Honest Reviews: Midway Labs Military Trail Premium Supplements Amino Tank – Blueberry

what's gonna bite you bar from infinity cash tankers before I start this video make sure you guys subscribe the channel hit the notification but I'll stay up to date with all the motherfucking videos follow me and Instagram in our reminiscent follow my band divided I mention on Spotify got some sample action from the Arnold just thought I'd do like a little bit of a taste test tell you what I think first of all this is a military trial company trail yeah military trail premium supplements yeah okay premium substance elite series amino tank BCAAs is the fucking fuck let him get some sample action BCAAs tank is the name of the there BCAAs or whatever this is blue bet blueberry flavored so blueberry not blue raspberry blueberry I like that something different you know I can't really see what else this thing is I mean I don't think it's anything else it's just says one stick of five grams of BCAAs vitamin b6 is in there then leucine isoleucine valine really pretty much basic as fuck honestly it's just just BCA that's it no hydration action no fucking hydration none of that other shit literally just BCAAs says add with eight ounces and I don't know shit about this company at all so I don't know much it cost and by the way BCAAs hey whatever right so 60 nose and I'm prepared action yeah I'm prepared popping a shit out yeah all right so 16 ounces I'm gonna do two packs do a little taste test yeah making you want a Piton it makes you wanna pee doesn't sure it does fucking that about 16 ounces ain't got time for this shit god damn it all right so blueberry into the flavor go and rip these packets open I hope they use some coloring of some sort that shit blue is why they say blue blueberries they know companies never do blueberry and never do blueberry it's always blue raspberry or fucking fruit punch blueberry Oh fruit punch yeah I know these reviews kind of suck when it's just like a sample I get it I don't know the I already know the fucking pricing on this shit it's free I got it from it I got it from the Arnold I'm saying but hey why not review you know so they didn't use artificial colors that's fucking evident blue action alright it's gonna open up do a little taste test blueberries a blue raspberry blueberry it's not bad I can fuck with it just a little bit watery a little bit watered down blue a very blurry flavor it's got yellow and red in it and what other flavor yellow and red doesn't make blue the fuck I don't know fuck it as far as the flavor I meet you like a seven and a half like it's good but I mean nothing great it's good there's nothing great so wrap up this review video if you guys enjoyed it some sa 7.5 and I asked me pretty much it dad get a thumbnail I don't think I got a thumbnail fuck it shit's all broke ripped open and shit new little thumbnail still yeah it's never too late front thumbnail you know it's never too late alright this would be pretty much if his video hope you guys enjoyed it thanks for the support as always let me know what you want to see next and if you don't like it in fucking mad subscribes your liking having below screw over don't roll and really because if I could swole don't forget the fall of animal social media diamond Fitness Facebook Opera Fitness snapchat if it is Instagram I'm ravenous don't forget like my fanpage divided mention on Facebook fall in my Banda vitamins on Spotify shop over someone easy Tiger Venus calm using my affiliate link which me in the description box below all they should have been the description box below and I'll check you guys later yeah you watching Opperman Fitness yeah you make all kinds of games oh god [Laughter]


  1. I liked there l carnitine liquid…we kept going to there booth and drinking samples like 2 crackheads …… and also got there fat burners… my sister likes there bcaa watermelon …

  2. Them Hodge Twins always be so damn funny though

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