How Behaviorists Help Vets Diagnose Horse Health Problems

how can veterinarians working with behaviorists help in diagnosing problems and horses well many of the more difficult diagnosis for physical problems our first apparent in behavior changes and those behavior changes are often misinterpreted as as behavior as the root cause as opposed to a physical problem so working with the behavior as the veterinarian can get an opinion as to whether the problem is truly behavioral or if there's a physical root cause for the behavior and we certainly do that every day here at new Bolton Center and it's very satisfying to work together with veterinarians and then if there is a behavior problem if it truly is behavioral we can we can work with that and that's very satisfying to clients to have someone who's willing to help them overcome the simple behavior problem


  1. My name his The_Horse Brazil

  2. I love how you can see several examples of behavior while she is talking. 😏

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