How Diet Affects Your Cat

What’s up, Team Cat Mojo? We have a special episode
of Cat Mojo today. I field a lot of questions
about cat nutrition. And I’m glad. It makes me happy to be able
to talk about that body mind connection with cats. I’ve been doing that for
many, many, many years. And for quite awhile now, one
of the tools in my toolbox has been,
and really gets into the nitty gritty
about what cats need to eat and what keeps them vital. And I’m really happy to welcome
Margaret Gates her today. Margaret Gates is the founder
and director of the Feline Nutrition Education Society,
and welcome Margaret. Hi. It’s so good to see you. Tell me a little
bit, tell the world a little bit about and how you started it. Well, I started in 2008 after
I had attended a lecture given by a v about nutrition. And one of the
things she did was she brought in all her equipment
and made a batch of raw food right there. And I realized how easy it was. And also how she explained
what cats evolved to eat and what they really
should be eating, which is a raw meat diet. That’s what their whole
systems are geared up to do. And I switched all of my cats,
who were then about a year old, on to a raw meat diet. And I was just blown
away by the results. Even with cats that
we’re young and healthy, they had more energy, their
coats got soft and silky, and best of all, the poop
doesn’t smell at all. It’s been an uphill
battle in terms of advocating a
bio-appropriate diet for cats. Since you started in ’08,
are you finding that there is a measure of acceptance
around raw diet? Acceptance is growing. Yes, the vets are
slowly coming around and one of the
things we have found is a lot of people start
feeding their cats the raw meat diet after visiting our site or
deciding on their own to do it. And they end up taking their
cats to the vet, the vets ooh and aah over how
healthy their cats are and we’ve had people it took
an 18-year-old cats that have been on a raw meet
diet and the vet just couldn’t believe the
cat was 18 years old. Then they reveal
what they’re feeding the cat and a lot of vets take
a step back and start really thinking about it at that
point, because, they’re getting educated
by their clients. Most vets don’t get a lot
of education in nutrition, and that’s part of the problem. What education they
do get is often taught by the pet food company. Exactly, right. I’ve had vets
describe this to me. It was mostly a course
in how to prescribe the veterinary
prescription diet. It wasn’t about what
was best for the cat. So a lot of vets just don’t
know very much about it, and because a vet,
they’re reluctant. Vets that are a little
bit more open minded are willing to learn from what
their clients are showing them. And willing to see the results,
because a raw meat diet can be very effective in
helping cats with IVD, and diabetes, and other
diseases, urinary tract problems. And because of that, a lot
of people are turning to it and trying raw meat diets. Tell me about your
light bulb moment. I suddenly realized that,
of course, a cat is a cat. They evolved to eat raw meat. And the fact that we’re
feeding them other things is leading to a lot
of health problems. We’re feeding cats foods
that they did not evolve and it is causing them a
lot of health problems. Especially dry food, because
cats are obligate carnivores, they don’t have any
requirement for carbohydrates. That’s one of the things
that this vet pointed out. And once you point
that out to people, and they suddenly
realize what they had been feeding their cat,
because we had fed our cats dry food. And once you realize that you’re
feeding your cat something that they have no
business eating, they have no requirement for
carbohydrate, and all dry food, no matter what the ingredients,
even if it’s grain free, is filled carbohydrates. And that was
something I realized, that I’d been contributing
to my cat’s health problems by what I was feeding him. I had assumed that because
this food is in the stores and it’s available, that
it was OK for my cat. It’s not. Everyone talks about the
fact that– my grandma fed her cat blank blank. I’d feed– my mom fed her
cats the dry blank blank, and I feed it. And our cats are living
to be 20 years old. So their lifespan is just fine. What do you say to
people who say that? Yes, some cats do survive
into old age on dry food. But it’s still not a
healthy food for them. They never tell you whether that
cat was having kidney problems, whether it was having any other
medical problems, whether it was probably overweight. Cats are a lot
healthier when they’re eating bio appropriate diets. Not every cat is going to have
a problem on a dry food diet. A lot of cats well. And you don’t know when
you’re starting out whether your cat’s
going to have a problem. And I always think why risk it? The myth that you can
feed a grain free dry. And it’s great for then. The whole packaging of
grain free, talk to me about that real quick. Because people started
to avoid grains with cats, which are very
dangerous to give cats, manufacturers caught onto that
and started eliminating grains. All they do is substitute
another carbohydrate, some sort of vegetable usually. It’s still carbohydrates,
it’s still dry. Cats don’t need
carbohydrates and they need to get most of their
liquid in their food, which is why canned or raw
diet is most important. Tell folks how they
get this information on feline nutrition. If you go to, we have lots of
different sections. We have sections
on nutrition that would talk about
these prepared diets, we also have a recipe if
you want to make homemade, you need to follow a recipe,
because cats need meat, bone, and organ in their diet. Can’t just be plain meat. That’s very deficient. And we have lots of
different articles on how to do a proper
raw meat diet whichever method you’re using. Thank you so much, Margaret. You’re welcome. Me and you could sit here and
talk for six hours, I’m sure. We could. And hopefully we will sometime. But in the meantime
folks, you know how I feel about a
bio appropriate diet. Now you’re starting to see that
it’s not such a strange thing.,
please go to it, you’ll see the links down below. And do what’s best for your cat. Start thinking. Is that kibble in
that bowl really the right thing for your cat? You know I talk to you guys
all the time about structuring meal time, structure meal
time, with at the very least, a grain free wet diet,
but start taking a look at the kind of things you’ll
find with the Feline Nutrition Education Society. Please do it. Do what’s best for your cat
and avoid the learning curve that a lot of us
including me and Margaret have gone through before. We’re trying to
make it so you don’t have to make those tough
decisions once your cat is not well. All right, folks, if you
want to get in touch with me, and I’m sure you
do at this point. This is really
interesting stuff. You can find me on Twitter and
on Facebook and on YouTube. And you can also find
Margaret wherever you need to on Until the next time we
meet, all light, all love, all mojo to you, love you. Goodbye. [MUSIC PLAYING]


  1. So I have two cats I had a third one but it was my girls cat, all three were on store bought cat food and I noticed their backs would twitch I Googled it. I s*** you not it was called Twitchy back cat Syndrome from eating dry food

  2. I cannot get my cat to touch raw. She did it for awhile years ago. Then she abruptly stopped and she would no longer eat it. That was over 6 years ago. We have tried many things and now we do a mixture of things. We include pumpkin as a stool softener. She was having trouble straining before. We then reintroduced dry food and she now has solid easy poops again…We believe in rotating everything. And we also do glucosamine condroitine for joints as she is becoming senior. Sometimes it is a balancing act…what will she eat balanced with what is good for her.

  3. Thank you this helps me in my cats new lifestyle changes post bladder stones

  4. My cat got to 17/18 and his body couldn't digest raw protein (or just meat in general) anymore. Every time we would feed him a small bit of chicken, pork, or even fish, he would puke! The vet even said he couldn't digest that anymore. He prescribed this special kibble that contained things that would help his kidneys. Our neighbours would always feed him salmon if we let him out (I think they thought we were abusing him by feeding him the prescribed kibble). Every time he came home, he would be really violently puking cause of what they fed him. I'm sad that he couldn't eat raw

  5. I have a 12 year old tabby with cancer and he is getting so skinny.

  6. i just cringe when i see at the vets office the “hills science diet crap” that stuff is poison. Hills Kills

  7. Wow… Thank you Mrs. and Jackson Galaxy

  8. its like going on a natural raw diet to heal a chronic disease and u go back to ur doctor and ur doctor is baffled cuz u dont have the disease anymore lmao the medical mafia industry seriously needs to change……….

  9. awesome stuff. and now i know why my cat's food taste like liver and kidney lol

  10. I have a persian… They say they have special dry food that’s made for them, for they’re structure and stuff. But I see most people feed their cats can food as well, should I too?

  11. I give my cat wet food for every meal but she just does not like it. It started after her teeth changed. I tried different brands, flavour and consistencies but it isn't helping. I picked out the one she seems to like the best but she still wouldn't eat much of it. She enjoys eating dry food very much on the other hand and eats a lot of it. She's still very energetic so I don't worry to much but I want her to stick more to wet food. I will make sure it is always available in case she's hungry and I will give her dry food only three times a day. We'll see how it goes. Does anyone has experience with that?

  12. Great video! We feed our rescues grain-free wet foods! Cats are carnivores!

  13. Does this mean humans should only eat what it's body has evolved into eating? Plants and Fruit?

  14. I have two cats,feed with "Royal Canin" biscuits available always , twice a day morning and evening ,meat(kangaroo),chicken (leg or breast) cut in small pieces, or spring tuna tin..
    They are happy and healthy .Twice a year go for the Vet for check up. I did try with tin food and "don't like them at all" I bought "Royal Canin tins food" one of them vomit afterwards…!

  15. Love love love this informative video best cat food video I have seen! Answered all my questions!❤️👏🏽❤️👏🏽 Thank you both!

  16. Can/should I feed my cat a raw meat diet?

  17. so is this why my cats avoiding dry food ?
    they choose wet food over dry food ?

  18. My boy was diagnost with diabetes dec.7 2012. his blood sugar was569! 2 vets told me he would be dead In 1 month. I decided to go holistic, cause my cat would never let me give him shots, and I also thought it would be better for him. I found pet remedy .com, and went to work educating myself. he eats fish chicken, and organic he goes, omega 3 s asparagus powder, and a glucose support formula.he will be 18 in 2 weeks! I saved him without insulin!

  19. My cat was this. He went from hills prescribed food to just wet food from wuvera his pee no long stinks >> I switched him to fast so he's constipated buy, he's slowly pooping better

  20. My cats are vegan. They’re doing fine.

  21. Cats do need some carbs. They eat mice and mice can be found in grain mills. When a cat eats the mice, the grain contents in their stomach is eaten by the cat.

  22. I've always wondered why their diets are so high in fish. never saw a cat catch a fish before. ( found the answer) then I wondered
    why cat food isn't made of rodents and birds. ( seriously ) I think you should start your own food brand for cats made from what their natural diet would be. mice, rabbit, voles, chipmunks, sparrows, etc. I'm 100% serious. if you do, just give me a shout out. : )

  23. I think they get their plant matter from the stomach of prey in the wild. It's predigested and digestible. If my cat eats prey which isn't that often she always eats the stomach first

  24. I have a problem with raw feeding I agree with it as it’s what that do in the whiled but what about the danger of toxoplasmosis and they need carbs they need a 5% part of carbs there obligated carnavors so they need a 95% meat I cook for my cats reglury as I don’t 100% agree with pouch feeding as it contains fish which if given to much can cause brain cancer and dibeites I think personley that a cooked food dite is right for my cat and my husbund feels the same for he’s as we don’t won’t to risk health problems people tend to forget that there’s big cats and domastic cats yes they have the same body and need the same foods but big cats need the hunting skills where as domestic cats do the hunting for fun not for servivel xx

  25. this makes so much sense! Thank you for this info! It is awesome!

  26. We do not even eat the things we evolved to eat as primates,
    can you really expect we will feed our pets the right stuff…
    btw it's the absolute opposite of what we should eat.
    Predators' food: animal fat and protein.
    Primates' food: carbohydrates with a few plant based fats and proteins.

  27. We tried raw food for our cats, and despite how meticulous we were about cleanliness, they threw up more and one started scooting.

  28. Lol the cat tree behind her 😉

  29. I'm on a fixed income, so I do a mix of dry and wet food every meal to make it stretch, would that be ok for my cat? I took him to the vet, and they said he was perfectly healthy.

  30. People are so simple minded. They don’t seem to understand that domestic cats and lions are both felines. If a zoo said they fed their cats dry food, people would look at them like they’re crazy. Yet we feed our cats dry food.

  31. OMG! Thank you for sharing this. I can't believe I've been doing this to my babies for so many years, feeding them dry food. I just switched to wet food a year ago and saw a difference. I can only imagine how much better both my kitten and senior baby will feel once I get the right recipe for them.

  32. My cats get wet packet food 4 between the 2 of them they get some cat biscuits as a a treat before they go out for the night (farm cats) they hunt rabbits, birds and Rodents (both voles and mice) ..I did find a rat once but they didn't eat it.. they prefer rabbit. Though I notice one of them will only eat certain parts of it.. the ears, eyes, feet and intestines get left. The rest is usually eaten though. Even fluff.. I don't know why they wouldn't bring it to the house in one piece so I could at least skin it for them..

  33. Lately I’ve been giving my cat wet food and his poop is firm and doesn’t smell and his fur shines. 😁 I shall educate myself on the nutrition and give it a try to the raw meat diet 👍

  34. A grain free dry diet is exponentially better than a canned food diet. The meat they use in animal food is not fit for consumption by any animal or human. they use road kill, sick animals with massive tumors, just awful awful stuff. A raw food diet is definitely the best but every cat I've ever known on canned food was over weight and died prematurely. There may be good options in higher end canned foods, but anything from the grocery store can't be trusted.

  35. Ooh I have to look into this! I often hear that dry food makes for less smelly poop but this makes a lot more sense

  36. My cat eats nothing but Meat. Unless it was a tee bit of cheese. Only 3 times. Why do people feel their cats other stuff like their dogs?

  37. I have a reasonable Vet and she said that no matter what – the ready food is working for so many years, its been examined and it is BALANCED. Our cats are not raw cat anymore, they are neutralized, they don't run that much, they don't hunt.
    She also said the she had a dog that couldn't eat meat because then he pooped with blood, but dog food – no problem.
    On the other hand there was a cat with diabetes and he was in almost-dead state and after a meat diet its been 2 years now when the cat is quite healthy…
    In my country the biggest problem is where to get FRESH and HEALTHY raw meat, because food control is not as good as i wish and RAW meat here can really cause food poison…
    Anyway – mine 2 cats have struvites and from my Vet experience there is nothing working as good as urinary cat food.
    And no i am not buying the food from her so there is no money involved

  38. WOW thank you 😋😍🤩🤩💞🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌠🌈👩‍🏫🔮😸☺

  39. You just have to look back and see what cats ate before big corporations started mass producing cat food.

  40. Oh wow thanks I saw that my small 3 months old cats eat the canned food with more appetite and wondered why if the dry food is supposed to be better for them. Now I know I should switch to a mostly canned diet which they'll also enjoy more.

  41. My cat will absolutely not eat anything I eat. Chicken, beef or fish. How can I get him to eat other foods besides dry food? I know he will eat if I starve him but would like to be more passive/aggressive.

  42. Raw chicken – giving it to my cat 🐱

  43. The only thing is that I don't have the time to always make a homemade raw meal for the cats everyday. I've been looking for brands of cat food that are raw meat and one of the brands I always come across is Blue Wilderness (or Blue Buffalo) but some wet food reviews say that sometimes the food gives their cats gas in the beginning but is Blue Wilderness/Blue Buffalo a good brand to recommend? If not what good healthy brands do you recommend? Money isn't a problem.

  44. I feed my cat raw food twice a week. I'd love to feed it to her every day but unfortunately, it's too pricey for me.

  45. I really hope this lady is at least vegetarian while she's preaching about how "cats can't live well off of an improper diet" when humans objectively function better on plant-based diets yet the majority still eat meat cause they like the taste!

  46. I wish my parents cared about my cats as much as I do. I told them about the proper feeding and how raw food is best for them and all they say is I’m wrong. I just want my cats to be happy and healthy

  47. My pets are THRIVING on raw. No more smelly poop, no more generic, boring meals, no more smelly coats, no more diarreah, etc. You have to know what you're doing when you're behind the health of your pet. Research the dietary needs of your pet- A lot of owners who give up the raw diet usually don't have the right support around them/information. If you don't give the right bone, organs meat omega 3 and eggs ratio they will get sick. Pet owners also have to take into account that a kibble fed dog has a PH of 4-5 while a raw fed dog has a PH of 2-3. Thus, a dog/cat who has been on a raw diet already has a higher tolerance for raw than a dog/cat who was fed kibble. That's why the transition period is so important. Dogs share 99.8% of their DNA with wolves and cats are obligate carnivores.

    Raw Feeding Advice and Support :–lptJ7QMjI0mCZG2I0VCC_GVPOhWsEWjN4qqFF2w29NYpSnrcIZMP4

  48. My cats only eat sachets of raw meat. They love it. No bikkies…..

  49. Can anyone recommend a raw food cat brand. I dont know any and i dont know which ones are good and which ones are bad. (Btw i live in the uk)

  50. How are people supposed to trust raw meat with there issues with risks of Salmonella?

  51. My vet told me AAFCO approved cat food is best.

  52. Does this nutrition site not exist anymore? The link doesn't work.

  53. 메종메즈카
    My Grandma has two cats that are overweight. She recently took one to the vet and was told he has about two months left to live, because of his diabetes. I told my Grandma that animals don’t normally get diabetes in the wild! I asked what she was feeding her cats, of course it’s some kind of generic “meow mix” dry food you’d get at Walmart or something. I told her to try raw food, I feed my Dog those Primal nuggets, & that the food she’s feeding her cats is unhealthy. She looked at me funny and said, “well the vet said it’s fine!” LOL so I agree that some vets don’t receive the proper knowledge in nutrition for pets. I understand they’re more pricey which was her main reasoning for not switching to raw. But I think it’s better to pay a little more now than pay a shit ton more in vet bills!

  54. I feel guilty buying cat food at the pet store, because I don't eat any animal products myself. Buying meat at the butcher will be the hardest thing to do. But, all the research points to cats needing raw meat. I love my cats so much that I'll have to do this for them.

  55. "It's an extremely common myth that grains are bad for cats and dogs. Grains are treated by their bodies as any other carbohydrate source. Their pancreas produces amylase, which is an enzyme that breaks down the grains into their basic components. The exact same physiological process would happen if you fed other carbohydrates like potatoes.

    The argument that cats (being obligate carnivores) do not need carbs is valid. They don't HAVE to eat carbs, but they can utilize it very well (93%+ digestibility) when the carbs are heated (gelatinized). This makes carbs an incredibly efficient source of energy and other nutrients (corn is amazing for essential amino acids (protein) that isn't available in animal meat).

    There isn't anything wrong with your cat eating grains. By the way, this is not to say grain-free is bad. Grain-free is perfectly fine, other sources of carbs are used instead of grains which are processed by the cat in the exact same way. You can feed your cat food with grain or without.

    Here's a great fact vs. fiction sheet written by two board certified veterinary nutritionists about grains in pet food."

    AKA: Crazy Cat Lady don't know shit.

  56. THANK YOU!!!!! Just curious, does the apply to dogs too? 🙂

  57. Hmm. It completely makes sense to me, but then why does my vet tell me to NEVER feed my cat any meat. He says it's because of the dental issues that arise from that diet and how it ends up being worse for their overall health! ??? This was what my vet told me. He was very adamant about it.

  58. this is so cute

  59. Wonderful and well done. I had no experience with cats until I found 4 feral kittens abandoned by their mother. I just used my common sense and assumed that as carnivores, I should feed them raw meat. I started them out with milk and knew that lacking their mother's milk may have adverse effects. I added raw chicken eggs to the milk. As they got older and stronger I started them on raw chicken. Some pork and beef and found that chicken was the preferred meat. I tried fish and they wouldn't eat it. I read that lions and other big cats eat the liver of whatever animal they hunted and killed, so I gave them chicken liver.

    We have been brainwashed into believing cats must eat fish. Then gave it some thought – cats don't like water, so why would they, in the wild, go to a river bank to catch fish?

    Now you have confirmed that what I did was along the lines of what cats need to eat. When I told friends and relatives what I fed my cats, they were horrified and told me that the cats would get food poisoning. Well, the kittens grew up to be healthy cats with a really nice coat of fur.

  60. I am a new cat owner, and I can't even express how helpful all your videos have been in trying to prep my home, and make sure things are going well with my feline friends. Cats are so very different than dogs, and humans, and it's so helpful to hear all these!

  61. does this also apply to kittens?-

  62. My kitten is 8 weeks old and is on a raw diet, I had her on it right away as soon as we got her 🙂 I enjoy doing all the research and prepping the meals, and watching her be her little carnivore self 🙂

  63. great video. i agree. dry kibble is not bio appropriate. I no longer feed my cat death nuggets, and waste my money. I only feed him 100% meat.

  64. This is the same thing with dogs too!

  65. I really don't want to put my cats on a raw meat diet because we have really poor standards with handling raw meat and it results in parasites and disease. When i can afford it, I cook their own meals as healthy as I can get it.

    But I'm trying to look for something that'll work for the times I can't afford it or don't have time or energy to cook for them. Preferrably wet food, but my cat Cleopatra turns her nose up at anything that isn't dry kibble and refuses to transition.

  66. I adopted a cat six months ago, whom we believe to be about five years old. I've lost track on how much money I've spent on wet cat food, only to throw it away! I've found only one brand with pure chicken in broth, that he likes….occasionally, and then, he only licks the broth. The meat usually goes down the drain after he turns his nose up at it. My cat won't even try treats! I'm willing to give raw food a try, but based on all the wet food I've tried before I'd be shocked if he goes for it. Should I keep trying, or just give up at some point? He's a healthy weight, loves to play, and has perfect litter box habits.

  67. dry food kibble is loaded with carbs which turn to sugar that can make a cat diabetic and cause UTI. Cats get addicted to it also. like human junk food

  68. what is their website please i need the link and receipt for raw diet, for poop not to smell

  69. Doesn't meat (raw or cooked) have carbs in it as well? I mean, I've worked in a few kitchens in my lifetime and I'm pretty sure carbohydrates are in meat as well as dry food.

  70. No smelly poops? I'm sold. I hate the smell of the litter box.

  71. My oldest kitty is 24 and has a mix of wet and dry cat food. But this could work for my two three year olds and one 4 yo

  72. I've been searching for weeks what's best for my cat and I found this video thank you for guiding me and my cat we will be at the raw diet team ✌✌❤

  73. Alguien me podría resumir en spanish , quisiera saber qué dicen,saludos desde Chile.

  74. Subtitulo en spanish..hay ?

  75. Jackson Galaxy la veterinaria me recomendó darle a mi gatito de dos meses Pro Plan *purina,y que se hidrate con agua.
    Me prohibió darle jamón,carne y pollo crudo,si le doy pollo tiene que ser cosido.
    Me gustaría que alguien me respondiera.

  76. It took me a while to figure out the thumbnail

  77. I'm surprised you advocate a raw meat diet given all the crap that is fed to chickens etc – most chickens are abused and 'grown' in large warehouses and are sick. Why do you think so many humans who eat this meat are sick? Cats and people who eat meat are f*cked by agroculture.

  78. I was really confused when I heard from a vet then a cat should eat mostly dry food and the food which vet told me to give my Freddy was only 17% meat. I didn"t gave her that just found a cat food in small bags made for one serving which have almost 90% of raw meat and she feel a lot better. I've took Freddy few months ago from previous guardian, she is over 4 years old and she was fed most of her life with dry food and not some better quality but some cheapest first from the store shelf. I was just buying every food in the pet store to find the right one that she will love and will be willing to eat and we found so I'm really happy. She feeling a lot better and I'm trying to do my best with catyfing the apartment just I can't make to many holes in the walls cause the appartment is rented. Still I'm looking for a ways to make it happen and I know that I will find the perfect solution 😊

  79. My cat can’t gain weight due to a mixture of her past abuse and her being a very extremely picky eater. I tried giving her a raw diet but she lost a lot of weight so i was forced to go back to kitten food for her. She gets as much food as she wants and i finally got her to weigh 3.1 kg. She’s a maine coon and should weigh 6 kg so it’s not a lot sadly. What’s your advise for someone like me who can’t get your cat to eat anything else than:
    Royal canin Kitten:
    Dry food
    Wet food with gravy only
    Raw Tuna or salmon twice a week (any more and she stops eating)
    Freeze dried chicken and tuna
    Chicken purée with her medication

  80. What about pathogenic microorganism's in raw meat?

  81. 💜

  82. Of course raw meat is beneficial! Would you eat all your life some stinky, salted, hard grains? They contain just some protein remains, cereal and artificial supplements.

  83. exactly i started feeding my 3 and half month's kitty raw minced meat….75% boneless chicken breast and 25% beef liver….. amazing results….heavy bones….. heavy sofy silky coat… active as hell…..

  84. 👏👏

  85. Is it ok if I cook the meat before giving to a cat?

  86. My cat has an intolerance to chicken and poultry in general. It gives him, at best, bad gas and a really smelly litter tray and at worst, vomiting and a really smelly litter tray. He does much better with kangaroo meat.

  87. if cats are supposed to eat raw meat like in the wild, why are all the vitamins etc. needed. this makes no sense whatsoever to me! plus, i can’t afford all that. i once bought a bag of supplement, and my cats wouldn’t touch it – that’s just a little with their canned food! not all pet owners can afford to feed their pets better than they feed themselves and their kids. i love my cats and feed them the best i can. and you cannot make me feel guilty for feeding them the way i do. i think they’d rather have a good home, than be in a shelter or worse. i’m glad there are options (and i will cut out the dry food), but buying that frozen cat food is way outa my income bracket!!!!(hey, once in while, yeah.)
    thanks for the info anyway. 😼🐾

  88. Yes feline nutrition is important and it's horrifying when you learn how many pets are just fed garbage because their guardians are mislead by clever marketing.
    representing BARF as the end all be all seems sketchy to me too. What about high quality wet food 95+ percent meat, good organ meats, no sugar, no grain…? It's way safer in terms of bacteria and parasites (and that goes for your cat and the people around them) and they get their vital nutrients.

  89. I bounce back and forth, in my mind, about a raw food diet. For one, it's possible that taking it upon oneself to feed a raw diet could lead to over/under-supplying critical nutrients…ie, taurine. Another big reason is that cats are not wild cats. What I mean is on the coast of the state I live wild Mustangs roam free. Tourists, visitors come visit, see a "horse" and supply them with apples and carrots. The wild Mustangs started dying due to these foreign foods being fed to them. Now there are signs informing people to not feed these wild horses. Wild cats do not eat fruits but my cat loves strawberries, cantaloupe and snacks on leaf lettuce and her cat grasses. I think domestic cats have evolved to, for lack of a better word, consume other foods. Like domestic horses. I've also read about domestic cats becoming sick, food poisoned after consuming raw meat. Your opinion would be most welcomed…

  90. 💖💖

  91. i don’t get it. so raw meat – in the wild it’s only raw meat (plus whatever leaves and dirt comes with that). so why do they need all these extra nutritional add ons? what if i added all those to the canned food? what would be the difference? i doubt whether this research has been done.
    i, for one, cannot afford all these additional vitamins, etc. once i did get a good nutrient mixture and not one of the four cats would touch it, even if i added just a little.
    maybe if i add a bit of raw chicken thigh (after freezing it to make sure it’s ok to eat raw, as we cook ours). i’ll try it and see if it makes a difference. 😼🐾 🙂

  92. What about parasites?

  93. I am so very confused right now. I buy Royal Canin for my cat, wet and dry food, esp made for Ragdolls apparently. My breeder said it was the best, my cat said it was the best. I get the whole lion in the wild thing, but does that mean we should eat ourselves like cavemen. Honestly confused, would I need to swap him over slowly as I know adding any new food should be done gradually. Seriously I spend a fortune on this Royal Canin here in Australia for my baby.

  94. what about the cost? buying all the ingredients seems pricy considering you want quality meat for your cat

  95. I agree but how do they avoid such things as salmonella etc?

  96. Then why do cats eat greens in the wild? Why do cats go nuts for cantaloupe? I think this lady is too focused on boxing all cats into this category of "carnivore" and grouping ALL carbohydrates as if they were equal. Cats like to have some sort of roughage. It not only helps clear out hairballs, but it also helps to deal with parasites. For instance, since adding a tablespoon of pumpkin puree a day to my cat's wet food, she's had less hairballs. Roasting the pumpkin seeds helps clear out worms or any other intestinal parasites. Vegetables aren't eaten by cats for their nutrient benefits, but as digestive aids. Geeze louise lady, you've gotten people all worked up against "carbohydrates" as if you're the Dr. Atkins of Cat food.

  97. What about the cases of cats getting salmonella from raw meat??

  98. I buy frozen raw and freeze-dried raw but for some reason manufacturers keep putting plant materials in that why can't they just make a raw food that's species-appropriate?

  99. Stop feeding the stupid Cat for a week if it listens then, Feed it, If it don't stop the feeding for a month or two until it does, That's what I'm about to do and if the dumb ass cat is smart it will feed itself!

  100. What are the top 3 raw diets that you recommend?

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