How Aliss Cresswell Prays for Her Own Health Problems

but what happens when you get sick or your husband Wow that's a good question now sometimes I don't really get sick very often but sometimes things will come at all of us and we've got to fight those things we've got to contend for them not come into agreement so I believe like with an evil spirit it can only have any power in your life if you come into agreement with it so you've got to break that agreement straight away one time I found a lump in my breast basically and I straightaway I fell if you find anything like that you just got to tell it to go in the name of Jesus and you know I said don't come into agreement with it so basically I thought I'm not going to get it checked out or anything because I don't want to you've got to be careful with this led by the Holy Spirit but what was interesting to me was just later that same day I couldn't tell anybody else later that same day I got a letter come through my letterbox I open it up and it's from the hospital and it says oh we're just I was in my 40s at the time it says we are just offering random mammograms to women in their 40s and we'd like to invite you from mammogram and I thought that is interesting maybe the devil is just over playing his hand here because this is the same day I've just found a lump and I knew it was the enemy anyway so I just I just tore it up threw it away and I said no I'm not coming into agreement with that thing and I tell that lump to leave in the name of Jesus and I had to speak to it a few times but it just went one time I put my finger on it and it just disappeared completely

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