How Consumers are Disrupting Healthcare | #JPMHC19 | J.P. Morgan

hi I'm Lisa Gill senior analyst and managing director with JPMorgan with me today is Chris shot our pharmaceutical analysts and managing director press how you doing good good we're coming to you live from the JPMorgan healthcare conference in San Francisco roughly 9,000 people have attended our conference this week along with 485 companies it's always a great conference and view the highlights for me would be the panel that you and I discussed Chris and I hosted a panel yesterday afternoon with senior leaders from the pharmaceutical industry as well as the healthcare services industry as we think about the conference Chris what would you say are some of the biggest takeaways from your perspective sure so from my perspective within the pharma industry I think it's been this this tug of war because he saw between the pricing controversies that again one's aware of and innovation and so the big takeaway for this conference was innovation so first of all with the FDA approval sustained record levels of new drugs being approved and we had a chance to interview Scott Gottlieb efficient er of FDA and dr. Gottlieb be talking about further initiatives to further streamline the approval process for new products and then we talked about to the companies we heard from CEOs across the pharmaceutical and biotech industry and their pipelines honestly have never been better so that dynamic leaves is still very optimistic on the outlook for the sector going forward and at least I know for you consumerism in healthcare is a big theme and you've written a lot about it what were the takeaways on your end we have consumerism in healthcare and we really think about that is that disrupter of healthcare and as you think about the individual you and I paying a lot more out-of-pocket today for pharmaceuticals for healthcare in general and we really need better solutions around quality cost and convenience and we really think that there's a number of opportunities in the marketplace today where you get those services the combination of companies that have come together things like virtual health and we start to think about transparency around pricing we start to think about what this really means to the consumer and we think it's gonna the drive is really going to come from the consumer themselves because they're paying more out of their own pocket that makes a license thanks for those comments Lisa and thanks everyone for joining us today

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