good morning it's a beautiful day to be alive I hope you're excited because today we're doing hot fire flames leg workout I hope that you guys enjoyed today's workout if you do please be sure to give it a thumbs up and never you're tough subscribe so you never miss a workout with weight I love you so much let's jump in to this video recording in action huh look alright it's fine I kick off every single leg day with a little bit of a warm-up I actually kick off every single workout with a little bit of a warm-up and my favorite thing to do is to kick up a treadmill a super high incline do a little speed walk a little walk and talk you know get your body loose ready to go I do that for about 15 minutes and then I move into glute activation I have an entire video on some of my favourite glute activation exercises it doesn't mean to be very specific I just really like to take AB and put it on my leg aru's and get my glutes and my legs warmed up ready to go get them pumped a little bit it really has made a huge difference in my leg days especially because your girl has the most stubborn glutes in the history of stubborn glutes okay I've got them it is absolutely no secret that I love hip thrusts adding hip thrusts into my weekly leg routine has made the biggest difference in my glutes my booty so I'm starting off this workout with hip thrust I'm doing three sets of eight to ten reps at a pretty darn heavy weight I could maybe go a little more than this but I did do a little bit higher reps today so I wanted to make sure that the weight was very challenging you'll see it was very difficult for me to get through I really encourage you to up your weight on hip thrust if you can do it with correct form please be sure that your form is always correct tucking your chin to your chest focus on pressing through your heels through your glutes big squeeze at the top come all the way back down three sets has that pretty heavyweight it's hard for me to get through so I'm going to take off half this way so we can finish off with one set of my reps which is really just going to finish off whether my glutes they're about to be roasted it's hosted done so after three sets of hip thrusts I'm now going to remove half of the weight add a band and I'm going to do one set of Maya reps I've talked about Maya reps before it is dangerous enough dangerous right word it's it's really difficult so in my reps you definitely want to use a lighter weight because you are going to be doing a whole lot of reps this is going to be an awesome little end set to add on to those heavy hip thrusts make sure you reduce your weight you're going to do ten reps right in a row you can add a band onto your legs if you want to like I did it's just gonna add a little resistance you have to press your knees out against that band so there's just a whole lot tension build up there you know after ten reps you're going to drop the barbell take three big deep breaths pop right back up and hit it for five more reps after these 15 reps I'm pretty much done so but we're not actually done so okay you're going to take three big deep breaths pop the way back up and you're going to hit it for five more reps you're gonna see I almost got it you got it through the hills push those knees out yep yep push yep so try your very best I know from experience it's very difficult to do but you got to push yourself I thought that was the enemy you know but I made it we're only doing one set of my reps and then I'm moving on to sumo deadlifts now I love adding sumo deadlifts on to hip thrusts I used to do it reverse and then once I switched it where I do hip thrust then sumo deadlifts it's the activation that I feel in sumo deadlifts just accelerate it I'm doing this with the barbell that I add the weights on – you can do this with dumbbells if you are a beginner remember there are always modifications that you can make to make this workout better suit you in a sumo position you want your feet to be just past shoulder width apart toes pointed outward the reason I love sumo position is because it targets more of your hamstrings and your glutes rather than your quads well target quads the next set but for right now we're hitting the hamstrings and the glutes last eternity I've been lifting I never use straps now that I use them it just takes a lot of pressure out of your grip and then you can focus more on your hamstrings and your glutes and targeting that muscle group I actually ended up using the exact same weight that I used on my reps if I started with sumo deadlifts I would go as heavy as possible but because we've already done hip thrusts there's no way in heck and Bob no way in heck and Bob I can get my heaviest weight on a sumo deadlift after doing all those hip thrusts so definitely the main focus of today's workout was hip thrust but we're still going to hit it hard with three sets of sumo deadlift make sure that you are hinging at your hips keeping your back flat keep being nice and tight into your core really take your time with this movement and focus on that mind to muscle connection squeezing your glutes really tight at the top make sure that barbell stays really close to your legs on the way up and down after three sets of sumo deadlifts we are then moving in to a superset super sets are my jam girl you're going to be combining two exercises back to back and then you can rest you don't do one exercise rest and then do another you do exercise exercise rest we are going to complete this superset three times starting with overhead walking lunges I love adding different variations to lunges sometimes hold the dumbbells by my side today I decided to hold think plate above my head if you don't feel comfortable with that definitely just hold dumbbells by your side the reason I love holding a plate over my head sometimes when I do lunges it's because it's going to activate your core and your shoulders it's more of a compound movement where you're not only targeting just you're in Lego roofs moving into one of my all-time favorite quad exercise when I say that this exercise cut my quads sore for a week I'm not exaggerating this exercise demolished me I was done for it I'll be honest okay so you will want pair of dumbbells for this exercise you're going to see that I'm in a split stance what I want you to focus on is using your back leg for balance and using your front leg to press the weight up and down that is the leg we are focusing on when you switch that obviously switch as well but that back leg is just there for balance which means that there's gonna be a whole lot of pressure and tension in your quad don't worry if your depth is not there yet there's a lot of flexibility involved in this exercise so go as low as you can where you feel comfortable where it's not painful you're not hurting yourself remember we want to keep our body as strong and as healthy as possible so if you feel that your safety is at risk don't go it's deep girl okay moving on to our second superset this one we were doing two sets of it it's kind of a try set kind of choice that means three exercises but you'll see it's kind of two the superset is going to be on the cable machine you want to move that cable machine to the very bottom the lowest that it will go to the floor turn off with cable straight leg deadlift you want to scoot back a little bit so that you can bend forward and still have that tension in the cable machine that is why I love the cables so much more added tension on the way up and the way down is so in this exercise same thing as a sumo deadlift sure that your core is nice and tight your back is staying flat and you are hinging at your hips you want to have a slight bend in your knee really focus on that mind to muscle connection once again and then we're moving straight into sumo squats remember your feet should be just past shoulder width apart toes pointed out I like to hold the bar right here underneath my chin hitting ten deep squats and then moving into ten pulses to really burn you out girl and finally I'm ending this workout off with a burn out this has become my absolute favorite hamstring exercise all you need is a bench into your body and that's it and your hamstrings are gonna be fried french fried it looks very similar to a glute bridge I know a lot of people do this movement to target their glutes my favorite way to do it is to target my hamstrings and their way that I do that is by lifting up my toe and pressing through my heel so I do ten single leg ten on the other leg ten together you want to repeat that two times for two sets and hold girl it's just the most beautiful way to end the most beautiful hot fire flames like day okay it's really important that you focus on pressing through your heel you're gonna feel a really nice tight pinch in your hamstring at the top if you are not feeling this in your hamstrings super easy just try scooting out just a little bit are you guys I hope that you enjoyed it today's a workout the full complete hot five flames leg workout make sure you check the description box below I go ahead and type out the entire workout so that you can screenshot that and take it with you to the gym definitely check out my Instagram and you haven't already I post two to three workouts there every single week girl so there's just too many workouts to do and not enough time if you're looking for more dedicated in-depth workouts like this then definitely check out my workout with wit playlist here on YouTube I have a hundred and twenty plus dedicated workout videos that you can do all day all day that you can do I love you guys so much thank you so much for being here thanks for watching my videos and supporting your girl it means everything to me I love you guys and until next time I will see you next time


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