How 3 Doctors Look After Their Wellbeing

hello everyone my name is s Ezgi and I’m
a 29 year old GP trainee working in North London
I’m also on YouTube known as the junior doctor hi I’m professor Helen Stokes-Lampard, Chair of the Royal College of GP Hi everybody I’m Fiona Day I’m an
executive coach and career counsellor and I work with mid-career and senior
doctors on all aspects of that career hi my name is Dr. Erwin Kwun. I am on a
mission to improve doctors wellbeing working as a doctors challenging due to
the intensity and the complexity of the work. I believe we can empower doctors to
look after their own wellbeing. This is why I asked three doctors to share the
top wellbeing tips with you. I want to tell you a few ways of how I look after my
wellbeing. As a medic one of the most important things for me is to talk
whether that being with my friends my partner or my family it helps me to get
things off my chest and I allow my family to understand the struggles I may
have at work and the second is to get active even though it may be the last
thing I want to do after a long day or one of night shifts I try to push myself
to go outdoors and get moving it does wonders to de-stress and getting
fit is just a bonus I try to exercise in areas with nice scenery after I finished
my run my jog or my walk I sit down and do a bit of mindfulness my top tips sort
of liang’s to myself firstly I know I need fresh air every
single day so even if it’s a day at the college full of meetings or a day
interview where I could stay I make the point of getting outside
whether that’s walking to a home visit or walking to meetings in and around
London also I make time to have fun in my life
I work really hard just as all of us do but if I have to plan in a bit fun
it makes me so much more joyful in my work and my life generally it’s really
important to take time out of your day to enjoy what you like doing in your own
space whether that’s having a pamper session reading a book or watching a
movie you’ve been intending to watch for ages
last but not least I make an effort to cook fresh meals from home and meal prep
for the week at work as I know exactly what goes into my meals I can make them
nutritious and healthy right guys those are my simple and easy ways I look
after my wellbeing they are very simple but often hard to implement
just because work can be really busy and tiring but remember after a long day at
work looking after everyone else it’s time to look after yourself the shoulder
to cry I’m so glad when they do the same as me. I’m really excited to share
this wellbeing tip with you so it’s called the compassionate hand and
essentially it’s to use our hand to self-soothe ourselves when something is
really difficult and this practice actually activates are assuming in
connection part of our brain and that helps us to dial down any stress
response in the to pausing to ground ourselves before deciding
to do next and so it involves two steps first step is taking our hands and
placing it over our heart or you can touch the back of your other hand or
perhaps your cheek or your legs but when something is really difficult its to say
to ourselves to acknowledge that actually it is really hard this is a
difficult process it was difficult experience for me or I’ve had a really
difficult morning and it’s a little moment of self-care that we can take to
soothe ourselves to acknowledge that this is really hard and to allow
ourselves to be able to calm down and take care and then be thinking okay so
this is hard and what can I do next that would be skillful what can I do next it
would help me to move forward from this difficult situation
and you can do this in a kind of calm and caring voice to yourself to help
yourself to work out actually what do you need to do from here so perhaps it
could be anything from going to have a cup of tea or a little break or actually
going to have a conversation with somebody about something that’s
difficult or something that takes action so it’s a two-step process so it’s first
of all oh yes this is hard this is really difficult I need to be kind to
myself that this moment and then actually what can I do now that would be
skillful and help me to move forward from here so I hope that’s of help to
you and all best thank you for watching this video I hope you found the wellbeing
tips useful if you know a colleague who might benefit from watching this video
please share it to your colleague take everybody bye-bye

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