How AI could change the future of our health care

for any patient arriving in the emergency room the goal is to be seen and treated as quickly as possible in a few hospitals artificial intelligence is now speeding things up first comment out of my mouth when I saw this was like whoa at Humber River in Toronto powerful computers are now accurately predicting how many patients will arrive in the emergency department two days in advance it's gonna be extremely busy with a number of rooms that need to be cleaned and you're gonna need a lot of staff at that time the predictions come from software processing real-time data on admissions wait times transfers and discharges stretching back over a year it's finding patterns and pinpointing bottlenecks so how long it takes your doctor to see you how long you're waiting for your bed to be clean how long you're waiting to get up to your room if you can shorten each one of them you can start saving a lot of money patients are now moving through the system faster allowing the hospital to see an average of 29 more patients a day the potential for really almost a revolution in in healthcare in the next in the next few decades is his huge yoshua bengio is one of the pioneers of deep learning an advanced form of AI based on the data they're fed computer programs can now make assumptions and learn as they go much like the brain does pathology dermatology and radiology departments will likely be the first to see major changes all of these images right now are processed by people who painstakingly have to look at all the details and check for problems and so on and can sometimes be disrupted and miss things machines can be trained to be as good or better than doctors or technicians at these tasks but in order for machines to learn they need vast amounts of information from us in our hunger for more data in order to power these Reap these tools are we introducing a form of surveillance within our society this bioethicists isn't against AI integration in health care but warns anything involving big data profit driven companies and health care should be heavily regulated and AI won't necessarily barely serve everyone fairly the algorithms aren't coming out of nowhere as human beings we're creating those so many of the biases that we might have ourselves we bring those and we may not even be aware of those the companies that are building those devices should be accountable should have a responsibility to explain how the system is designed it's gonna happen everyone agrees ai offers huge potential for improving medical care have you traveled outside the country but the heart of medicine is trust and human interaction finding the balance will be a challenge Christine Burak CBC News Toronto

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