Horizon Tech Magico Stick Salt Nic Kit

got one from Horizon today this one is called the magical pot oh wait it's the magic Oh Nick salt stick [Applause] [Applause] welcome to the vapor trail channel I'm Tony yeah today the magico pod well they're actually changing the name of this this is a horizon tech device that actually works quite well for either Nick salts or standard liquids they've got two different coils I'll explain all that in just a second so they're changing the name to I guess the magic Oh Nick salt stick and magic Oh Nick salt tank because it's really not a pod I mean this is a stick type device right but it's not just for Nick's salts and like I said we'll get into that in just a minute it is a constant power device so there's a 1.8 ohm coil in there if you use that the constant output power will be 13 watts then they have a 0.12 ohm coil that is a mesh coil and I've used that one then the constant output power will be 25 watts so even if you're using that mesh coil with standard liquids I would do like I did here I'm using blue pucker Sugarlips actually I'm going to be putting that inside of that one blue raspberry Slurpee flavor and this one is six milligrams so we're gonna be using that inside of the purple one there and the reason why I went six milligrams is because it's low wattage and you know even though it's a lower ohm coil that's mash might need a little bit more of a kicker now in this gold one here I've got the mamasan salts this is what is this one called again super cereal so this is like a mega cereal this one's 30 milligrams of Nick salt so this one's gonna be going in the 1.8 ohm coil that is recommended for salts and specifically I'm the coil boxes you'll see here on the back of this one you'll see that this one says magico mesh coil regular liquid is recommended for that one and magico 1.8 ohm coil Nick salt is recommended for that one so they do at least tell you that both of them have bamboo fiber inside of them and you'll see that on the airflow here you've got two cyclops type holes on here but when this one's closed down like I'm using the NYX salt coil in here you'd close it down so it's only one side and you have the tiny holes here that you can adjust all the way down to the smallest one or all the way up even when I'm doing mounts along I still need a little bit more air so I use it all the way up but if you roll this around then you've got a wide Cyclops there and wide Cyclops there you'd use that with the mesh coil at least that's their stated usage recommendations so I got a bunch of different colors this one here is the magico pod purple wealth again that's going to be changed it's not gonna say pod on there I guess it's magic Oh Nick salt stick something like that Meiji maybe it's just gonna say magic Oh stick on the box interestingly enough this tank is 5.5 mil and that's because it's got a little tiny coil inside of there but you have five point five minutes and you've got these little tiny bottles well you might just wet this is 30 mils so a lot less times that you have to fill it up is what I'm getting at but you're gonna you know you have to commit that's a big tank full of Nix all day it has a 2000 milliamp hour battery there's an extra glass tube inside of here extra rings and all that we'll just show you that of course they do have their security stuff down here so I'm just gonna pull this out of here this is the mesh coil right here 0.12 ohms says 25 watts but you don't worry about that because you're not changing wattage or anything on here it says mesh right there and you can even this is a very small coil you can't even see the mesh down there on the camera but I can see it down there there's mesh in there then it comes with an extra glass there is an extra drip tip in here it's kind of the fluted style drip tip just in case that's the kind of stuff you like I mean a lot of people with melts along would prefer that to a large tip like this but it you know this does taper down so it's still a small hole but if you're used to smoking cigarettes or something that's probably gonna be what you're gonna want to try also inside the box you're gonna find a manual and those are the different colors for them all of them are quite shiny so they're a little bit finger printing main parameters right there if you want to read those go ahead and pause it for a second they've got color picture explanations in here on how to use everything but this is it's it's quite simple really power on and off is just five clicks and some of the features right there if you want to pause that and read it go ahead and do that it says it has a childproof tank on there again this is I don't I wouldn't say it's childproof it's child resistant but it does have a lot of protections and safety features on it now the button on here it has an indicator on there and when the output is from 4.2 volts at three point nine volts it's going to show green so when it's fully charged and when it's three point nine to three point seven it's going to turn blue so midway through and when the output is less than three point seven volts it's going to turn red and it means the battery's low needs to be charged and of course it does have some indicators while you're charging it as well can I get a warranty card inside of there you'll get a battery care guide and inside the box the mod comes separately from the tank to make sure that nothing fires or anything like that you're extra coil is over here this one actually is the 1.8 ohm coil that come with the mesh coil installed there's the bottom of the tank and this one it's kind of got a plain drip tip on there I mean it is still it's got some facets to it and stuff but you see on the purple one here it's a little bit more fancy drip tip pulls out of here you got one fat o ring on there so to fill this you see there's a little arrow right there you pull up and push over and there you go that's where you're going to fill it right there when you're done push it over and push that down that's what I'm saying it's not childproof child-resistant yeah definitely I have to figure that out kind of like the lighters we used to use and we've already showed you the air flow on here so you just take this off of here and there is your coil they're both pretty small coils pull that out and then we go that's the inside of the base just replace your coil like that if you need to replace the glass or clean this thing up put your finger on the chimney right there and push over and there we go it's actually quite simple now when I first took this out I was like wait is an internal battery because that looks like it would screw off there does not it is a internal battery so yeah so you can see all the fingerprints on there right now so if you want to turn it off it's five clicks one two three four five and there we go and then when you want to turn it back on one two three four five and that's really all there is to the operation of it the fire button is nice and big it's got some texture to it so that you can actually you know feel that and it's you know it's comfortable USB is over here on the side and I don't really see any venting but that right there would serve as venting if your battery did have some problems and that's really it not much more to show you it's a pretty simple little stick mod with dual uses I like that I guess you might call it hybrid because it does have these different air flows on here that you can adjust for your liking so let's go ahead and fill this one up pop that over again this is six milligrams because this thing is just not going to hit like a sub ohm tank there we go slide that over pop it down we'll put it on here oh yeah the 510 up here looks pretty solid it's very lightweight there we go so it's actually a good thing that horizon tech listened to beta testers and reviewers because when they sent this to me I was like that is not a pod and so they came back and they said actually we're going to rename it we're gonna rename it the Nick salt stick in the magico nixel tank which is still a little bit confusing because you can use this with standard liquids as I'm about to show you because when you use in even the mesh coil on the package it says regular liquid is recommended for that so yeah I know it's hard to name these things and they should have maybe just called it the magico but either way it's it's actually a nice little kit if you're using Knick salt that is a lot of liquid to put in there for a Knick salt I mean usually it's three mils this is 5.5 mils so yeah you're pretty much committing to that flavor for the entire duration of that tank if you don't like it you're like wow okay that's a lot of liquid or if you burn out on it during the course of that tank like I said this is not childproof so using the word childproof is a little bit strong but child-resistant yeah definitely as far as having to pull this thing up slide it over to fill it up that that definitely fits the description of child-resistant functionality on this thing couldn't be simpler five clicks on five clicks off push the button to vape that's it depending on which coil you use you're gonna get those different wattages so it's a pretty smart device as far as that goes and it's constant power throughout the charge when you do get near the end of the charge it does start to wane a little bit but it does give you good constant power throughout the charge of the battery so again on this gold one I've got the mamasan salt this one is called super cereal it's a bunch of different cereals mixed together it's it's more on the fruity pebbles side but it's actually quite tasty now this is a 30 milligram inside here with the 1.8 ohm coil little baby clouds because that's what this thing does it's more of a tighter draw you've got the tighter airflow that you can put it on here or let me try this I haven't even tried this yet open up both these big cyclops ones with this 1.8 ohm coils because that could cause some confusion too if you got a higher nicotine level juice in there and you open these up let me just see how it hits actually I don't mind that at all it's pretty smooth flavorful these coils are definitely flavorful I can tell you that but you are gonna get a bigger hit so yeah I mean you know if you're using the mount along and you like those mount along you use the smaller airflow there's only one and there are smaller holes in there that seems to work a lot better yeah that's working good so in the purple one we've got the blue pucker in here this is a blue raspberry slushie this one is actually created by me it's part of the sugar lips line hey that is nice that's very smooth that works really good this is the first time I've used the mesh coil on this one I can't really speak to whether these things hold up as far as leaking as far as the mesh one goes but this one has been going for about about three days now and I haven't had any leaking on that alright so this one is kind of a restrictive lung hit as far as the mesh coil goes yeah it's it's a little bit tighter than say a sub ohm tank would be although it is a technically a sub ohm tank at this point because it's got a 0.12 ohm coil in there but even though it's a 0.12 ohm coil it's only running it at 25 watts because when you're using this coil it runs at 25 watts when you're using this coil it runs at 13 watts and that is why I'm using six milligrams of nicotine in the blue pucker in this one because it's you know three milligrams you're just not going to get as much of a kick and it might take you longer it's not like it's bad but it would take you longer to get your fix if you know what I mean three milligrams are gonna be like okay I'm huffing and puffing I'm puffing and puffing I'm puffing oh there we go now I'm finally getting that that fix you know but if you up it to six which is double what I normally vape as far as standard liquid goes it seems to work really well and it's not harsh I gotta tell you I think I'd prefer that over the Nick salt one or the I don't know the 1.8 uncoil that's good though because option and choices are good one thing I don't like about stick vapes is that they don't sit very well I mean you know it's you don't really I don't feel like laying it down as good because you got the bubble on there it's just gonna be sitting I don't I don't feel like these things laying down is good and they just don't sit real well it is a little bit top-heavy because the glass is a bubble that's just something to think about and that's with all stick vibes like this especially because the circumference of the base of this thing is not very wide so it doesn't have a very big footprint but you know what you get lots of cloud off of this mesh coil and it's working real well the flavor off of it is quite good and I know the flavor from blue pucker really well so I want to give you a chance to score one of these I got to do is fill out the Google forms right down below the video in the description it's us shipping only there is a $10 PayPal fee in order to claim it and not only that you'll get the box that actually says magical pod so you know you get a limited edition box alright it's just a way to it's I always try to look for the positives all right can't help but I'm just one of those guys that tries to walk on the sunny side of the street so I've had my parents here in the Outer Banks of North Carolina they drove out here from San Diego and their RV all week and I have had a blast with them and I you know I haven't got as many videos up this week but next week I should be back to normal I want to thank you so much for your support here in the channel and giving me the opportunity to be able to do that go hang out with my parents and stuff if you like what you see hit the thumbs up if you haven't subscribed yet there is a red subscribe button down there and there's a notification bell if you click both of those you'll get notifications when I upload new videos and give you chances to score if you think you're subscribed take a look at the button every once in a while if it's great you're still subscribed if it's right again just click it again I'd appreciate that got links down there for Facebook Twitter Pinterest and Instagram if you have one of those social media accounts I'd appreciate a follow and I've got those links for advocacy down there I know I say it a lot but it's important for us to do this we've got to educate ourselves so we can educate others if you go on my Facebook page for a vapor trail channel I post stuff all the time there's stuff that I can't necessarily post to youtube but it's daily if I find something an interesting article a study or something like that I do put it on the Facebook page well that's going to do it for this episode we'll catch you next time on the vapor trail channel


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