Houston Family Medicine Physician Dr. Christine Le

(bright orchestral music) – It’s a great joy of mine
to get to know my patients. And when they come in,
they’ve lost weight, they’ve quit smoking, they’ve
improved their health, they’re taking better
care of their family, that gives me great joy
and satisfaction every day. My family does have some medical
problems of heart disease, and I went into medicine trying to prevent heart disease in other people. I originally wanted to deliver babies, and I discovered that
the family medicine tract actually allowed me to
not only deliver babies, but take care of everyone in the family. I actually had several
close friends and colleagues who’ve worked here and it’s
a great working atmosphere, a great team of physicians and staff and so that’s why I joined. Well, it’s very important
to listen to their concerns, and my role is to try to give
them the best recommendations. And we try to talk over all the risks and benefits of
every decision together. I think it’s important
to listen to patients and work together as a
team to keep my patients as healthy as possible
and also to take care of their family members as
healthy as possible too.

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