Honest Model Morning Routine | What I Eat, My Workout, & Self-Care | Sanne Vloet


  1. you are amazing . i love you so much!

  2. What accent does she have? Is she french

  3. Do you not apply a sunscreen ? And which one would you recommend if so !
    And really nice routine. Easy and healthy.

  4. LOVE this video. Would you suggest work out (weight lifting) in the morning when stomach is empty or after dinner? I work 9-6 😫 and can't find the best work out routine…

  5. Can u talk a little bit more about Pilates and getting rid of shoulder pain?x

  6. Мда уж…хороша блин жизнь у девки…Удалась!

  7. What s ur mornn routine
    Me : watch morning routine

  8. Where is the Kimono from?:)

  9. This is soo aesthetic

  10. love u so much from egypt

  11. Your videos make me feel calm and peaceful❤

  12. Such a queen x

  13. יש לה קול מעצבן ממש מעצבן!

  14. What does your morning routine consist of if you don’t:
    Wear makeup
    Put on toner, moisturizer

  15. I love your video❤️❤️❤️ So motivative!

  16. 寝起きすっぴんでこんな綺麗なのすごいな

  17. I like that her healthy meals are actually practical

  18. you very cute …😍

  19. Hi sanne vloet
    I loved ur video and saw ur many videos. Just an honest suggestion , the world is fighting with water crisis and people like u are like celebrities , people follow you blindly u must not waste so much water. There are people who ll spend their many days with the amount of water u wasted in the shower. While washing face also the shower was still running. Pls take it as an honest advice and try to impliment it in daily routine and it will educate a number of viewers for whom u are role model

  20. L'eau c'est précieux !
    Je ne comprendrais jamais pourquoi vous laissez l'eau couler pendant que vous vous laver…😕

  21. I love your accent and how healthy and productive you are ❤️ also if you wanted to know jojoba oil is prounounced hohoba oil 😊

  22. i love your vids *cries*. they're so realistic, positive, and just down to earth

  23. I'd like to know the time when u wake up, have a gym class, a breakfast… 🙂

  24. you're beautiful

  25. She doesn’t even need that concealer or the mascara! She is such a beauty!!

  26. Your videos are so inspirational love love love

  27. I love your channel, because it is so inspiring and refreshing! One question I have is…. do you ever use product placement or, do cosmetic companies ever approach you to introduce their products? Would be interesting to know…

  28. Do U like Japan??

  29. 1. That’s not how you pronounce the name of the perfume
    2. You don’t rub perfume

  30. Your vids keep me motivational

  31. I feel so relaxed lol

  32. Can someone give me some tips that how can i clear up my acne nd pimples from my face?🙁i almost tried everything but nothing is working out😖i don't know what to do😭

  33. you can put concealor direct on face without putting primer?

  34. Nice video , I love this. Greetings from Kosova🇽🇰❤

  35. Parfum❤😘

  36. I can’t wait until I see Sanne in an ad before one of her videos!

  37. The only thing whch makes me happy in every morning routine is the coffee coffee coffee . Love to all the coffee addicts here😍

  38. It is always so awesome to see other people's morning routines!

  39. That avocado toast looks delish ❤️

  40. When the alarm went off I became violent

  41. Merci♡ tu es merveilleuse xo

  42. my best youtuber love you so much but i can't speak english

  43. love how bright & clean everything looks !!!

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