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what's going on Jim loss to 81 um the purpose of this video today is to kind of show how should I say like the beginner guys something they could do at home in a nice home gym set up that they can use to maximize they work out from efforts in their life it's something that I I use at home from time to time come obviously I've outgrown the equipment that I have down here but I still come down here use it from time to time just to get a good burn quick pump and it's been effective for the last give or take a year I think but like I said have grown out of this stuff but this is something for a beginner to use you can't increase weight and stuff I have tricked out my little machine and I'm sitting on you know I've taken washers out and stuff I get to make the resistance even more challenging and stuff like that but at the end of the day I still go to a bigger gym not even a bigger gym but a gym that has a little bit more on waiting equipment that I can use outside this this is my basement and this is just some some of the things I have my basement that helps me um I show you some of the exercises that I do here piece by piece probably chop this up a little bit but I show you some exercises that I do that some of your beginners at home if you want to buy some of this stuff you can it's real cheap um that you can do at home to help maximize your effort so let's get to it so obviously this is a one piece of equipment that I have down here it's just a bench but um it allows you to go and climb allows you go flat and it allows you go decline um you can even sit back and do crunches on you know so this is a great piece of equipment and I do superset this was push it with push ups but like I said this equipment and I'm using it's just what a beginners you know obviously some of us have outgrown it like I said but it is what it is this is just to get a good partner something you can do at the house I think this is about total 35 or so pounds so pretty light but gives you a good bird bird super sent just with some push-ups right here ah there you go obviously like I say just be some cool man you can do fun playing first which I'm not going to do and you DK d coniferous which I'm not going to do and you can also do crunches just like this crunches see so just getting you something like this little piece of common equipment and some dumbbells you can do it life I think I got this from Walmart for I know it wasn't even 100 bucks be honest oh but I've had it for a while so this is one piece of equipment that you can use at home to maximize your workout efforts this next piece of the equipment mmm it's Justin combs gym XR 45 I've used this quite a few times in the last off maybe year year and a half but I have up running I had to take washes out of this thing so it can be a little bit more resistance and stuff like that but I'm just going to show you some exercises that you can do on this thing okay some of you you know guys who are just trying to start out who's looking for a quick home gym season some exercise that you could do with this machine dekinai maximize your gym efforts you know training okay so first off you got chest press got it you got it here and you can get put it up here or you can just hold it it doesn't matter but it you're going to chest press like such like I said even as I've kind of outgrown it a little bit I don't have it on a match awake though but I have on groaning and I might look a little bit tighter pushing it is because like I still have kind of tweaked it next thing you can do on here is so you can do a lay press I don't know if you can see it but it has leg press on it one of my favorites that you can do is a lat pull downs front and rear so you have front leg pull it out like this I got them lightweight and you got behind it just like so yeah so that's – that's what one two three good exercises you can do you can even do pull-ups like this tricep pull downs right here I don't know if you guys can see this but you need tricep forward hours just like such what else you can do you do pull it out this way and shoulders in your back a little bit um step off right here go straight down just like such like that you can either sit in front of it and do it forward when you sit down go this way um and you can switch this up take these out we get this right take these out and now you can even do flies I'm just a hole here and I'll just fly like this come on a little bit tight and resting it looks real close it's already use it that much but as you can see Matt's real tiger rusty because I took those washes out so it gives it a more tight field whoo bat Barnes yeah you know obviously you do it the regular way what you hope here it just kind of fly like that um it's just a beginner machine nothing real special about it oh you can even do bicep curls you take this off here put it down at the bottom what curl is it you know what your leg curls it you can even do curls this way you can even take this they can do it right here we could connect this to any portion and do curls that way you can even do shoulders like this you know you can even do one on poles like this I took this off but you could do somebody might buy somebody buy this now put it back buddy you can put this I forgot how I went to put this on here and you can even do curls on this thing but I took it off because I didn't like it but this is just something quick like I say that you can use just to maximize your efforts obviously you could do more you know what it just got to be creative I think I spent somewhere within 200 bucks something if you even more motivated you pick this camera you can even put it on your wall over here so you can look at the exercises look at that see different exercises you can do see decline put that on your ball and you get you one of these little balls too but yeah this is just a nice piece of equipment I'm gonna cut this video short because I don't like going too long you got lat pull-downs all that good stuff and it even gives you a description here in the back of some exercises that you can do on it too real nice not a lot of weight but if you change some of these washes out excuse me you can make it real real tight and that's it hope you guys enjoy I hope some of your beginner guys who's thinking about what they can buy you know at home to work out in the basement or something this is something you can buy give you the name of it right here so it goes young makes r45 and this is just a regular goes Jim goes young bench all right Jim all stated one make sure you rate coming and subscribe I'm out I'm tired peace you


  1. I can do all that in my back yard for free lol

  2. On the chest press at max weight, how much weight does it feel like compared to free weights?

  3. I like your gym setup.

  4. One question though, is it possible to outgrow this equipment?

  5. That's why you need to water and properly feed your equipment so it can grow with you

  6. Steriods

  7. Look at this guys arms beginner my ass

  8. great video, THANK YOU!

  9. Did you end up growing out of it?

  10. I have the same machine bro. It gives me a nice little pump when I'm not going to gym gym.

  11. Very informative.

  12. Great workout equipment.>>>ur2.pl/1189 Was easy to assemble and use. The only negative things I have to say is, the time it takes to change from one workout exercise to another. But that could be me just being lazy too.

  13. You'll eventually go back to this machine when you get old and wrinkled. Hot shot 🤣😀😛

  14. Nice video. thanks for the info.

  15. Why in the hell are you wearing gloves???

  16. I'm not understanding guys. Did he outgrow his equipment or not?

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  18. Dude u r just showing off ur gym instead of the exercises we can do on it. I bought a home gym too but i wanted to see how to use some of the stuff, but you haven't shown them here

  19. Thanks bud

  20. Thank you! This helped me alot… 🙂

  21. can you please explain the difference in Golds gym #'s , such as Xrs 50, then I see XRS 55, please let me know. Im trying figure out which one to buy and if its worth getting or or the other…ty

  22. My homeboy tied a rope to a 45 plate to make it heavier

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