How a Free Clinic Is Saving Health Care in America

in 11 years that we've been here we've seen over 40,000 patients Medicaid patients the uninsured the illegal aliens the undocumented for free this is true charity we donate our time our money we charge no one anything unless my job in 2011 I have no health care I can't afford it right now it's too expensive my insurance ran out we don't take any insurance at our private practice we found out that we didn't want to fight with insurance companies we wanted to spend our time with the patient and let's work that fine so people who can't afford care come here if they get a job and they do better and they'll often transition back to our office and vice versa winds up being a good a good bottle losing my job not having marital insurance really put me in a boiler financially and I was in need of a doctor I was very scared I didn't know what I was gonna do cuz I have all these ailments one of our patients came in with a book the size of phone book he had gone through to find a medicaid doctor he couldn't we in New Jersey we used to be one in eight was on Medicaid now it's one in four the Medicaid system has proved to be such a failure that our clinic will be needed whether people have that insurance or not after they treat me for my diabetes they treat me from my blood pressure from my anxiety my depression I felt relieved I felt I have something to live for again and again the cost to provide care in this clinic is thirteen dollars per patient visit none from the taxpayers everybody volunteers and that's what real charity should be when you have a big bureaucratic government program you get all kinds of people who would have don't have charity in their minds but they're gonna look at a lot of money that's flowing out of the government and they don't want to get a piece of that the taxpayers are harmed by the Medicaid system as far as I'm concerned people who have gotten onto Medicaid through Obamacare are twice as likely to go to the emergency room than people with no insurance because they know they're not gonna get a bill the purpose of the Medicaid system they told us or Obamacare was to keep the unnecessary visits out of the emergency room and the exact opposite has happened in today's society and so many people losing their jobs and it's very very hard to get health insurance today I think you really do need more of this type of a thing they're very helpful so you know I always say God bless these people because they're so nice so the real solution is cashed for the routine catastrophic insurance for the high ticket items and then real charity like this clinic instead of a bloated Medicaid system you should pay for the routine pocket if you can don't involve a third party as they'll just take a piece they care they donate their time it's a weight off my shoulders it's just knowing and everybody knows me here and I just feel like it's like family I come here twice a week and I can honestly say that I always feel good when I believe that I made a difference in somebody's life that they came with it with a problem that I could solve and then they looked at me and said this was wonderful thank you so much I really appreciate it there's something very satisfying about that I've been doing this for 11 years now and it doesn't get old

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  1. As a person who was insured for the first time due to the affordable care act, I disagree with the statements made in this video. I am a strong supporter of free clinics and volunteerism however these are not available in all cities and towns across the US. I think it is to the disadvantage of the cause that you support to bash a system with the same intent as yours. The purpose of free clinics and the affordable care act is to make healthcare an attainable necessity that is not dictated by money.

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