Honest Whole30 Diet Review | Doctor Mike On Diets | Wednesday Checkup


  1. Could you do the doctors diet next? I would really like to see an opinion of one doctor to the next

  2. Ok so it’s close to raw vegan food. Got it.

  3. We did Whole 30 as a household back in February. My roommates lined up the finish date so that it would end right before the church's pancake supper. :face_palm:

  4. 9:32
    No cookie= anxiety
    Lesson learned

  5. I’m about to do whole 30 myself! So cool that you did it too 🙂

  6. Can we talk fluoride? I've always heard it's bad, but my son is 15 months and his teeth have discoloured spots (his sister who eats the exact same as him has never had any problems though) and the more I research the more I'm told he should have fluoride toothpaste. It's hard to find a children's toothpaste that has natural ingredients and include fluoride so I'm confused.

  7. Can you talk and explain more on probiotic? I am trying the probiotic gummy now and wonder if they work? How about kombucha? Are they the same? It seemed to work for me for a short time only. I'm easily having indigestion or severe stomach pain with bloating. Thank you Dr Mike!

  8. I don't know if I'm out of the loop, but most of these diets say they're beneficial in regards to reducing weight. Personally, I have troubles in gaining weight, despite already increasing my daily consumption. I wonder if anyone has any recommendations?

  9. This was actually really interesting to watch. Back in March I was told I have IBS (in addition to genetic pancreatitis) and in all honesty, the majority of the recipes I use are slightly modified whole30 or paleo recipes.

    My nutritionist (who admitted not having much exp with ibs) also told me elimination for 6-9weeks and then introduce foods every few days to see how I react. I had no idea that maybe the elimination phase and reintroduction phases should've been longer!

  10. Omg I just started the whole 30 too!

  11. Can you do a video on gluten free things because I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease and im cutting out the gluten but it's making me lose weight rapidly witch is bad for me bc I was already under weight

  12. Can you try the Auto Immune Protocol diet? I've heard it's really restrictive.

  13. My mom did this and had amazing results!

  14. 10:55 that little laugh is so cute

  15. So basically this is a no-go for me… not that I was planning on doing it anyways but once you said it might not by good psychologically for those who are prone to disordered eating it is definitely on the “don’t do” list

  16. Have you read "The Obesity Code"? If not or of so, can you give your review of it!? 🙂

  17. Automatic Like

  18. Loved the negative break down of this, well done

  19. Something claiming to cure endometriosis that is as simple as a diet or even significantly helping it is just preying on people desperate to get rid of the chronic pain that we all know there is no cure for.

  20. Is it healthy for teenagers to follow Whole30?

  21. No Yogurt! Nuu uhh ain’t doing that (I’m just kidding xD I’m pretty much content with my body and I’m not dedicated enough to do such a thing xD)

  22. Question: Can ya still eat fruits? Cause I know that some fruits are kinda sugary?

  23. Do this whole diet..

  24. Thank you, thank you, thank you for recommending seeing a "registered dietitian", a person with actual education, testing, and experience requirements, not a "nutritionist", a meaningless title that anyone can give themselves.

  25. As someone on a severely restricted budget, this is 100% undoable.

  26. Just like vaping is ok you said last time

  27. Hey Doctor Mike breast cancer runs in both sides of my family I know how to check for any types of lumps but I want to know if there's any other symptoms that can be spotted in the early stages.and any preventive measures that can be taken if any at all
    just so you know I feel completely fine right now .😊😊

  28. If you don't eat milk and Co for one month you're going to lose ability to digest it and become intolerant 😅

  29. What's wrong with legumes anyway?

  30. can you be my doctor? lol
    Do you have any family practice or internal medicine Doctor you can recommend in Arizona???

  31. Also can you do a video on energy drinks? example : bang vs monster . thanks

  32. Do you consult your doctor before doing each of these "diets" like you suggest for us to do?

  33. Do the Low-Fodmap diet! It helps so many people with IBS!

  34. What do you think about the Paleo diet? My sister usually does the Whole 30 then goes to the Paleo Diet since they’re kind of similar?

  35. I went down to 90 lbs on this diet from 110 lbs in three months. I do not recommend it if you don't have weight to lose/spare.

  36. Please do the plant based diet.

  37. Eliminates practically every food so for the first 30 days I might starve..what food can I actually eat

  38. Whole30 is like every other way of healthy eating: if it works for you, great! If it isn't your thing: find what DOES work.

  39. Hey Dr. Mike, can you give a review on the Bulletproof diet?

  40. well no dairy, grains or legumes. my first reaction was what will you eat then if every eatable thing is a no😕

  41. Do you feel their cook books are good recipes to utilize when trying to eat healthier with out following the program and using other healthy cook books? Thank you in advance!

  42. Mike is literally the only person on this earth who can rock those glasses insert fire emoji here

  43. I’ve done whole 30 and in the book it states this is not meant to be long term. So idk what you’re talking about lol.

  44. Dr Mike is looking smart with 🤓..really handsome😄..as always 😎😍😘

  45. No es justo que seas doctor y seas tan guapo y aparte inteligente… eres el paquete completo :v

  46. No grains or legumes? Yeah… as a vegan I checked out. But I like the no junk food and not weighing yourself.

  47. Hey fans, make up a diet [100 years of BS ] and sell a book like Oprah, Craig, Adkins etc get Millions.

  48. I'm sorry Doctor Mike but at first I did not read everything before clicking play to the video I thought you were turning 30 that's why you were putting the Whole 30 video. LMAO 😂😂😂😂

  49. No ketchup?! What kind of hell is this?!

  50. I was put on the whole 30 diet by my doctor as an elimination diet, because I have an autoimmune disease. It worked for me. It helped me figure out what foods caused what symptoms. My doctor did do a baseline test for all my vitamins/minerals before hand though.

  51. This diet is terrible for Brazilians, all we eat is rice, beans and milk

  52. What do I think about the omad diet

  53. What do you think about the omad diet *

  54. his glasses… where are they. the frames?

  55. Try Dr. Greger plant based diet 😊 please

  56. Doing the Whole30 changed my life! It completely eliminated my anxiety disorder. I used to suffer from daily panic attacks, and they completely disappeared when following the Whole30. My hayfever disappeared, too, and I stopped getting motion sickness. It also stopped my regular sinus infections from returning. It was easily the best thing I've ever done. I highly recommend it.

  57. I actually decided to start this yesterday and while eating my meal prep, I realized that I used coconut oil spray.. which contains lecithin (there's a whole list of off limits ingredients) so I have to restart it when my meal prep is done 🤦🏽‍♀️
    So watch out for every day items.. definitely will look at everything in my kitchen before starting this again on Sunday

  58. basically whole 30 is like a little oversimplified version of mindful eating, (starter pack for people who want to start eating healthy on regular basis)
    what i recommended is that
    1. record every single thing you eat including your cheat stuff
    2. address what needs to be done
    3. change small things
    4. record your changes
    highly suggested that we start the meal which we feel that we have the most control over and proceed over to the next 2 meals
    done it and never felt better
    (can't keep the habit? try keeping records for 2 months before proceeding the next change)

  59. Why do people still believe in these cure alls? A coworker of mine believed that drinking a gallon of celery water daily would cure their illnesses because it came from some BS "doctor" book. It basically stated it would cure death if you drank it enough and then went and paid the doctor lots of money to "read you".

  60. I'd love to hear your thoughts about the FODMAP diet and the relation of sugars to iBS.

  61. I totally agree

  62. Could you consider taking on testing or at least reviewing a Wildfit by Eric Edmeades, would love to have a objective voice out there on it 🙂

  63. I would love it if you and Abbey Sharp (check out her channel!) had a discussion on diets and diet-culture. I think it would be so beneficial to see and listen to!

  64. Excited for you to try it! Did my first whole30 this summer…the anxiety surrounding failure is real 😩

  65. I’ve done the Whole30 challenge! It was extremely hard and I slipped up several times. Rather than starting over, I adjusted my goal so that I finished off my month trying to follow the rules as best I could. I ended up trying to eat healthier instead of eliminating everything that I could possibly be sensitive to. The hardest part of the challenge was finding something to eat if my family and I were eating out.

  66. Doing whole 30 helped me get diagnosed with Celiac disease. Also helped me feel like cutting gluten wasn't as hard as this diet.

  67. 3:28–3:34 OMG!

  68. do a video on counting macros !

  69. sounds like the fodmap diet has a better reintroduction system then whole30 and is a better-proven diet for IBS and other gut issues, just noticed some cross-over between the two

  70. 💚

  71. Doctor… Did you need to read this list? You know this mentally.

  72. The next diet you should try is the Candida diet. That's a challenge.

  73. I’m literally dreaming about brownies right now 😭😭😭

  74. As Dr. Mike starts listing foods that are off limits all I can think is "I hope water and oxygen are ok coz damn that's a lot of NOs."

  75. Heyy.  Dr Mike.  It's been a month, when will you be releasing a vid on how the whole30 diet went?  :o)

  76. My problem is that sugar is natural. NO sugar is allowed at all. What I did was make sure I was hitting enough calories a day (I'm really bad at reaching my calorie goals, I'm never over, I'm under all the time, which is a great way to hoard fat), and cut my carbs in half. Literally that was it. And you know what? It worked SO well. FOR ME. Remember that you need to figure out what works for you.

  77. hey I've developed an allergy to black pepper, which sucks because a lot of food (and restaurants) have it. i have heard exposure therapy works, but it hasn't so far? I've only tried it for a short time and then quit again (till my acne from it cleared up)… how long are you supposed to do exposure therapy? A week? A month? Or should I just forget it and ignore black pepper?

  78. have you ever heard of Tim Ferris' "slow carb diet"?

  79. IIFYM

  80. What is your update from the whole 30????????

  81. My mom is doing a thing called 'Plant Paradox' a diet created by a scientist/pastor I would like to know your thoughts and if this is healthy
    (Its also a book that can be found in barnes and noble btw)

  82. I want to open a bakery when I'm older this is definitely not for me 🤣😊

  83. I LOVE WHOLE 30! Best way to hit reset and feel good physically and mentally.

  84. Dukan diet review please!

  85. I've done Whole30 a couple of times and I'm a big fan of it, but I have to agree with your thoughts on how it can impact you psychologically in the long term. It has been a great learning experience in getting me to change my eating habits and I'll do it once or twice a year to reset. But I've found that I don't have to stick strictly to Whole30 as my first 30 days has taught me a lot about making much better food choices in the long term. I've reduced my sugar and refined carb intake, but I still enjoy things like ice cream and falafels for example. It's also taught me how to cook more nutritious meals and rely more heavily on whole food items in my diet. So I think it's a good meal plan to learn how to make long lasting healthier choices.

  86. Can you review the low FODMAP diet?

  87. Vitamin D deficient here!

  88. Where's the F/U?

  89. I’m not a doctor nor a student to be a doctor. I think if you want a diet the start removing the food that are harmful. For example if you drink soda everyday you might want to drink less and less of it every time you go and drink it. Then one day your not going to drink it at all. Same if you smoke are vape, limit your time doing that so you have more control over it. Like I said, not a dietician or anything like that.

  90. As a woman struggling with PCOS, the whole 30 regimen has been the only thing along with exercise that has helped my symptoms. It’s not easy but totally worth it when you’re not going around feeling like total garbage

  91. I lost 13 pounds in 30 days on Whole 30. I have been overweight since I was 8 years old. I'm addicted to sugar, and once the sugar monkey is on my back , I lose control. This eating lifestyle allows me to stay in control. I have added cottage cheese and other cheeses in limited quantities back in regularly. I allow myself to go off the plan for very special occasions and limit that to a specified window of time. I continue to lose weight (17.5 pounds so far) without much effort. What I like best is not having to measure anything. Oh and I have not had a single migraine since I started this new way of eating. It doesn't look like Doctor Mike has ever had any issues with food, so it might be hard for him to know how something like this can really help. I'll have to watch his post video to see what he thinks.

  92. I wish you would've actually done the diet rather than just reading the book….I feel like this is review isn't backed by any experiences.

  93. Plzz do a vdo with ur nephews
    Iyu u rockk

  94. Having done multiple rounds of the whole30 I can say for me it has been successful but you are absolutely correct it is not for everyone. My latest round I held off on looking at weighing myself until the end and I had tremendous results and ultimately needed to buy new clothes. I live by the whole 30 principles during the week but weekends I have added some things back in that are on the no list as it is just easier when out and about to eat food at a restaurant. One thing to also remember is that if you are larger and a male the results may be more dramatic (not always but more often than not). My wife did it with me, or should I say my wife made me do it, and her results were a little different than mine and that was ok she felt better overall and that was what mattered and so did I. The weight loss I experienced though did get my mind right and help motivate me to start running again (it had been 5 years) and that hopefully will help me keep myself in better physical condition. Results may vary but here are mine. Mid May weighed 250lbs and was a XXL shirt (18 1/2 neck) with a 38 inch jean. Mid October I now weigh 190lbs L or XL shirt (16" neck) and a 32-34 waist. Again this wasnt whole 30 alone. Exercise is just as important.

  95. I've missed soooo many videos😭😭
    I Missed Dr. Peawoop

  96. Its good as AIP diet

  97. I don’t have to do the challenge I don’t put dairy after the swallow mark of my mouth #lactoseintolerant

  98. How come if I close my mouth for a little then I lick them it tastes like I just cried even though I didn’t

  99. 0:50 laser eyes

  100. Hi, this diet is very similar to AIP-Autoimune Protocol diet which actually addresses some of your concerns from this video. Many people with autoimune diseases such as Hashimoto's are doing this diet and it helps reduce the autoimune response and find out triggers. But one of the main things is related to supplements which this Whole30 does not address. I will go on AIP soon but only after taking some tests to check certain deficiencies such as Vitamin D, B12, Iron, Selenium etc and use supplements together with the diet at the recommendation of a nutrition specialist.

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