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just read Viking trucker nation good morning blonde Viking wife another uh another coffee chat with the red Viking and the red like what the other people have done it I don't like having any people it's just be happy to be drinking coffee starting a morning while we're doing is the hormone testing for CDL drivers hormonal testing there's a come in here near where we live they're called any lab tests any day and they do a hormone test they do that either a saliva or a blood hormone attached to testosterone and so you know for the men out there or the estrogen test for them and out there they do that they do the testing for either saliva test or blood work walk in and it's a hundred in I think hundred and sixty nine dollars that's that 169 168 and I think I'm gonna do it because I was watching something on Joshua's podcast at JPJ nylon who was on his team and the seals and JP suddenly got out of the seals he's also working with Jocko now I'm on a shell on front for their company but when he got to the seals and he was he's in his mid-30s I think when he got out he said he went and had one done because he was having a lot of a lot of issues and he said his testosterone was lower than a nine year old boys and he said because of all the all but all the sounds and the the shocks were from explosions and the environment II was in that that depleted is natural testosterone you would add anything to this you stress the body the body uses all those things like for instance that would create an adrenal issue where the adrenals put out as much the hormones that the adrenals put out and take away from everything else just like I find a fight or flight situation that's created in the body that please near an overdriven that do you have your phone in his upstairs hold on where's the other sites like that it's like swipe right right right other right and again well that's the people here thank you for popping in you can pop it in but cuz you for you you had one done for your thyroid my thyroid actually seems pretty cheap 169 for a hormone test and they do all the hormones you do all you can go ahead yeah well I mean especially if they there's particularly especially California that they send this to and they can do they can't even tell you you know for a woman on women's anything to tell you what point it might you are just from the hormones this is I'm sorry well I'm gonna get to tell them things like Trix is already taking adjustment it's got me curious because with JP Donnellan he is when he did that live stream with Jocko or pardon me the interview with Jacques when he talked about his lack of testosterone and this is a young guy and I'm only 38 so I mean I don't have you know but I still I'm thinking about that going if this if this guy in his environment cuz I was in the military you know I was in the Gulf nowhere near as much as what some of the army and Marines you know had to deal with but we were in that environment and then just just getting more mature I just want I wonder I wonder because I'm always trying to tweak things [Applause] yeah yeah but I just especially in this environment I try to tweak so many things out here to maximize what's going on Brandon Brown Stumpjumper what's going on just a real quick real quick coffee stream with the blonde backing wife enjoying the show enjoying the show I made you a moderator my friend and maybe doing some livestream interviews tonight and tomorrow night I had one scheduled for last night we had to end up doing it recorded rather than alive I'm gonna upload that just a few minutes but I made quite a few of you folks mods from the previous livestream yesterday so when I announce what time tonight and no more night we're gonna do a live stream be there be there but uh I just think you know yeah that's the four reasons I think I've had a little bit more success not here than the average bear matter of fact the interview from last night we did with John Spano I'll be putting it up here just a few minutes we just got up his you know he's had so much success out here from the six-month point okay so much success and he's now three years into the business he's done very very very well with the company that people say you can't do well with and that's part of that's part of the reason I did the interview with him because here's so many people talking smack about companies and yet there's successful stories in every company because this is a business if you're a businessman or a business woman or a business person driving a truck you're going to have an easier time succeeding than if you're just someone who has no life experience maybe or has no business background and you're just jumping in a truck in to use is it Jo be it just over broke you know it's it's going to be just over broke job because you're not making the right strategic move we've had that discussion on the channel that's how I approach everything I'm done okay anything anything uh anything I've chosen to to do and to into lean into I don't lean if I'm not interested in something I don't I don't care I don't care to exert myself but if I'm interested in something I lean into it I don't lean into it to play out I lean into it to dominate a matter of fact there's another guy and I'm not gonna call him out and analyze but he's with the company that you know people talk smack about he's got four or five trucks least on with that company where he has drivers in those trucks making very good money rather than driving for the company now it's 1099 position let me also say that about 1099 I'm gonna beep uh beep I'm gonna try to do a live stream before I leave town this weekend but we did all right we did all our taxes yesterday good morning Anthony Bailey and johnny-on-the-spot johnny-on-the-spot matter of fact johnny-on-the-spot I would be getting that interview up I it took a long time to render it last night brother a lot of time I'll get that up here in the next soon as we get done with this stream because it was rendering still when I went to bed it was like two hours into rendering it was still rendering so I just went to bed but I forget where I was where I was you're about saying with yes yes yes we didn't I talked about this on the interview but our accountant we sat down and did in the the taxes yesterday on the phone with them and everything I've told you guys everything I've told you guys about 1099 even if you're not leasing or buying the truck from the company everything I've said and just want him to validate it with this first this first tax season everything I've said was the exactly spot-on you have L else I have an LLC from my company she doesn't LLC for a real estate we have an LLC for our we have we also is LLC for her real estate business we have now I'll see from my trucking business we have now they'll see from my real estate that I still have from the crash rental properties we've there's a there's a one-off form that he that he fills out to file as an escort with that LLC Tony tire off what's going on Troy taro what's going on Matt and Brandon Brown good to have here but so the LLC gets the you know the quarterly requirements to do all this and file your taxes quarterly and all that but then he wraps it into an escort with a one or one-off or two off form at the end of the year to absorb that some of those taxes back to be able to legally pay less taxes on some of that money and I get again all the right offs that everybody else gets except I don't have the responsibility of a tractor I keep putting my hand in front your face and I hate that I hate that what we're here like this and she's the prettiest thing on camera right now but everything I've said to you guys because again you had these truck stop accountants and these truck stop lawyers that you know wanted want to scare you off from things and I know for a business standpoint and I was proven true yesterday I was proven true I knew it was true but it was it was proven true Bobby by the accounting we had done so I'm gonna probably do an interview with him and if some of you guys needed I need a for your taxes especially if you bounce over the 1099 at accountant for your taxes pardon me is early it's like I need to like drink two more cups akido but I'm gonna probably get him on a live stream if I can't do it while I'm on this home time again the next time in the town very very very very powerful time on the phone with him because I everything I've been telling you guys about this all this feeling 1099 and then you have these truckstop accountants that are telling you that it's illegal than not that bad I think these are the same truckstop accountants that are trying to start a trucking business and they record their own employees and they record other phone calls and they send like Jason post sent my direct phone number to one of the trolls who put my number up online and did prank calls to me that troll ended up sending me all the text message who were Jason said hey here's his direct number go to start messing with him this is a guy trying to start a trucking business and he's doing that to strangers pygmy puppy doesn't know me but they're doing and then they're talking about I think pygmy puppy that would be little dog pygmy puppy that's what I call him you know starting this crap about you going to a bit of a rant here starting this crap about stolen valor okay the the idiot matter-of-fact pygmy puppy when you watch this I look let's put $5,000 up pygmy pup you don't have it because you're living week to week put $5,000 on the table I'll put my father yeah but I'm not gonna give it to a charity I'm on it because I guarantee you that you'll lose your $5,000 when you go and do your real research about my time and you're spreading these rumors in these lies to create to create poor content evil content and lies I could create a lot right now about you pygmy puppy I could do it in a heartbeat but I'm not that kind of guy you've also had my number you could have called me and talked about things you didn't it's getting it's you're getting views but you're getting jerry springer views okay and that's who you are Jason Pope why would anybody want to drive for jarhead transportation the dude has proven he's a self-sabotage Randy's gonna sabotage you he doesn't like you company why would you have you ever seen any of these companies ever seen as one of the Swift's or the CR England's or anybody else that got really bad reviews for a while ever put up recordings of their own employees ever call somebody and say hey I want you to or send them text message I want you to harass this guy have you guys ever seen that have you ever seen that from a legitimate major carrier no you know why because even though they might have some things wrong they still know that's not how you do business but if you don't have a business mindset and you're a Jerry Springer type mindset and you're just now having success because you're getting some government money there's giving you a cushion you've never had or you'd be declaring bankruptcy next year you're gonna be the Jason post of the world talking about how you want to start a trucking company but you really don't Yuliya don't because you wouldn't be doing that kind of stuff you wouldn't have the text messages from this troll that he's the Jason said hey I want you to here's his real number do it start going at it and this is a guy that wants people to come drive for also don't go drive for 85 maybe eight cents a mile I can give you because you'd be doing a 10 million on anyway right I can give you five companies tonight not for free to be a coaching call I give you five copies night to pay 90% of the of the load and you can still book your alone and they'll book your loads for you to 90% there's no reason to go drive for 87 88 percent with the knucklehead like him who also is a bad business person okay he's bad you don't do that to people pigmy puppy you don't do that to people you don't do it you do if you're Jerry Springer you do if your trailer park trash you don't do that to people you don't create false lives so pygmy puppy I know you don't have five grand that's what I'm gonna use that number I do put it on the table and I guarantee you with my five thousand dollars everything I've said about my my time in the military you have the years wrong there's only 14 years you're saying 16 and you're claiming you came in stolen valor man you're you're you're a knucklehead you're an absolute knucklehead you're you're a pygmy puppy and you're evil and you're petty and nothing you're doing is helping build the trucking business it's just trying to help you get relevance now you're going after after little guy you you know some of the things some of the things that have been taken down that you've said about other truckers and now your friends what's just amazing how you guys operate I'm not gonna do that that's why I stay away from you that's why I've built my business I'm doing better than probably pygmy puppy on my net income and I don't have a tractor trap matter of fact I'd almost guarantee you when it's all said and done with what I saw yesterday I'm an almost guarantee now guarantee these wrong about my stolen valor but I almost guarantee you that I'm doing better than him without a tractor payment trailer payment without the insurance as well fuel costs I almost guarantee you almost guarantee you back to hormones and I had to get that in there because I well I just I saw a couple videos and I've watched this crap with with jarhead transportation and the the BS that he's been doing I don't really care for Dave 404 but you know what some of the stuff that Jason exposed that guy to about how he handled everything again Dave made some mistakes you don't make that stuff public not as not as a growing business owner you don't make that stuff public for individual employees okay you just you do if your trailer park trash okay you do it reach other Park trash absolutely just like a little dog pet par Veet pygmy puppy just like him in his mind I'm gonna get back to you mister true love mr. Joseph and mr. pygmy puppies mind this is the best he's ever been this is the best he's ever been he has a nice pretty truck that he's upside down in and he's making good money compared to what he's ever made in his life coming from the trailer park background he had and I'm not jamming on trailer parks I used to live in a trailer so you can't go he's talking about trailer parks bad now he's flipping one too everybody has to get through something to get to where they're going I'm talking about when you carry that trailer park mindset with you wherever you go you become him you become a petty small-minded vicious and I've sat in the background and just watched and listened he started talking about stolen valor you knucklehead put $5,000 on the table and then tell your subscribers why you're not going to do it tell them why you're not going to put $5,000 on the table that if you're wrong I get you know why you won't because you don't have it number one which I do and number two because you you're wrong I know you're wrong matter of fact look me in the eyes pygmy puppy whoa whoa little you little you can live you little you little chihuahua okay put 5,000 in the table and then go do your real research and find the truth out and but I want somebody else to hold the five thousand bees you won't send it to me because you're a liar you're a thief you're a snake and everybody that's watching you I've watched you on YouTube on and off since I've been on YouTube and in trucking I would never have listened you'd come into business because there's nothing you tell people that's gonna magnify their game all you can do is pygmy puppy stuff it's not how I roll I'm doing red Viking stuff I guarantee upon me making more than you right now I don't have any of those obligations all you truckstop accountants talking about 1099 a bunch of knuckleheads a bunch of knuckleheads and my and my deductions are the exact same as yours other than I'm not writing off the tractor trailer and the other the other expenses but I my net I'll guarantee you it still take per diem you still I still buy things for the truck that I write off and I'm making really good money me and the Wolverine making really money driving team anyway let's get back to hormones maybe I don't need to check my testosterone about 55 people watching this 5 likes if you guys will walk with that like button and smash it smash it with your Viking paw not your pygmy puppy paw your Viking paw and if you don't like the video or if pygmy puppy you're watching this and you don't wanna give it a you know a thumbs down pygmy puppy walk over there and smash it with your pygmy puppy small pause okay because someone told me matter of fact who's Dave it was day 404 told me he said you were a scrawny small little guy he said he could have set his nuts on your chin you were that small now he was talking about his peanuts I don't know what you what he figured don't go it scene went sideways he something he had a headed can of peanuts he said you were so small he could have reached down and put his can of peanuts see you guys are thinking long put him right on your chin because you were that tiny I'm gonna get back to my business but why do you would ever want to go drive for jarhead transportation to be recorded and be be abused online I don't know I don't know I don't know okay let's get back to some let's get back to his positivity I had to go off on the rails or a little bit just for a second because I saw I saw I saw I saw this I saw the stolen valor line and I just I I looked at that and I looked at this pygmy puppy I'm like man what a small tiny and he is higher higher higher hold on let's get back up in the air Brandon Brown good to have you here Stumpjumper good to have you here johnny-on-the-spot and johnny on the spot what is that about man let's get you hold on no no no I need to get him need to put you out butch I'll make you a moderator for tonight's livestream brother I'm gonna put your video up in a second your company pays cents per mile and 1% and the percent is a company driver Anthony Bailey okay I'm not sure with that what that means Neil fagor good morning what's going on this morning on stay away from the inbred in part much as you can stay away from their evil there me bullying me and they're all over YouTube Troy tire off what's going on again Brandon brown King jimana you got your in Arizona yep yeah mine lived in Arizona he talked about you had the Arizona there's some there's some lung disease you get from living out there and I don't know what is it yeah I've heard about that yeah yeah yeah but I hope you guys are doing well but I've heard about that thing in his lungs he was worried about it with him because it became a big thing I guess about 10 years ago Matt you know yes but what's the average level of education of the average truck or Matt let me tell you this I've met truckers out here that just got out of height they've had GEDs I've had truckers out here that I've met that have masters in pH there there were PhD candidates matter of fact one of the people I'm trying to get on an interview is driving flatbed now and he's he's got his own authority he went straight from his brothers truck to getting his own authority with his wife driving team with him now they have three trucks we came out of a ph.d program that he was going to get his ph.d to get a job in the in the educational world straightening the truck and now he's got three trucks and his first year he's blowing the doors off so you have every educational level out here Katka cats what's going on good morning driver johnny-on-the-spot i will make you a moderator when we get done it's not letting me make a moderator on my on my Galaxy phone mr. Joe mr. Joe true love you got your class a let's give it a shot out to you congratulations airborne yep yeah hostile intensity and focus and airborne man what's your what's your airborne saying mr. Joe true love put it in the comments what's the same for the airborne Bubba's corner what's going on Brandon brown again yes Brandon brown congratulations on getting it James Ellie Shaw what's going on brother I know you're looking forward to getting in the truck and it'll be here waiting on you Thank You Jojo a tire off for the thumbs up and again it'd be nice if you guys walk over smash that like button with your Viking pod do not smash it with your pygmy puppy paw do not know you didn't get me off the game johnny-on-the-spot I just is I'm talking about it and I wanted to mention don't ever drive for Java transportation because you know you don't know what you're gonna be recorded and be put out of than that other than that and then it kind of leads to that because those two were joined at the hip even though a year and a half ago Jason Lewis was battling those guys and trying to do the right thing and now he's on the wrong side of it and I was on the wrong side of history mr. Jason poked the truckers cooked I call them the trucker's coochie get Jesse Jesse Rojas I'm sorry did I say that it's early it's Keigo it's not a matter it's not a matter Jesse Rojas somehow do not you become successful as me it's not a matter of that brother I just try to approach everything that I'm interested in like a business and one of the things that matter of fact I'm gonna be putting John's John interview up first so that will answer some of the questions does he not talk about that he and I talk about the business mindset you got to have in anything you do to succeed we say in real-estate all the time that if you change the way you look at things the things you look at change and most people approach everything they do is a job and they've been conditioned that it's a job it's a 40-hour week and the company owes you something in life owes you something and you deserve this and as soon as you get past all that entitlement and that's not a whiteant unless anybody's entitled once you get past that mindset and you start realizing you can get whatever you want out here no it's groupthink its group thing but as soon as you get as soon as you get that mindset that you because I got out of the military that's why I left the military after 14 years pygmy puppy that's why like I left because I've done so well when I when I when I got out of that and that abusive environment growing up and I left that everything began turning to gold for me from the time I was 17 to the time I left the military everything turned to gold and because I learned that if I clean stuff up started thinking right living right being right doing right hustling right focusing right intensity right everything began working for me I was one of the six percent that selected that year for Officer Training School coming out of the enlisted ranks six percent across all the military services six percent top of the class and grades all that I learned that if I just did certain things and thought certain ways and executed certain ways I was having better success than somebody who blamed everybody else for their problems and then thought you know what they're you know they're offering a big old check coming back from the Gulf War big ol cheque to leave because I had a lot of prior service time and I'm thinking about them that I also got misdiagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis which you can google that but I got misdiagnosed because I've broken my hip when I was training for triathlons I didn't know I broke it I thought I pulled a muscle it was a crack out it had stayed that way I went to the Gulf went to the actual war portion that work we're compressing we're going from a thousand feet you know sea level into 10,000 feet compression before you get to 35 30 3040 feet where we orbited our AWACS so I'm compressing and decompressing every single day flying which is called the problem for the bone that was they had a hairline fracture I didn't know that I'm I'm still running I'm still working out I'm using roller blades on the compound in the Gulf War when we weren't at the tents to work out and I'm thinking I just pulled a muscle but I'd actually cracked you know cracked a bone well they misdiagnosed that his ankylosing spondylitis had to go downtown to Oklahoma City and go to a what's a–what's the doctor for the hips ortho a North orthopedic doctor and she misdiagnosed me she did all these tests and all these scans and they came back so where you have ankylosing spondylitis you're gonna be in a wheelchair if I'd be within five to seven years I'm like oh because that you're talking to a guy that was you know it was four four percent body fat I had a resting heart rate at 34 beats a minute and I was an animal and you're telling me that in five to seven years I'm gonna be in a wheelchair and the military is offering me a chance to take this money now see I didn't think like I probably should have thought I should have at that point looking back you know if I would have been that way I should have probably fought to get full disability at that point but I didn't think that way I'm like let me get that check let me go out let me let me get something going let me get something going let me start something I mean let me build more and it worked out and I built a multi-million dollar real estate empire so anyway that's why I got out of military it wasn't anything bad she's got to get going but I if you need to roll she once said your own now pack a lot of babies a lot of people's we're about to get we're about to get the other the red Viking bagel yep we wrote about get the red Viking bagel a I don't want to see you I don't want to good seeing your tush anyway johnny-on-the-spot 45 degrees in wet and ohio this morning getting a loaded yep yep yep yep trying to get some of your questions Mike Mike mock Valley fever yes it is yes it is Valley fever that's what he was talking about that's oh that's always what sticks with me people take it we used to get I used to fly out to Arizona to the bases out there would fly out there and fly with some of their assets and stay there for a week sometimes two and just remember him telling me about that valley fever and how it sounded it sounded pretty rough Zach Robinson that's a good question how a freight rates been for us freight rates have dipped freight rates have dipped we're still doing very well freight rates have dipped there's there's an ebb and flow to all that we're learning all that okay but frame rates have dip yes sir are we still doing okay yes we are yes we are we don't get I love the business I love the CDL 18-wheel big rig trucking business I love it death of 173rd Airborne Infantry yes mr. Joe true Levin listen all you military folks that are that are that our Special Forces men this business is so super easy for you guys so super easy if you've got the right personality for it most of you guys do and girls do I don't know how many are there many women in spec ops another support staff and spec ops I don't know in the military there's actually women that are in the spec ops jobs yet so I don't want to say you guys it includes everybody but gaudí the truck or my friend Bugatti I need to I need to call you mom on my home time man I kinda I kind of went dark on everybody for that I that I sent you the link the the phone number to man he was very impressed with you I knew he would be I know he would be now you're sought you're solid you're a solid solid player man and I'm proud to call you a friend overtaxed in Minnesota what is going on mr. every time I think of you circus Pamela B's spouse I always think of the movie Fargo and what they how do they say that yeah yeah in the movie Fargo that's a funny movie johnny-on-the-spot the truckers host I like that johnny-on-the-spot the truckers hoax he's now again you know people make mistakes on trying to do something man but to try and build a business by being evil mean petty and recording people and sending out and telling people go and go troll people it's not abyss and that's not that's not a trucking business owner you ever want to work forever you're better off want to work for CRM than a guy like that all day long that's a tip from red Viking trucker who's had Monta have had more success in three years out here then he's had in 17 years in trucking like that guarantee guarantee I'll give you some give you some Louisiana stuff guarantee yes be man you're asking listen not again rather than I don't want it I don't want to defend the 1099 I don't want to do even that could even though I really I really could I don't want to do that what I want to do is I want to get my accountant up on the interview and then the people that need help that can jump on with him and I'm gonna do that and he's excited about that he's doing very very well but he's excited about always adding more business but especially something he's not really looked at before but everything I've told you guys about 1099 and all these trucks top accountants and lawyers that you know this than that you know it's just it's a shame to watch people run their mouth and ahead of nothing to do with me that I was way coming to me they were trying to trying to attack my credibility and I know you can't do that cuz I really don't care what you know pygmy puppies and the truckers hopes I don't care what they think but it's a shame to watch them turn it to folks that are looking in the business and make them believe something different matter of fact I'm about to put up people tell you all the time you can't drive for this company and make money used to glorify company driver and blah blah blah and the interviewee John he proves them wrong six months into the business with his lease with that company everybody out here has stories like that I don't know why I know why people fail sometimes it's out of their control sometimes they're just not good business people sometimes they're self sabotaging they they do things to themselves from a business standpoint they're thinking personally and they're getting emotions involved and they're making the wrong moves because they're trying to be they're trying to be Street about something when the reality is it's not always a street fight sometimes it's a chess match and you start doing a street fight in a chess match and be surprised in the real world how you get shut down so Johnny Johnny mr. Spano is gonna I'll have that up shortly I'm getting I'm getting I had a problem I I bought a new I invested in a new streaming service last night and it wouldn't work and I didn't want to keep waiting so I just got on the interview with this gentleman did the interview because I have a streaming service that records let you do theater the videos side by side and then sends it to YouTube live but I couldn't get to work and I didn't want to spend another hour on the phone with with support so I just wanted to record the video because I can record it but I upgraded it so I could stream it and it upgrade didn't work so I don't know what time tonight cuz I've got a dunk I've got a former Marine I'm sorry in dunks case in dunks case unlike the truckers hoaxes and dunks case I've got a Marine that's out here driving trucks doing well just dunk dunks good people and I'm gonna get him on an interview talking about what he's done how he succeeded and what he's done but I'll post it today I'll post at the time the estimated time and then I'll get the interview live all right thank you for being here yeah begadi I tell you what man I'll tell you what you Steve good people but God even Bugatti is one of the few people on to matter of fact he's about the only person on YouTube other than johnny-on-the-spot two people on YouTube and mine in my circle of influence but gaudy and johnny-on-the-spot have been the same person with me since the time they first talked to me on the phone to now and straight-up real no BS no smoke no evil behind the scenes trying to recall not to calls because you know when you call pygmy puppy he record and so does so does what's the side-eye guy that can look east and west at the same time Jake Adele he does the same thing he records everything so if you talk to these people even if you think your friends your friends until they decide they want to use it against you I've never seen such childishness but I do because you have so much free time because you're not doing well you got children you got kids you got a family worried about me don't worry about me I'm gonna be fine I'm gonna still be still be succeeding pasture your your level guaranteed so anything does does get pygmy puppy you watch this tell them five day and put it on the table put it on the table put five grand on the table matter of fact we'll give it Wilson the five grand at Borgata you're sure I'll send my five grand ahead and leave it in account pygmy puppy consider this five grand the pygmy puppy do a real background on my military time and then let me get your five grand funk metal hell yeah it won't help me but I would enjoy I would enjoy spending that $5,000 with all the lies you've been telling you know cuz I have so many things I could say about you but I'm not gonna because you're penny listen it's been about thirty three minutes let me jump off of this but I'm gonna do the woman test I'm gonna do that I'm gonna see you I'm gonna see where all my levels are I'm gonna do it before I leave town we're late we're leaving out here probably Saturday night somebody do it today or tomorrow me and the blond Viking wife both go get him done the JP JP Danelle story with Jocko he was on job postings he that story just caught me because he was like 34 years old he said he went in he's having all these issues he was thinking it was PTSD and you know most seals don't leave don't like talking about that because they're not trained to be weak-minded like the trucker's hoax and I'm not really question if he was actually a marine if he just hides behind that moniker based on how he treats people anyway I did say that I'm good with saying that but JP do now said that um you know he went he had his all his blood work done and they came back to listen you have to do you have the testosterone level of a nine-year-old eight-year-old you know it was that low so he went on testosterone treatment he said it was like he's like his miracle he said I was a different person within within two weeks different person totally you know there's also somebody in the comments once we're done two things if you've been watching this long number one thank you very much matter of fact you know what I'm gonna give a handle it I'm gonna give a hat away right now I'm gonna give a hat away Makati number one we got it you got to send me your mailing address I'm gonna send you a hat I'm ready to try and pick your name I'm gonna send you a red Viking trucker hat I've got like six here at the house so send me your your mailing address and I'll get that in the milk you don't tell me no bagatti in the south you can't say no to a gift even if you're a northerner you can't say no to a gift so send me your mailing address I'm gonna scroll what I'm gonna do is I'm going to just scroll it and I'm going to pick the middle name on the screen I'm gonna give you a hat right now about those apples you like apples Timothy Frisch what's going on here you go enjoying the show in playing the show enjoying the show if you're still watching this live stream enjoying the show send me your your mailing address to support at red Viking trucker calm it cannot be enjoying the show it cannot be a post-office box and I also need your phone number because they're gonna need to be able to track you if there's an issue once it once you get sir but I'll get that ordered for you I'll get that sent out today or tomorrow to you and then begadi send me cuz just text me you got my number brother we got my direct number I got trust you with that but uh just send me your direct your direct uh your direct mailing address vighati whatever you want to do post there you can do a post office box but and I'll get you the hat in the mail brother you deserve it you've been a great friend and johnny-on-the-spot you know what johnny-on-the-spot staying with you brother send me your mailing address i'll get you a hat so I got it gave away three hats it goes in the giveaway one that gave away three you know why I do that because I don't ever out give my god I don't I don't doesn't happen you guys like that Greg Zimmer P Parton what's going on Jase Jase legal cameras I'm just filming on an honor on a on an Android seven galaxies and galaxy s7 so I got it's all I've got okay Neil thagard I tell you Neil Neil send me some bullet points an interview because again I'm gonna go do this and see I'm gonna check it Magnus I'm looking for I'm looking for every unfair legal advantage I can find in life in life not even interests in trucking in life you know I'm looking for every unfair illegal advantage I can get and if that's a matter of adjusting my hormone levels legally I'm gonna do it if I could matter of fact I said to put two things in the comments if you've been on HRT hormone replacement therapy for anything not just testosterone anything there's all sorts of hormones are gonna check for put your results in the comment section and then number two if you have used CBD but the kind that doesn't have the THC in it because there are two types I know for truckers we can't use the type that has the THC in it but they both are supposed to be super effective at natural remedies if you do any research on hemp and on we know all that stuff that was that was actually outlawed because it got in the way of the cotton farmers and everybody else way back in the day his hemp was actually a better product to use and it was even more easily grown all over there all over the US but big companies stepped in and blocked that don't do that when they haven't when they have a monopoly so anyway I'm gonna get back to my morning I'm gonna get back to upload in this video we did and Troy I will post today what time the livestream will be tonight and I will make a few of you folks that are here now I will make you moderators for tonight's video because I'm sure the pygmy puppy will you know call his little minions out to come in and you know trash the livestream because that's who he is he ruins everything he has probably ruined everything his life now he just doesn't see it coming yet the wall is gonna hit him he's not gay at the wall the walls gonna hit him guaranteed and the truck results the same thing listen I'm gonna be successful red by constructing morning oh by the way I'm here in my house you know I think he also said I live in an apartment that's not a bad thing we lived in their apartment here for a little bit we moved up here not a bad thing so many lies I realize and it's just discredit me it's not to print up it not to make anybody not to like to make anybody better not to show you guys how to succeed you know Bugatti you said that the rates are low people who say that don't know how to hustle right away I'd agree with that sir I don't want to get into a lot of that right now cuz I'm I don't I'm do what we're doing well we're doing well but I don't want to go that angle but you're right I know you're having a lot of success brother but you're a different animal man you're different animal you're playing to a game that you had to play to to ski see to that other people probably wouldn't even survive that's what's so impressive about you had every reason in the world not to succeed in your blowing the doors off so I was saying something else and I turn left right there and I don't know what road I was on when I was saying it so I'm gonna go and get off this because I am still waking up me and the Wolverine had a few beverages last night it was Halloween I was doing this live stream with johnny-on-the-spot and I'm gonna get it up and get it up I'm gonna have a good day you guys optimistic pessimist an apartment is bad for a home business idea that makes noise yes I agree not great but I again we we live in a we live in a house but do you you can I guess I'll internet now you just say what everyone will say about people and you know you can make up stuff and the the the jerry springer viewers over the world love it they love it i'm not going to go that direction other than pygmy puppy and truckers hoax I do appreciate I backing off I don't I've never met any of these people and I would never want it everyone I backed off the coven leader backed off I don't know these people there's Matt good they're mad at my success they think I'm making stuff up and I'm not I'm not everything if I told you guys if I listed everything I'm done in my life if you're if you're upset now pick a new puppy and I've listed everything I've succeeded that and by the way trying things and failing fast it's a business principle pygmy puppy you want to fail fast and fail cheap okay that's not a bad thing it's only a bad thing when you're a small-minded petty person who thinks that life is big and scary and you need to worry about what people think this or this idea or that of you I've I've made more on side hustles pygmy puppy than you're probably making right now and those were side hustles much less my real business is so I don't ever are you people only he had all these failed businesses they weren't failed businesses not at all not at all they were learning they were large and I'm not scared of learning that's good that's a bad thing because you're so you're living in your mama's basement not you picking lucky but you're living in your but in your mama's basement with all these fears that people are gonna see you you know not succeed and they're gonna they're gonna think less of you who cares what people think who cares they don't write my checks three people I worry about people that fund me people that feed me and fun fun feed and fun me fund me okay well I worry about only people I'm worried about so back to editing this video getting it up from the interview from last that's a great interview from last night put in the comments if you've had any HRT therapy and if you've used CBD oil as a trucker the non THC is a trucker I'm curious as I'm reading all the studies about that and it's supposed to be a miracle a miracle a miracle drug I shouldn't call it a drug a miracle naturally grown plant that has natural benefits okay I'm gonna rock and roll red Viking trucker will see you tonight by the way I'm out


  1. Good Video as usual, trucking for a month now with own Authority…owe a lot to You and Jeffrey Like! Keep up the good work! Trucking BUSINESS and real estate is a great combo!

  2. Good video stay positive and don’t get caught in the gutter with those guys. They are jealous and it makes them feel better to talk bad about others. They have low self esteems. I been doing testosterone injections for years. I love and my wife loves it more. Stay positive peace brother.

  3. Look at trucker dave,the man has zero testoserone.he looks like hes about to start crying at anytime on his videos.the man wouldnt harm a fly,total estrogen filled,puffed up sugar pants crybaby

  4. Rvt keep your test levels low while your out here driving.it will keep u from goin to prison or getting killed.ie.road rage,fuel island knuckleheads etc.lots of genetic mishaps and retards out here.

  5. I am on HRT and it has helped me immensely with energy level, fat loss, muscle gain, mood, mental sharpness and my wife says I'm a bit more amorous. I struggled with depression and many of the aforementioned issues for two years. I went to my PCP for my annual physical and he suggested a hormone panel to see where I was. Sure enough I was diagnosed with hypogonadism (Low T). I was severely low and basically my testes were virtually making no Testosterone. Long story short I was prescribed HRT and it took about 6 months for my body to regulate and stabilize to the correct levels. It works great for me. Understand that if a healthy male uses testosterone it will inhibit your natural ability to produce Testosterone so don't use without Dr. supervision plus it's illegal without a prescription. Because I have this condition I now will be taking injections for the rest of my life. Is it worth it. For me and my diagnosis, Oh yes. I have to emphasize that you get your hormone panel and see a qualified physician for diagnosis. Good luck!

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  7. Hey RV, thanks for picking me for the hat. I just sent an email to [email protected] with my info. Thanks again

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