still outpatient yes outpatient meaning if you're confused about that term because I know I use a lot of terms and it's important to identify and define them outpatient means that you live here regular everyday life and then you go for your appointments so I go for therapy and I come home I go to see my doctor and I come home that is the that's what we mean by outpatient now as a clinician I always refer my clients to see their doctor see a psychiatrist etc and so that's something that I'm always going to be doing if I think they need something else or if I want to get something checked out because believe it or not fibroid issues all sorts of different medical conditions not to mention chronic illness and things like that can really affect our mental health and so as a therapist it's important for me to get an assessment from a regular doctor or psychiatrist to make sure that I'm taking into consideration everything and understand fully what's going on with you so I can give you the help that you need and deserve after outpatient so let's say that that's just not enough and we find ourselves getting progressively worse and therapists at some point may say I can't keep seeing you like this because you're a danger to yourself and I'm going to have to refer you to a higher level of care they usually give you a window like I'll give my clients like two or three weeks depending on the severity for them to contact an inpatient facility I can give them I'll give them referrals then they can go you know talk to them see them do the interviews and the intakes and then they get put on the waitlist and I will continue to see them until they can get in sometimes there's no waitlist sometimes there is so that's kind of the next step now inpatient also comes various levels could be a couple days a week could be five days a week it could be living there could be seven days a week 24/7 we're in a facility and at each step of these I hope you can kind of understand why you would need to take that step that being that if we're not getting better and we're actually progressively getting worse I don't mean we're going through a stressful time and so things are really hard I mean it just continuously progresses downward and we're getting more and more sick and we're struggling even more day after day after day that's when we need more help and that's really it I wish there was a more intensive in-depth thing that we could talk about but that's really the truth and as a therapist that's what I worry about most I want my clients to be doing well I want them to be progressing I want them to be able to do the behavioral techniques and if I feel like they just aren't good better and things keep getting worse and we would talk about that would be the first things we talked about a higher level of care what that would look like what are they comfortable with what can they afford there's a lot of facets but if you're not getting better things are getting worse that means you need more support and the truth of it is that the sooner we reach out and get the level of care that we need the sooner we start feeling better that's the truth and so that's really important to remember and I think it's something to consider that if your therapist has told you hey we should start considering looking you know start looking into this we should start considering inpatient or considering you know a higher level of care whatever that could look like a day program really consider it really look into it I know it's hard I know it's scary I know we don't know what to expect but I have a video I believe about it I'll put in the description about inpatient what that looks like and if you want more on it let me know in the comments I'd love to make an entire video about what impatient a hospitalization can look like and feel like and what to expect because I know that often we're just really scared and that's what I hear most from my clients is I'm just really scared what does it look like so know that it's honestly just like making your first therapy appointment it's not as scary as we think and there is help available and through insurance and if you live in other countries most of things are covered almost fully we usually have to meet our deductible and then it's covered so know that help is available we can make it happen and if you need more support you just need more support to get better and that we're all different right our road to recovery is going to be different it's a process not perfection I hope you found that helpful I know getting to a higher level of care can be really overwhelming sometimes and really scary and I hope that just shed some light on it and helped you feel more ease at the decision that you may have to be making and before I end this video I would love to showcase your art I get such beautiful art from a lot of you send it to my peel box and I've been wanting to find a way to share it and if you noticed on mondays video at the very end I put someone's art that they had sent to me and told her thank you so much for creating it and sending it and I'm going to continue to do that so if you would like your art to be showcased in my peel box addresses in the description and when you send it to me let me know who you would like me to say it's from I know a lot of you don't want your real identity shown and I always want to keep your confidentiality so let me know would it be a Twitter handle de gram or just your first name I'm happy to do whatever but send me your art I would love to showcase you all of you are so wonderfully talented it's just so amazing and lastly if you haven't had a chance to pick up a copy of my friend here Hart's book it just came out two days ago it's wonderful I'm only two chapters in but I absolutely love it she talks a lot about mental health and her own experiences with it and I really just think that each and every one of you would really love it as much as I do and I will see you all later I wet my whistle


  1. I self harm but I had congestive behavior therapy in group but it didn't seem to stop me . What should I do as I dont want everyone to be disappointed because I think they think I'm doing better

  2. Lol. She had too much caffeine this day

  3. Thanks for this

  4. Living in India with anxiety, long term depression and ptsd, etc. is like…. People don't understand mental illness here. They make fun of me. They think I'm creating it like a daydream. Therefore I have no one to share. Though there are mental health services across the country but absence of care and pamper is making it worse. There is no such things like getting admitted when I feel like severely bad. And hospital bills can make you bankrupt.. I'm just trapped. I need help.

  5. Can an LMFT commit a patient into an inpatient treatment center or facility?

  6. Ha! “What they can afford.” Wow. . . So if someone is really sick and they need more help but can’t afford it they’re SOL? Shows how messed up this country’s health system truly is.

  7. I have questions: What happens if a single parent is admitted? Does the child go straight to foster care? Is it really true that once you are admitted you cannot voluntarily leave? So it’s possible you could be trapped there forever (against your will)? Do they force patients to take medications even if the patient refuses? Do inpatients usually have to share rooms? I’d be terrified to have to share a room with a mentally ill stranger.

  8. I know this is an old video so it’s pretty unlikely that anyone will see this but I’ve been planning on getting help for a while, but right now I’m not in that bad of a place. I feel like I should hit rock bottom before I tell someone about my struggles, even though that doesn’t really make sense. I can’t just make myself go get help. I need some reason to go do it despite not feeling all that horrible right now. Help

  9. I always feel like I want something bad to happen to me, I want something horrible to happen… I don’t know why.??

  10. Can you do a video on what inpatient is like? Like the whole process and what it’s like day to day. I love your videos, they help me so much and give me a place so zone out.

  11. #KatiFAQ hi Kati I am wondering if you can help/give me advice I am supper depressed, suicidal, and I self harm I have reached out for help to many people and no one can or has helped my I just feel like I’m struggling so much what should I do

  12. Ik this is a really late comment, but if anyone sees this, do you know if you have to be
    Talking to a therapist first and then be an inpatient or can you just go straight to being an impatient

  13. I need help hopefully you will see this.
    I think i have anger issues. I get triggeref and when i do. I become this nasty angry person but when i chill i think. Why was i acting so irrational and mean. Everyday its like this for me

  14. Just putting it out there that inpatient is not glamorous. At all. It is there if you are truly in a crisis and predominantly to keep you safe when you can’t do it yourself. It is not a miracle cure and possibly most importantly- your mental illness is valid whether you’ve been inpatient or not.

  15. In my life I have had two incidences where I’ve been placed in a six day and then a two week stay in a psychiatric ward the latest one was for two weeks and come to find out now I have borderline personality disorder could you possibly tell people more about that when it comes down to total breakdowns I would greatly appreciate it and the kind of intensive care that need takes to be able to get to the point of being better because I am also still trying to except it and I morning to let people know more about this problem as possible because it is so much and miss understood diagnosis and stigma attached to it and yes you can use my name for people to know who was the one who asked this question thank you

  16. Hi! I’ve been watching your videos over the last few years and there’s something I want your opinion on. Is littlespace/age regression healthy? If so, in moderation or does it matter? I have several friends who regress to a younger age to relieve stress. Is it healthy? Thank you!

  17. I visited a psychiatrist once for a diagnosis and prescription (that i didn't get bc it's expensive af) and even with insurance the bill was expensive. It's so discouraging.

  18. I know this video was made two years ago but unfortunately the mental health inpatient has really failed at less as I know for royle areas there is no TV, only wrap group in morning and at night, underfunded, no clocks on the walls, no pencales/pins just old magazines cannot go to your room thought out the day like I said no group thrypie lucky if you get 1 a day so manly you look at plane 4 walls all day long I know I need help but when inpatient is like this it does more harm then good

  19. i've been getting so much better lately, but all of the sudden i've been getting a lot worse and no one around me is noticing. What do i do

  20. good video I love your content.

  21. Hi kati! I hope all is well, can you make a video about talking to your parents about treatment?

  22. All inpatient facilities in the US are worse than anyone thinks. It's basically prison, and they have control over your life. You will lose jobs, they will force a longer stay to make money. Do not commit yourself unless you're schitzo. Period.

  23. What if your cpn just isn’t getting you more help/Suport both. It started in January & it is just litterly progressing eg worsing

  24. Sometimes you can't get the higher care other think you need.

  25. Hi I love your video I was wondering if there is a number I can talk to u in private I really need to ask u a question

  26. Canada free health care

  27. *patiently waiting for Water in the Afternoon With Kati to be a thing*

  28. Please help I am terrified and I can't stay still I lost all interest in everything having headaches when I think about it which is all the time I don't want be a bother anyone but I need help me emotions are bad and I have depression

  29. @katimorton what is minor consent with mental health?

  30. What if hospitalization and residential treatment didnt help me? It doesn't get more intensive than that 🙁

  31. Hey Katie.

    Over the past few months things have gotten worse, It's been suggested I would benefit from DBT therapy, and that my emotions and relationships are unstable.

    I've had to go on the sick at work and stay off, I'm currently told by my doctor also not to drive, so I really can't do anything right now.

    A few weeks ago I ended up in hospital due to an OD, and I was self-harming a lot before that, I've been thinking a lot about suicide, like bi-daily, and also i'm self harming every single day, could you recommend what i should do?

    I'm using celexa 20mg, and I also am currently waiting for a psychiatrist assessment for diagnoses, but I was told that could take up to 6 weeks.

  32. What happens when you’ve exhausted all your options.

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