Homemade Herbal Hair Oil-Herbal Oil for Hair Growth By Healthy Food Kitchen-Recipe in English


  1. amla kidghr Dala tumne

  2. Hena leave ke instead heena powder use kr skte hai kya??

  3. When did u add the amla…did u forgot that

  4. Instead of just dunking through the cotton cloth, can I just boil all the ingredients directly into the pan? And is there any alternative for Amla?
    Plz reply…

  5. Hi..
    Nice recipe for hair oil.Did you heat the oil on a slow flame? Did you cook the herbs bag on a slow flame? Where did you get this recipe from? from any ayurveda doctor or ayurveda book?

  6. Dis really works..i have used dis ingrediants…bt i made the oil in other way….

  7. Hi mam,,how much time should i boil the ingredients,,low flame or in medium flame, pls give the rply mam

  8. My temple areas have become bald so will this oil be helpful for that

  9. When did u add amla??

  10. Hi mam can i use amla powder cuz may be green amla might be not available in this rainy season in the market…so plz reply asap

  11. hi you don't add amla in this powder

  12. with Wich oilwe make it

  13. I have gathered all the mentioned ingredients but on diff days and dried and stored them. so could you please tell me the quantity or measurement of the items in dried form. would really be if great help…. looking for a reply from you…

  14. does it work….Please someone say their feedback

  15. nice video… instead of powder in the potli can i directly boil the powder in oil and strain it

  16. can we add neem leaf along with this ?????

  17. nice video

  18. where we can find the amla…we r living in the USA

  19. without hibiscus flower can we make this oil? am having only amla curry leaves and henna leaves… is this wil b gud for hair loss?

  20. its growth hair

  21. Which shampoo cn i use on ds herbal oil…cn i use sunsilk

  22. nice video…

  23. Great video! Thank you for sharing!

  24. Thank you very much

  25. All the herbs Have to Be on sun for about 3-4 days? And then do you powder all the herbs together? Where did you bought the fresh herbs? The oil Will solidifing after few days or will maintain the liquid state? Can I use this herbal oil as a hot oil treatment? Thanks in advance

  26. How long we should boil it?

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