How 21 Weeks Can Transform Your Life: Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program 2018

We’re close to being done and throughout
the program just being in the ashram, in the alayam specially,
it’s such a supportive space. Not only has it been such a gift
to be in these consecrated spaces and really just be in this cocoon of energy and support system that is the
ashram but it’s also been so meaningful to be with this group of people, like not
just the participants and my peers but the group of teachers we have is beyond
anything I’ve ever experienced. We were actually joking the other day, we .. we
called it Hogwarts for yoga because no one would ever believe if you go, you
know, and share the story outside, no one would ever believe that there’s such a
program exists and people people could actually go through things like this and it’s phenomenal, the number of things that happen here. I did my graduate
studies at Harvard University I have to say that this program has blown me away in terms of the level of refinement to which I can even just consider what my mind is. The education I’ve received here is way more holistic than any education
I’ve ever received in my life. I feel so much more capable in my body
and I feel like I’m not like it’s just no longer in the way of anything, like I
could really do anything I needed to do and my body would not resist or be a
problem which is phenomenally empowering actually. I didn’t expect, I didn’t expect that. I expected to be strong and fit but I realize now that fitness is just one
small aspect of what my physicality can be. This, this to me represents what this
program has offered for me. Every limitation within, anything that would
hold me back in any way, be it on the level of mind, body, energy or emotions, I was able to face that and not just face that, have the tools with which to
overcome it and I feel like this now. I feel like this blossoming is happening
and it’s only the beginning. I feel like I am capable of so much more than I ever
thought I was. Spending this amount of time with people and going through something as intense as this, I have so much respect for everyone here and we’ve
achieved so much together and I feel like we are this amazing force of people. The kind of people that we come across together in the terms of Hatha yoga
teachers training, is so beautiful. People from so many walks of life coming
together, I wouldn’t have ever imagined that I would meet so many people and
would go out with them doing so many things, sharing so many things. The kind of bond that you generate when you are going out there with people around you and the things that you share is something that will be definitely be
like you will cherish it for all your lifetime. that’s something that
will be like the core memories of my life. They told us it in beginning, you’ll
be doing the same thing every day, in out in out and it might get boring for you
but for me, not one day was same not a single day was same. Every day, may be the same thing is happening but in my experiences, nothing was same. We are doing the same guru puja in the morning, the same sadhana, the same
practices but the way I experience it and the way deepened in me, every, every
every day it’s so beautiful, it’s like you go
through a chain of processes where you start with something and then end up
with entirely something different when you look back and you say “oh, that was me? doing
all that silly things and now I’m here doing something wonderful, doing
something that’s really needed out there in the world. I thought that when I
started the training, one of the biggest challenges for me would be staying away from my family. But in these four and half months, almost five months now, I have never even missed my mother because there have been situations that you have
being taken care of so well it’s like such a warm cocoon of love and warmth. The amount of attention that is being paid here to everything, every aspect,
every person, every little detail everybody just pours their heart into
everything that happens here .. Having those small details make such a huge
impact. It’s changed the way that I am essentially, just to the very core
of who I am and 99% of the day I think how did I get here
how did I get so lucky I look at the volunteers and the teachers and they’re not wanting anything in return, they’re just wanting us to experience what Sadhguru is providing and I can’t even explain the willingness that I see
within them so every day when I see that it just pushes me to go through the
program with so much devotion It’s a freedom that I didn’t know that I could
experience. It’s very hard to describe the teachers here It’s just their presence, just the way they throw themselves into everything that’s
happening here, into… whatever they’re doing it’s for our growth every single step
that they’re taking, it’s for us and with the sense of offering that they come
here, I’ve never seen peopl e being this dedicated to make
something happe n for other people. So I think Sadhguru’s visit to the Hatha
yoga school was much anticipated. Having him in the alayam with us was
just a different level of amazing and being able to spend so much time with
someone who has changed your life on such a fundamental level is very special. I felt like we were all his babies
like sat round him and he was telling us
exactly what we needed to hear. You know we’re all about to go out into
the big wide world and start teaching I know that we will be looked after
I know that I have nothing to worry about because these five months have been more
than just physical practices more than just going through the process something, something much deeper has been happening within all of us. I know that he’ll be
with .. there with us every step of the way. 21 weeks is Hatha yoga Is it changing the composition of who you are? Participants: Yes Well, there are many many aspects to it ..
leaving all that, the most important thing is how you hold it and how you carry it
within yourself. The science of it is always there but who carries it and how, makes a world of difference. You must .. when you’re teaching in ..
any instruction when you’re doing .. when there are people in front of you and you have something to do, you must promise me one thing, you must sit there like a
mother to the world, Hmm? always this one, that one, that one, that one it doesn’t matter
who the hell they are, huh? doesn’t matter who the hell they are, once you
sit there, it’s all the same. When you’re imparting yoga, you must sit like a
mother to the world. Doesn’t matter who, hmm? will you do this? Participants: Yes This one thing you must always do,
otherwise I won’t spare you. Yes If you do that one thing, rest I will do. If you do this one thing, rest I will
do for you.


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