Home Tricep Workout (You Can Do Anywhere)


  1. How do I avoid my wrists hurting after this?

  2. 1:00
    Don’t mind me its for myself

    Have a wonderful workout or day or night 😁

  3. how many sets of the whole thing?

  4. I love You Too

  5. While doing the tricep extension, i tend to use more force from my preferred hand. How do i solve that

  6. 14 and I play basketball just tryna extend my range with this thanks btw keep it up

  7. You are awesome I love your workouts thanks for doing these videos

  8. "Wow"

  9. Vocês tinham que colocar a legenda em português..👍

  10. Thanks bro ,I could find anything but I already started it nd most definitely feel the intensity

  11. Dude I just tried it and it’s soo hard
    Looking forward to getting better soon

  12. 1 like = 1 push up. I'll actually do it

  13. Tried this but my wrists said no

  14. Should we do this everyday

  15. Thnks…….waiting for yor nxt workout

  16. How many series? Can I do this daily?

  17. Is that okay to train bicep and tricep at the same day? Somebody please answer me

  18. Todos tus entrenamientos son increíbles, te admiro mucho

  19. Can you please do a lower AB workout that will get me lower abs please

  20. Una rutina completa sin pesas trabajando todos los muculos

  21. Well today I realized I’m really bad at pike pushups I’ll keep practicing
    Edit:learned handstand push-ups with chest to wall a few week ago

  22. Holy hell I never seen this before

  23. I just did 10 each

  24. 1 like =1 potato chip

  25. This dudes tattos makes me cringe

  26. Damn my wrists are in more pain than anything…

  27. Lets do this workout. Kaley

  28. Thank you Chris for this Arm, Chest workout for this Afternoon. Kaley

  29. Thanks for the video but should I exercise every day or morning and evening

  30. How many rounds?

  31. How many sets did i do of these exercises???

  32. Huge thanks for the videos ❤ Best workout videos i ever seen, hands down!

  33. whats the name of the outro song

  34. I followed your move but not completely done just 5 not till 20 it's ok?

  35. It really is all about intensity, it KILLS but if you want to grow faster than you need to take the pain.

  36. Superb workout i could do on my knees, lets see if i could do it on my feet

  37. Gracias wey eres un chingo 👏tricep grandes

  38. Wow buddy thank you. …

  39. Please create vedio for lower middle upper back

  40. The sound went in

  41. Hello İ am from Azerbaijan İ liked chrisheria

  42. haha wtf dude
    been following some routines of yours like 3 weeks now, finally made this routine 2x 100%
    thanks, feelin' pumped

  43. Is that albert einstein on your arm lol

  44. 2:40 music name please ???

  45. I've seen that box in several of your videos, I was wondering if you be able to tell me what the dimensions of it are/where you got it from? I know it's a bit random, but it looks like a good height, and sturdy enough to do the assisted planche push ups if pushed into a wall.

  46. I like you bro I like your videos

  47. Keep rocking💪

  48. Bro you are a machine y see your tutorials from Spain and they helped me a lot off to change and improve my body form thanks for your dedication and positive acctitude

  49. Amazing luv it!

  50. How many rounds, btw?

  51. Your workouts are blowing my mind (and body) with original true strength building exercises..

  52. I truely don't know how to do the last one without crashing my face on the floor😂🤦‍♂️

  53. I like your tattoos 😉😉

  54. Anyone who knows what exercise i can do for lower tricep? Where the elbow is? Will be greatfull for any edvice

  55. can you do skull crusher to on rings?

  56. Works more medical head points at long head.

  57. Gotta admit this guy's a beast

  58. Had to dislike cause I dislocated my shoulder.

  59. I love this

  60. Gold

  61. Please put a video of daily workout for age 14-17 please sir please!!!!

  62. This killed me

  63. Chutiya

  64. I normally do weight training, but too I want to be able to do calisthenics. A good 50/50

  65. Am I the only 1 that felt like my long head was no longer part of my arm durring the bench dip cus this shit dont feel natural

  66. Hom many time should I do this, 2, 3? I feel dead after one but latter on

  67. Tnx bro

  68. Bro you always tell the most unique exercises, with help of your youtube channel I started Callisthenics


  69. Please flollow shredded_monsters where I post photos of atheletes, YOU ARE ALSO THERE

  70. I always think I'm in pretty good shape.
    Then I find your workouts

  71. My arms hurt and im not even past the third on

  72. Can do anywhere but need those queer boxes from the gym

  73. Exercises starts at 0:50

  74. You are the badass-king of this jungle!

  75. I really fancy the music from 0:01 to 0:04 ….
    ..can you plzzzzzzzzzzz tell me the name of the music

  76. well why sometimes its uneven??????

  77. Does that cross tricep extensions do shoulders too?

  78. Remember. If u do this.. ur punch power more powerful but ur punch speed so slowly.. 😉

  79. We are unable to see your triceps becoz of your tattoos

  80. For those of you who are more advanced and are looking to build muscle rather than cut them just do all of these at a slower more controlled rate. You will feel the tingling sensation trust me.

  81. Neck tattoo is rrally bad

  82. Someone knows if there is a way to train the bicep too with no equipment? Or this workout also works for that?

  83. Anyone else get elbow pain from skull crushers and shoulder pain from cross tricep extensions? I'm replacing them with PJR pullover and extra diamond pushups

  84. He's a good man

  85. neck protector?

  86. I just want to know how to eat next to those workouts like do u have a special diet ??

  87. Your like a machine

  88. HI PLEASE HELP….I'm a 14 year kid who can not even do push ups properly I can't seem to do any workouts properly and I don't have money to buy protine supplement etc….. Your help would be really appreciated

  89. 7:18 pls give me the link

  90. Bro it's fucking hard but instantly targets those muscles..

  91. How did you do the tricep extension pushup? I can't do it even one of the perfect form 😭😭

  92. Not even a month, and I can almost keep up with you 🙂 Guys, get going! Push through the shit and you will be victorious!

  93. 1like = 5push ups

  94. What is the music @ 3:06 when chris performs cross tricep exension

  95. Thanks for the content!
    However, how long between the different exercises?

  96. 1 like = 1 push up (not lying)
    comment DONE!

  97. Is it just me or are tricep extensions so hard. I think they are one of the hardest to do

  98. why you always look sleepy ?

  99. my palms hurt allot while doing it. Is there something I can do to improve it ?

  100. How many rounds of this?

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