Hot Suit provides the benefits of exercise

We use a water perfused suit to induce
an increase in body temperature where we can manipulate the temperature of
different parts of the body so we can use a bit more localized
forms of heating. If we get hot all our tissues get hot, our muscles get hot and
that can trigger those tissues to release substances that we know are
beneficial to health. So, some of the things that we find during exercise are
actually replicated on a lower level when we increase people’s body
temperature. So the people I think who would benefit the most from this
alternative health intervention are those that are restricted from engaging
in exercise. For example people with severe disabilities, the elderly or there
are certain health conditions that prevent people from engaging in exercise. As a result they are at a higher risk of chronic disease. They are at a higher
risk of getting diabetes or cardiovascular disease, dying of a stroke
for example. Using temperature as an intervention could be of benefit to them
because we know that the temperature in isolation without the need to exercise
can have a positive impact on those diseases. The long-term impact of this
work is I think if we can have guidelines like evidence-based passive
heating guidelines for these populations that are restricted from engaging in
exercise then we can really make an impact and we still stimulate exercise
where possible. That’s always, it should always be the first option but if it’s
not possible then this might be an alternative for these populations.

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