HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT – Bodybuilding Lifestyle Motivation

you do you really really want it do you want it that bad because if you don't want it that bad that it hurts that you don't really want it if you really want something if you really really want it you'll know because there's no such thing as being too tired there's no such thing as missing a meal there's no such thing as missing a workout if you really really want something there's nothing that will get in your way I'm getting it done day after day got to have that big that thing that makes you go when you want to stop you continue audience gasps these are the red mental toughness is not given you gotta train your mind to go that extra step you gotta train your mind to block out pain what everybody around you is breaking and you're still going that's mentally tough to oh hi three Oh


  1. Sir I want to know by doing gym can we earn money . I love doing gym but I don't have time

  2. Badass video. Guys voice is annoying af though

  3. Every workout I blast these videos as a reminder of why we all started and keep going. Thank you for these videos, I get chills everytime

  4. Who's the young woman at 2:38 ?

  5. What is the name of the guy in orange shirt the first guy

  6. Rob is a lucky man. DLB = Fire


  8. Dana linn Bailey is a fucking monster…

  9. DLR is damn near perfect


  11. Dope ass video !! But what is that cover music !

  12. When rob bailey screams these are the reps. Boy that shit is emotional. Fucki g beasy mode dana

  13. That damn Lou ferrigno clip got me hyped af

  14. Song Name…………???

  15. What is this song??

  16. Music plz

  17. This video is fucking amazing.

  18. Anyone know what happened to the channel insanity motivation

  19. This shit is so fire so fire

  20. Come on geng

  21. Song?

  22. Name of the music

  23. I'm pumped now. Cant wait to destroy legs in a couple of hours from now!!!

  24. We love it🇲🇺

  25. I wanna beat him! the way he says that has always been funny. Arnold! Arnold! Arnold! love old training footage

  26. #Meri Jaan tum ho

  27. Audio quality is not very good

  28. Gym helped me pursuing my ultimate dream: being a fucking strong motherfucker 🔥

  29. Amazing video song name?

  30. Every time i watch something that has sergio oliva in it i have to turn the sound off because every1 thinks im watching porn

  31. Mak dude, I been following you since you had 10k subscribers.. going strong dude!! congratz on your hard work and thanks for the motivation!!!

  32. Thank you for the motivation man….. I kill shoulders and arms today….train for 2 hours and don't feel tired at all when listening to this one….. Can I have the name of the song please? Thank you!

  33. niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee motivationnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn sssssssssssssssssss2222222

  34. When the coach screamed “Arnold! Arnold! Arnold!”
    “I want to beat him!!!”

  35. The soundtrack, the perfectly fitted video clips and great editing made this one of your best videos you have ever made Makaveli and I'm sure everyone agrees. We really do appreciate the effort and thought you put into your videos. Truly one of the best at what you do bro much love ❤

  36. Music's name plz?

  37. Chillsssss

  38. im 47 yrs old i live in a shack with no water or electricity so i use the gym to shower and shave. for 21 years of my life was in the hands of others. as of now i am in training to be the fastest 40 plus year older ever to run the 400 meter dash. i will be…..i will be.
    "BBOY since 83 representing Hip Hop and Boulevard homes projects nicely to the present."

  39. 2:47 that's a man baby.

  40. music please

  41. This channel never fails to motivate. Maybe the best channel in Youtube in this regard.

  42. 1 more rep

  43. If CT yelling at Kai Greene doesn't motivate you, nothing will!

  44. Make a larry weels motivational video with a sick music

  45. 👌🏾

  46. Does anyone know the name of the instrumental in the background ?
    By the way great video as always;)

  47. It's not about how bad do you want it's about how hard u can work😈

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