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Hey you guys, welcome back to a Happy
Healin’ Vegan. I’m April, personal trainer and vegan
transition coach. And in today’s video we are going to do a home exercise routine
with easy exercises that you can literally do in your bedroom. So for
those of you that follow me on Instagram, you know that I post a “move of the week”
every Monday. So today we’re going to take all of the “moves of the week” from
the last month and stick them into one full workout. And if you don’t follow me
on Instagram yet, don’t worry about it. You’ll be just fine and just follow me.
So we have one circuit that contains four different exercises. We will do
each exercise for 30 seconds and we’ll run the entire circuit three times
through. Like I said you guys, don’t worry if you don’t get it. I’m going to do the
whole thing with you. So go ahead and grab some water,
grab some comfy clothes, and let’s get started. Alright you guys, I have my timer
and we are ready to get started. But let me just show you the first exercise. Its called surrender. We’re going to go down on one leg, down on the other one, stand up
and then stand all the way up. Alright are we ready? Here we go
in three two and one. So we go down down up and up down down you guys you’re
welcome to you the chair hold on to your counter that’s totally fine if you need
to make it easier you can also hold weights on your shoulders or above your
head to make it a little bit harder and you’ll notice I’m staying on the same
leg the whole time that I’ll make sure to alternate when we repeat the circuit
we’re good you guys last one come on down we’re going to do a push-up with
this shoulder tap there we’re going push-up shoulder tap turn it up shoulder
tap you’re also welcome to do this on your knees put us up shoulder tap bar
top so you want to just make sure that
you’re doing it at your own level whatever is good for you today is
perfect good you guys leave about 10 more
seconds good bye seconds good go ahead and stop we’re gonna turn it over into
my favorite ab move so we’re gonna do a frog crunch back out lower and come up
so it’s one two three four one two and you only want to lower so much as your
lower back stays on the ground so don’t arch one two three we only have one more
exercise after this one good let’s do one more
down and up good you guys turn on over fix my pants really quick we’re going
into mountain climbers here we go the video for slow we go one two three four
eat fats as fast as you can go trying to keep that back down low again one two
three four eight five two result okay okay one more time here we go in in one
so really hold it first like oh can track those back go ahead eat that
almost anything can head relax good you guys come on up just jog it out we’re
gonna breathe just catch our breath for 30 seconds we only have to do this
circuit two more times we’re still close all right you guys I’m
super out of breath because I’ve had to record this about three times already so
just bear with me if you can go a little bit quicker than I am that is great all
right surrender is ready here we go go boy see things I am gonna start by
putting my phone down but I’m starting on the other leg this time three
if you never want to be lopsided right then make sure you do both legs one side
may be a little bit harder than the other do what you can
good your guys nice time to catch your breath right god we have one more come
all the way up to go back down for those push-up taps I’m gonna change direction
ready here we go push up tap your shoulder push up tap
like I said you guys go ahead and do this on your knees
push up tap that is totally fine good you guys just really try not to arch
your back I have a horrible habit of that if you want to try to keep your
back straight good and stop let’s go into those frog ass here we go
there we go one two lower exhale up one two inhale down exhale good one – you
guys were already halfway there we’re so close I hope that you are warm burning
tons of calories God you guys let’s go for one more out down and alright let’s
go into those Milton’s memories here we go
so we go one two three or good quick as you can
eight seven six five four three go back to the knee if you can’t one two three
four five here we go eight seven six five four three two last time in one two
make sure you breathe you guys eight that eight seven six five four three two
one good you guys come on up catch your breath jog it out go ahead
and wipe yourself off with towel grab some water do what you need to we
have to do that the one more time oh okay all right take a couple more
seconds we’re gonna get ready to go last time you guys give me your all and
five four three two and go for it you pay this time oh I don’t want to be
uneven so I’m going to go ahead and alternate last time money surrenders
device down down up up down so let me know at the end of this what
your favorite exercise let maybe there’s one that you like more I tend to like
the out of the moat but they really need to work on the lower body alright you
can go ahead stop last time rush up top here we go I’m
gonna be Thiele there we go finish it up shoulder tap hush up and
top good are we breathing this is the last time you have to do this when you
guys maybe take a couple on your knees jump back up on your toes good give me
one more good you guys okay last time on those ABS here we go my timer babies let
me go in and yeah you should be super warm right now so maybe you can lower a
little bit more guide you guys so when you lower down try to pull your abs in
instead of sticking them out no 1/1000 stick out right come on are we breathing
tranqer littler lower pull them in and catch you guys last time in the battle
hydras ready here we go we go slow four three
– one eight thousand eight six for good at low flow
so-so eight one two three four guys I’ll trade you guys for three two one four
three two one good you guys come on up jog it out March it out
just cool it off make sure you breathe Alright you guys, I hope that you enjoyed
that home exercise routine with easy exercises that you can do at home. If you
enjoyed this video, please make sure to give me a thumbs up, share it with
friends, and please subscribe because it really helps support my channel. I’ll see
you guys next week with a brand new video. Bye


  1. New subscriber! awesome video hun! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  2. Oh, I’ll be doing this workout for sure. Thanks!!! I appreciate it!

  3. Great routine for home work out

  4. AWesome!

  5. Did it! Thanks. It took only 8 minutes total, but I’m dripping. The slow mountain climbers were no joke after the ab work.

  6. April, you are such a gem! I am also a "healing' vegan" and I totally love this workout routine! Excited to be following you on Instagram to see your new move every monday!

  7. I love that you are a vegan transition coach. Super cool. Great home exercise routine. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Girl, you're killing me,,,, that was hard!!!!

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