Horizon Fitness Ellipticals: How A Workout Should Feel

An elliptical delivers a great workout whether you’re just getting started or have been exercising for years. Ellipticals are low-impact, which makes them ideal when you want to be a little easier on your joints or if you are recovering from an injury. Your decision should come down to fit, feel and ease. At Horizon when we talk about fit, we’re talking about body positioning or ergonomics. The best ellipticals put your body in a natural position throughout your stride. That means your feet are close together and the handles are within reach. Your elliptical should feel smooth. At Horizon our footpath is long and flat just like yours when you walk or jog. Horizon ellipticals move the way you move. Console operations are easy and intuitive so you can just get on and go. With Horizon ellipticals, using programs and features is as simple as pushing a button or two. And assembly is a breeze. Our ellipticals go together quickly, and we back up our products with industry-leading customer service. Fit. Feel. Ease. That’s what you’ll get with Horizon.

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