Hormonal Health- Best supplements for perimenopause into menopause

good morning I'm here today in our three-part series to talk about paramedic AWS into menopause now I'm fifty almost 53 and I just want to share with you some of the things that really helped me and also helped a lot of our customers along the way now a lot of you probably don't even know that you are having paramedic puzzle symptoms some people might just say oh that's just PMS but I just want to share with you some of the symptoms of pair of menopause that I went through and if that sounds like you you may need to do some support now one of the things that happened when I was in Parramatta puzzle is that I could fall asleep but I couldn't stay asleep I was waking up earlier than what I really wanted to so I'd wake up at 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning I'm like ah I want to go back to sleep but I couldn't in my mind would go racing the other thing that happened is that I started to have a little bit more stress that wasn't there before you know things that I was able to cope with on a regular basis became a little bit more overwhelming and I also started to get a little bit more Moody and a little bit of lack of energy too I just I had more injuries when I used to do the exercises that I never had problems doing before as well so I could tell things we're starting to change the elasticity in my bones and in my joints they started to change a little bit what I want to do is if you think that you are in para menopause I want to take you into some of the supplements that really helped me the first one I want to talk about is evening primrose oil it has been clinically studied for PMS and menopausal symptoms helps alleviate them and it also helps improve your skin because of course your skin is mostly made of omega-6 fatty acid now the other supplement that I took and I felt it was really important was magnesium this is a magnesium disc listen eight and it absorbs really quickly into your body and you feel it in your brain and as a muscle relaxant and it kind of helps with the heart as well kind of gets rid of that pitter patter that goes on I took that on a regular basis with a little bit of extra D in k2 of course which is something that gets used up really quickly in the ageing body and then what I did is I started to support a system in my body called the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis now this axis is part of the endocrine system that regulates the hormones and the adrenals and the thyroid and with aging it can get a little weakened and so I took a supplement called ortho adopt now ortho adapt is got all of the herbs and vitamins needed to support the adrenal glands so it helps with stress it helps with your coping mechanisms it improves your mood it helps with your brain and learning and it can help with sleep if your cortisol is too high from stress it can affect your sleep so it helps with your sleep as well so those are the things that I would take perimenopausal into menopause now if you are no longer having a cycle you are in menopause and you start to have symptoms of swollen breasts you know larger weight gain you may sweat a little bit more your libido is really low your energy is really low and you're having major issues with sleep this is when I would go on to a hormonal support so I love these products we've got this is by Martin and pleasance we've got the Harmony menopause and then we have the Harmony menopause max which is what I'm on now it does work really fast it's amazing when you can get such concentrated herbs to work in your body to alleviate a lot of those symptoms it feels so good so I still unfortunately had a few issues with sleep so I tried a lot of different things and I I was getting a little bit overwhelmed by the combinations and things that I was using and I ended up finding a product called you dream and it nailed it so they have a you dream light which is for people who have issues falling asleep it guarantees that you'll sleep for four hours and then they have the you dream full night which is what I take and sometimes I add melatonin with that to help me sleep faster but it did work don't ever discount the importance of sleep and how it heals your body and heals your brain it's so important and it just makes you feel better then I also wanted to take something to support my brain so I took a lot of different supplements for that and for me to tell you all them it can get a little confusing so I made it simple the daily brain the daily brain has omegas it has phosphatidylserine in it it has probiotics that work in the brain in it it also has curcumin which is an extract of turmeric in it which is also good for inflammation and also grape seed extract which is wonderful for your blood vessels and good for brain and good for varicose veins now of course I can't go without talking a little bit about diet there is a huge following on what they call a seed cycling diet seeds are so amazing lots of natural paths recommend them and they do lots of great things for you so I would recommend looking that up and trying to follow through with some of the recommendations that they have for the seed diet I also cannot go without saying that you are going to need to reduce the likes of coffee alcohol sugars refined carbohydrates and certain types of exercise certain types of exercise can actually cause a little bit more inflammation and do more harm than good so look at exercises that are more pertaining to your age group and also bear in mind if you have had hormonal issues for a long time go slowly at those exercises just in case something is going on with a heart over this long period of stress that you might have been under and those are my tips for you today thank you for watching I hope that you're going to be able to enjoy your aging process with grace you

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