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wells your courage stick every mo Thanks not unless it's carrot stick on screen he's hot sausages with boiled carrots [Applause] I scream warrant and this just in from today i scream i repeat i screen has become don't be all right Henry I had to buy all those damaged tins of carrots look at them my father took away all the ice cream well you can just help me put them away a winner and write a slogan [Applause] did you really something [Applause] tell me what Henry well the woman I just have a little deal coming it's nothing means little deal going on hey was spying on us Henry no I wasn't I was making an inventory inventory the purple hacks action danger route sheet yes it is and I'm part of the sinners apparently is so I had to agree him to be chief secretary as long as he delivers the goods I will note I'm Majesty I will do I say about not sitting on the sofa of dude of course my Majesty I apologized don't worry well I'm good in fact I can say from any bogie brains that might want to have a goatee well that's not exactly how I was going to put it but yes all right what do you want me to do why don't you take a seat otherwise it is my job to make sure the security is not first I know I'm not always as good as I can be but I try to give off my best and don't make it difficult for everyone else okay I don't have to reconsider my decision to make you chief secretary deal deal shake on it I still have stumbles no mum I'm more important bubble hand gang business wow that's nice sweet smell of treachery like thank you sweetie I'll be right back it's time Peter business mom oh right interesting princess princess princess correct Peter now he did I put my time [Applause] now Henry now let's all go into the drawing room no way I got to find a TV n Oh spells no Henry come downstairs now oh sorry mama got lost yes well everyone is waiting for you in the dining room okay how nice for us all to be together and last with no distractions [Applause] here's your lunch Henry T smell painting her Playhouse oh I see Henry have you been thinking about why we took all your things away yes mom and you won't do it again no mom well in that case I suppose you've been punished enough you can come out of your room now yes heaven's sake close your bedroom window what are you two doing here anyway in case you've forgotten I'm the leader of the purple hand gang today and tomorrow and we want to know how you're gonna get your revenge Oh Peter it's gotta be something mega mega spectacular yeah but no one Kano's me or I'll be in even more trouble can't believe Peter thought this was a real alien Peter believes anything we drop this program with an urgent news flash the Arthur's been invaded by aliens beggars you must paint your face and the outside of your house dumped adopted Peter are you responsible for this yeah bu in the bog off to tea oh I've got wheels stuck up Steve still plays with no nose would you like some baked beans number one number now number one nappy number known you mean me Horace where are you going Henry Tudor Armand you owe me more new old scooter in the park okay but stay out of trouble otherwise it'll be your old new old scooter yes Henry it makes sense don't worry number one number no the noisy smelly monster has gone down code Henri is that your new scooter well his believe you own Luton want to stock up Steve's castoffs looking pretty good though come on Brian oh yes it's called the scooter of doom and it's all about us toda no kidding oh yes it's all about a scooter that's haunted haunted skirts yes the owner cop get rid of it and ends up having to ride it for the rest of his life won't scary scooter ate it well if you'll excuse me Oh better get off his flowerbed Henry Henry come on stop messing about well see you tomorrow pal prison for another week oh yeah oh boy see if we can get it


  1. Why is Henry so horrid and peter is always good 😊

  2. Do they even own horrid Henry

  3. First

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